How to Sew Leather: By Hand or Machine

How to sew leather

Want to know how to sew leather like a pro? Sewing leather is a practice as old as mankind putting a needle to thread. It is one of those timeless skills that was once necessary for everyday life but has since been replaced by mass production. But that doesn’t mean it can’t still be useful, … Read more

6 Best Quilting Machines: For Sewing Quilts At Home

What are the best quilting machines?

Quilting machines are specialist pieces of kit that are used to create high-quality, professional-looking quilts. Many quilters start out with a standard sewing machine that has no problem sewing through several layers of material. Unfortunately, the average home sewing machine may have problems feeding thick fabrics and batting evenly under the foot. The best quilting … Read more

6 Best Antique & Vintage Sewing Machines

Best antique vintage sewing machines

There’s something special about antique and vintage sewing machines. They’re no longer just functional tools, but hold a beautiful piece of history. Sewing machines have certainly progressed since their invention in the early 1800s… Sewing machines produced before the 1900s are antique, while those produced from 1900 to 1970 are vintage. Singer, Bernina, Pfaff, and … Read more

What Is Scuba Fabric? [How to Sew A Scuba Dress]

How to sew scuba fabric

Are you seeking a fabric that creates professional-quality outfits, but without the need for tricky parts like lining, hemming, or finishing? Or are you looking to expand your repertoire into an interesting modern fabric? Maybe you need something sturdy and stylish, which can be used for a wide variety of projects – from form-fitting pencil … Read more

What Is A Stay Stitch? [Stay Stitching Guide]

What Is A Stay Stitch?

In your sewing adventures, you may have come across an instruction in a pattern that reads: “stay stitch neck edge” – or otherwise uses the phrase “stay stitching,” without actually explaining what that means. What is a stay stitch? And just what is stay stitching? How do you do it? When do you need to … Read more

What Are The Best Absorbent Fabrics?

What are the best absorbent fabrics?

With each sewing project comes the need to choose fabrics that are fit for the task. Depending on the project, your fabric will need to possess the properties that ensure it’s the right choice for the garment you’re making. Absorbency is one such factor.  While all fabrics are absorbent to a certain degree, each fabric … Read more

How To Make A Shirt Smaller (DIY Guide)

How to make a shirt smaller

Buying a shirt that’s too big, or losing some weight and noticing that all your clothes are too baggy, can seem like a big wardrobe problem. However, you can easily make a shirt smaller to fit and look better.  How do you make a shirt smaller? There are various ways to make a shirt smaller. … Read more

How To Use A Sewing Awl

How To Use a Sewing Awl

A sewing awl is a little tool that is so small and multifunctional that you’ll be captivated after just one use. Many people have started using them, and with good reason. So, what is a sewing awl, and how does one use it? How to use a sewing awl: Prepare it by inserting the needle … Read more

What Is The Best Fabric For Making Hoodies?

What is the best fabric for making hoodies?

There is no doubt that most people probably have a collection of hoodies in their wardrobe for different occasions or weather conditions. For these specific reasons, hoodies are made with different fabrics, and although this might be the case, a question still remains… What is the best fabric for making hoodies? Cotton is the best … Read more

What Is Poplin Fabric?

What is poplin fabric

Sewing for summer means choosing lightweight, breathable fabrics in fresh colors. It can be hard to choose from the treasure trove of materials available, especially when you have a budget. We’ve all heard of cotton, linen, and even polyester. But what is poplin fabric? Poplin is a woven fabric known for its ribbed weave of … Read more

What Is Twill Fabric?

What Is Twill Fabric?

Browsing through a fabric store is delightful. But it can get pretty confusing if you’re looking at fabrics; cotton, polyester, and wool are all labeled as twill. What is twill fabric? Twill is a style of textile weaving where the weft thread is woven over and under one or more warp threads, creating a closely … Read more

What Is Pima Cotton?

What is pima cotton?

We all know that cotton is one of the most popular fabrics used worldwide for making various textile products. However, there is much more to cotton than we might think. There are many different types of cotton that vary in quality and cost, but we will be focusing on one, in particular, Pima cotton. So, … Read more

Where To Sell Old Prom Dresses

Where to sell old prom dresses

Your prom dress is one of the fanciest dresses you will likely ever wear. As such, you probably spent quite a lot of money on it. And while your prom was a magical night, you might now be wondering what to do with your prom dress after the big night. Well, you can sell it, … Read more

7 Best Online Sewing Classes

Best online sewing classes

Although YouTube is the place to go if you want to take classes or learn new knowledge, there are even better online sewing classes that will have you sewing like a pro in no time. Learning to sew can seem daunting as there are numerous components and sewing terminology to become familiar with. However, many … Read more

How To Find Sewing Groups Near Me

How to find sewing groups near me

Sewing is not known as the most social of hobbies. It is generally done alone, in your home, with only your sewing machines for company. But there are tremendous benefits to joining a sewing group, including bonding with others who have the same passion for sewing and contributing to community projects and charities as a … Read more

14 Best Waterproof Fabrics For Sewing

What are the best waterproof fabrics for sewing?

Waterproof fabrics are a lifesaver – they keep you dry outdoors, protect babies from nappy rash, and prevent soggy towels from leaking into bags. But how do you know which waterproof fabric to use for different projects? What are the best waterproof fabrics for sewing? The best waterproof fabrics are synthetics coated with a laminate … Read more

25+ Free Embroidery Machine Fonts to Download Now

Best free embroidery machine fonts

Free embroidery machine fonts are brilliant as they save you money and allow you to expand your font collection. However, finding free ones can be challenging as the market is oversaturated with pricey typefaces that don’t always live up the hype. If you’re not a fan of the built-in fonts that come with your sewing … Read more

How To Make Your Own DIY Lingerie

How to make your own DIY Lingerie

Have you ever considered making your own lingerie? It may seem like a weird concept, but homemade lingerie be a great decision, both creatively and financially! Let’s face it – a good bra alone is expensive. As something that we need to wear every day, you’d imagine it’d be more affordable. Unfortunately, lingerie is very … Read more

11 Best Fabrics For Making Shirts

The best fabrics for making shirts

Seasons, occasions, weather, and comfort all play a very big role in deciding which type of material will best suit your shirt. So you found a great pattern that would make a gorgeous shirt, but you can’t decide what material would best suit the style – what are you going to do? Well, you’ve come … Read more

13 Best Sewing Apps For Beginners

Who hasn’t got a smartphone nowadays? With new technology constantly at our fingertips, it’s easy to find anything you’re looking for. There are apps available for just about every hobby imaginable – and that includes sewing! If you’re a beginner sewer looking for some guidance, or even an experienced sewer who wants some inspiration, there … Read more

11 Best Fabrics For Making Curtains

Best Fabrics For Making Curtains

If you’re thinking of sewing curtains to enhance the window features, create a romantic ambiance in your bedroom, or block out the early morning sun from disturbing your sleep, there are several fabrics to select. Curtain fabrics are available in two types, sheer and opaque. Blackout fabrics are heavier, keep out light, and act as … Read more

How Can I Make Money From Sewing?

How can I make money from sewing

If there is one thing we all want to do, it is to make money while doing what we love. And whether sewing is your hobby or something you want to pursue full-time, there are plenty of ways you can do this. Sewing is not only a field that has a lot of interest, but … Read more

8 Best Clothing Design Software Apps & Tools

Best clothing design software apps and tools

If you still use pen and paper to design your clothes, you’re missing out on a trick. These days, clothing designers can save a LOT of time by learning how to use CAD clothing design software – which gives many benefits such as accurate measurements and 3D printing of your latest designs. Some of the … Read more

16 Best Places To Sell Clothes Online

Best places to sell clothes online

What are the best places to sell clothes online? There are quite a few places, but not all of them work well. Whether someone has started a new clothing line or wants to sell their used clothes, a good marketing platform is essential to succeed. Some of the best places to sell clothes online include … Read more

How To Use Quilting Cotton For Dressmaking

How to use quilting cotton for dressmaking

Want to know how to use quilting cotton for dressmaking? Quilting cotton often has the best patterns. It is a fun and fearless fabric, making it tempting to wear. But quilting cotton isn’t the same as apparel cotton. While it is a versatile material, that doesn’t mean it can be used for any old project. … Read more

Mom Jeans vs Boyfriend Jeans: How Do The Styles Compare?

Comfortable clothing is often more frumpy than fashionable. So, it’s no wonder garments that feel and look fabulous become wardrobe staples. Relaxed-fit jeans combine style and comfort like no other clothing can, making them fashion favorites. The mom and boyfriend jeans are two top styles for a casually chic look. So, mom jeans vs boyfriend jeans – … Read more

Best Men’s Shorts Sewing Patterns

Men’s Shorts Sewing Patterns

If you are the kind of person who loves sewing new clothes for your friends and family, then chances are you have experienced the difficulty of finding sewing patterns for men. These days, finding sewing patterns can be a challenging process, which is why we have decided to aid you in your search by finding … Read more

Timeless Tunic Sewing Patterns: From Boho To Chic

From Boho To Chic Timeless Tunic Sewing Patterns

Looking for the best tunic sewing patterns? Originating from ancient Rome, tunics are a timeless and versatile clothing item that is worn by women all over the world. Originally tunics were worn by both men and women and were typically longer than modern day tunic designs. For those of you who may be questioning what … Read more

14 Best Bikini Sewing Patterns For Women

14 Best Bikini Sewing Patterns For Women

Finding the perfect bikini for summer isn’t always a breeze, if the fit is good, the color is just not you. If you absolutely adore the color, the style of the bikini or the size will be wrong. You just can’t seem to find a way to win! The only redeemable thing is that store-bought … Read more

The Best Summery Sundress Sewing Patterns

Summery Sundress Sewing Patterns

Summer dresses are great to wear all summer long when you’re out on a picnic or relaxing with an ice-cool drink in your hand on the beach, or even walking through the park on a date. Whether you like a more feminine style, a maxi dress, a mini dress, a floaty dress, or even a … Read more

4 Best Sewing Machines for Monogramming

4 Best Sewing Machines for Monogramming Everything

If you want to quickly monogram clothing, blankets, towels, or any other fabric, you’ll need a particular embroidery sewing machine. Using a monogram sewing machine is far easier and less time-consuming than embroidering characters by hand. The needle and thread method is more labor-intensive than whizzing stitches up on a device! However, sewing machines that … Read more

How To Create Awesome Backpack Sewing Patterns

Awesome Backpack Sewing Patterns

Want to create your own backpack sewing patterns? The backpack can be a great means of carrying things around the world. Having a backpack on your back can make you truly feel independent – as if you are setting off with all your worldly goods on an exciting adventure that you don’t know where it … Read more

DIY Kids Face Masks: 10+ Free Sewing Patterns

DIY Kids Face Masks, 10+ Free Sewing Patterns

Convincing your children to wear a face mask is difficult enough. They can cause irritation to the skin, and can also cause painful ear strain when worn for long periods, which could have a lasting effect. How are you supposed to convince them to put one on to protect them? One idea would certainly be … Read more

How To Embroider On Canvas

How To Embroider On Canvas

Canvas is a material that has commonly been used in painting for a long time, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for other purposes. This is a sturdy material that will hold up well over time, and this is why lots of people are choosing to take their needle and thread to … Read more

How To Make A Tulle Skirt In 10 Simple Steps

How To Make A Tulle Skirt In 10 Simple Steps

Tulle skirts are becoming increasingly popular, due to their aesthetic appeal, and how easy they are to make. Whether you want to wear them in everyday life, as part of a magical costume, or to live out your ethereal dreams, tulle skirts are lightweight, comfortable, and look amazing!  And the best thing is that you … Read more

6 Best Sewing Tables and Desks

sewing machine table

Investing in a sewing table has been one of the best decisions we’ve made as a sewist. The stress of hunting through untidy tangles of spools of thread and scraps of fabric is unfortunately a familiar story for many a keen sewer. Many of us don’t have the appropriate storage for all the necessary sewing … Read more

How To Do A Blanket Stitch

How to do a blanket stitch

Whether you’re sewing or embroidering, the textile arts require a lot of patience. If you’re new to these crafts, you may feel intimidated by the amount of time and effort each project will require. Thankfully, there are stitches which can make your life easier! The blanket stitch is perhaps the most beginner-friendly stitch out there. … Read more

How to Slip Stitch

how to slip stitch in crochet

Wondering how to slip stitch? The slip stitch (abbreviated sl st in any documents you might encounter) is not so much a working stitch as it is a means to connect two pieces of fabric, hide a hem or edge, move yarn to another area of your piece, and to finish your stitch altogether. It … Read more

How to Sew a Zipper

how to sew a zipper

Learning how to sew a zipper can be one of the most intimidating skills to learn when you’re just starting out with sewing — and invisible zippers sound even scarier! But once you actually learn how to sew in a zipper, you’ll find that they’re actually not that difficult: they just need a little bit … Read more

How to Sew a Collar

how to sew a shirt collar

Wondering how to sew a collar? If you’ve recently taken up sewing, or it’s something you’re well versed in, you’ll know how tricky the finer parts of garments are. Getting the cuffs, frills, lapels, and collars right can be a nightmare – and fudging on those areas can cause an entire project to look shoddy. … Read more

How to Use a Sewing Pattern

Sewing Patterns how to

Learning how to use a sewing pattern is an important skill to master for beginner sewists. When you first start sewing, you may be able to easily sew things like pillows and curtains and simple skirts, but if you want to start making more complicated clothing, you’ll have to buy patterns — or find them … Read more

20 Different Types of Dresses

dress types

Dresses are the go-to outfits for special occasions, the perfect way to slip on a sheath of confidence for a job interview or date, and a great way to flatter figures of all kinds. No human body is the same. We come in all shapes and sizes, from shapely hourglasses to powerful triangles to plump … Read more

How to Make a Tutu Skirt (or Dress)

making a tutu

Wondering how to make a tutu? Tutus will always be associated with princesses, ballet, and flouncy clothing that makes you feel happy. Making your own tutu isn’t hard, and can serve as a wonderful gift to a daughter, niece, or for yourself (no judgment, especially if there’s an abundance of glitter!) Whether you’re a ballerina … Read more

How to Sew a Dress

how to sew a dress

Working out how to sew a dress can seem a lot like magic. For a beginner, it’s that crazy kind of magic you have to sell your soul to obtain. How in the world do you get a square stretch of fabric into a shapely ensemble you can rock with a great pair of heels … Read more

How to Sew A Buttonhole

how to sew a buttonhole by hand

Finding out how to sew a buttonhole is a big step for beginner sewists. No matter how much you’re sewing, if you keep at it long enough, you’ll almost definitely run into a project where you need to sew a buttonhole. Though it can seem scary, and you may be tempted to just cut a … Read more

What is Seed Stitch Knitting?


If you’re new to knitting, there are a variety of stitches that you can learn to jump-start your new hobby. What is seed stitch knitting? Knit stitches and purl stitches, among numerous other types, are a part of the beginner’s arsenal, a necessary technique for anyone who wants to start learning the art. If you … Read more

How to Sew Binding on a Quilt

quilt binding material

Wondering how to sew binding on a quilt? Quilts can come in all kinds of patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is that the edges are bound in some way. The binding is a ‘border’ for the quilt, containing all the rough, frayed edges of the sewn-together fabric … Read more

What Sewing Machine Needle To Use?

double needle sewing machines

One question we hear time and time again — especially from newbie sewers — is what sewing machine needle to use? There are a surprising number of needles you you’ll likely come across when using your sewing machine — especially if you plan on clothes making. One thing that can be intimidating for beginners is choosing the right set … Read more

How to Sew a Pocket

how to sew a pocket

One of the questions we get asked a lot is how to sew a pocket. And it’s easy to see why… What’s the worst part about shopping for clothes? For women, it might be finding the perfect pair of pants, only to discover there are no pockets. Where am I supposed to put my wallet? … Read more

How to Sew a Patch on Jeans

how to sew patches on jeans

Whether you have an accidental tear in your denim, want to fix up old jeans, or just want to move on from the fashion of frayed jeans, there’s no need to throw a perfectly good pair away – especially when you can patch it! It’s not that hard to learn how to sew a patch … Read more

Best Husqvarna Sewing Machine: The Viking Series Compared

viking sewing machine

Looking for the best Husqvarna sewing machine? When it comes to successful sewing, a good sewing machine can make a huge difference. Husqvarna Viking have been creating superior sewing machines since 1872, and pride themselves on sewing machines with high quality engineering, exceptional capability and innovative design. In this guide we will be taking a … Read more

How to Make a Tent Dress

how to make a tent dress

Tent dresses are currently all the rage. Known also as trapeze dresses, tent dresses are versatile – making them perfect for a stroll in the park, an outdoor dinner, or warm summer evenings, thanks to their breezy design. While you can buy your own from stores, there are many ways to create your very own … Read more

Singer Quantum Stylist vs Brother Project Runway

best sewing machine for beginners

Trying to choose between the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 and the Brother Project Runway PC420PRW? We’ve got you covered. Choosing the right sewing machine can be a tricky business. We’ve taken two of the most popular sewing machines around — the Singer Quantum Stylist and the Brother PC420PRW — and put them head to head … Read more

6 Best Kids’ Sewing Machines: Perfect For Little Hands

sewing machines for children

Sewing is a fantastic hobby for young children that helps them express their creativity while turning their attention away from the TV. Thankfully, there is a handful of sewing machines for kids that are especially designed for children (complete with needle guard / finger guard). The best rated sewing machines are typically too heavy and … Read more

Brother ST371HD vs Singer 4411

best heavy duty sewing machine

It’s the battle of the best heavy duty sewing machine! Brother ST371HD vs Singer 4411 Some sewing requires more muscle than others. Sewing thick fabrics or lots of layers can be tough on a regular machine which is probably not up to the job. This is when heavy duty sewing machines come into their own. … Read more

Which Is The Best Singer Quantum Stylist Machine?

Looking to invest in the best Singer Quantum Stylist sewing machine for your needs? Singer have been a leading sewing machine brand for almost 170 years and have an outstanding reputation for quality and innovation. Today, Singer create sewing, quilting, and embroidery machines to suit all levels and budgets. Perhaps the most popular range for … Read more

7 Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machines

best heavy duty sewing machine

Looking for the best heavy duty sewing machines? We’ve got you covered. Snagging, snapping thread, broken needles, skipped stitches, smoke and burning smells coming from your sewing machine… Sound familiar? If you’ve ever struggled when sewing thicker fabrics — or even just multiple layers — it could be that your sewing machine just isn’t up … Read more

Complete Guide To Sewing Sheer Fabrics

How to sew sheer fabric by hand

Sheer fabrics are undeniably beautiful, but many sewists hate to work with them. As beautiful as they are, sheer fabrics are finicky, delicate, and require great attention to detail. On the other hand, they do produce some of the best clothing pieces, and look good on almost anyone and anything. If you decide to work … Read more

Lining vs. Interfacing vs. Interlining vs. Underlining


If you’re new to sewing, you may notice that your garments seem unprofessional. While there may be several contributing factors, the most common reason is that it lacks structure and support. Beginners don’t often realize that a garment is not just composed of one type of fabric. Outer fabrics are generally supported by other types … Read more

How To Sew A DIY Bed Canopy

DIY bed canopy with lights

Your bed is a space for relaxation and luxury, so why not turn it into something fit for royalty? A bed canopy is a great way to add flair and drama to any bedroom, but it can be functional too. This design can create privacy, especially for light sleepers who are easily awakened by early-risers … Read more

How To Make DIY Harem Pants

baby harem pants pattern

Once you know where to look, harem pants are everywhere. In yoga studios, in Aladdin, on models and actors—harem pants are worn by pretty much everyone. It’s not hard to understand why. These pants are both comfy and stylish, making them the perfect fashion statement for everyone, be it celebrities or someone headed out for … Read more

How To Sew A Corset

corset pattern

Corsets are one of the most popular — albeit misunderstood – pieces of period clothing around. Developing your own may be complicated, but it can help you make leaps and bounds with your sewing skills. Should you tackle this project? From hobbyists creating modern-day equivalents, to critics who state that corsets are a health hazard, … Read more

How To Teach Kids To Sew

kids sewing machine

Itching to teach your kids how to sew, but aren’t sure where to start? This guide has got you covered. Here, we’ll discuss what age is appropriate for your kids to learn to sew, how to pick out the best kids’ sewing machine, and a few sewing ideas for your kids. By the end, you’ll … Read more

How To Make A Prayer Shawl

easy prayer shawl to knit

Are you a knitter or crocheter, looking for a project that can easily comfort your loved ones in times of hardship? Then you’ve come to the right place. Why not knit or crochet them a prayer shawl? This project is not only fun, but can also serve as an excellent gift, a religious symbol, or … Read more

How To Sew A Pair Of Gloves

glove patterns

Gloves are one of the most overlooked aspects of a person’s attire, but they’re also one of the most important. They can add a subtle boost to any formal wear, or add dramatic flare to a casual outfit. On top of that, gloves are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. You can easily stave … Read more

How To Sew A Headband

free headband patterns

Headbands are a great and versatile accessory that can upgrade any wardrobe. From the fun and chic to the formal and elegant, headbands can be your best friend. What’s even better, handmade headbands are an excellent project for those who are beginning to sew! Headbands require very minimal sewing, and you can use almost any … Read more

How to Sew Curtains

how to sew curtains

A question we get a lot is beginner sewists wondering how to sew curtains. Curtains are one of the easiest and most useful things to make: it can be very difficult to find just the right curtains for your windows, and making them yourself means you can make them exactly to your own personal preference. … Read more

How To Knit Mittens

how to knit mittens

Slipping on a pair of knit mittens in the winter can be one of the best feelings in the world. They’re so soft and warm, and they make great gifts for your loved ones. With so many great mitten patterns available, it’s difficult to know where to start. Is it as easy as it looks? … Read more

How To Sew A Tote Bag

how to make a tote bag

When it comes to bags, there are a wide range of types – but nothing beats the simplicity of a tote bag. A tote bag is defined to be a large bag with parallel handles, making them a very versatile design. Tote bags can be simple, to niche, to even designer! This design is also … Read more

How To Sew A Lunch Bag

lunch bag pattern

When it comes to getting work done, be it in school or the workplace, food is always important. What’s the best way to ensure you have the energy you need? By packing lunch, of course! If you’re packing lunch every day, you may want to move away from a flimsy paper bag. Thankfully it’s super … Read more

How To Make A Baby Quilt

baby girl quilts

As a parent, you know the magic of baby blankets. They keep your baby clean, calm, and comfortable. Of course, not all blankets are created equal. Some are too scratchy, others too heavy. When it comes to your baby, you’ll want nothing but the best. So why not make a blanket custom-tailored just for them? … Read more

How To Make A Table Runner

table runner dimensions

A table cloth is a great way to protect and decorate a table. Table runners, on the other hand, add an extra dimension to your table setting. Since it’s easy to switch out one runner for another, you can easily use them to create a theme for your table setting or tie together the décor … Read more

How To Make Roman Shades

how to make roman shades with dowels

When you feel like your home is beginning to get a little drab, have you considered changing up your curtains? Curtains are a wonderful home décor option that many people overlook. Not only are they stylish, but they can be great for privacy! If you’re the type to DIY, you’ve probably thought about creating your … Read more

How To Make A Swimsuit

swimsuit patterns free

Shopping for the right clothes is difficult, but it’s even harder with swimsuits. Whether it’s too revealing, too small, too big, or just plain ugly, shopping for swimsuits can be a whole ordeal. Thankfully, swimsuits are an item you can make yourself! Admittedly, sewing your own swimwear is more difficult than sewing other types of … Read more

How To Make A Duvet Cover

diy duvet cover

Do you want to create your own duvet cover? How hard is it, and how does a duvet differentiate from a basic comforter? Whether you place a duvet or a comforter over your sheets, there is no denying these simple, quilted, blanket-like bags of fluff easily make your bed a more comfortable and stylish haven … Read more

How To Make A DIY Upholstered Headboard

padded headboard

Want to learn how to make a tufted headboard on your own time? Then you’ve come to the right place. Creating a DIY upholstered headboard is easier and more exciting than you may think. As a bonus, it lets you imbue your bedroom furniture with a unique look that can’t be replicated by anyone else. … Read more

How to Make Cushion Covers

cushion cover making

Cushion covers are one of those fun, simple projects that every beginning sewist should try out. They’re easy to make, and great to have around the house! While they can be crucial décor in a room, it can be hard to find the one cover to bring your room together. Shops can offer the same … Read more

How to Make a Sewing Machine Cover

sewing machine cover pattern

Properly caring for your tools is the number one rule for crafters. If you’re a sewist, the most important tool you have in your arsenal is the sewing machine. Composed of many different moving parts, a sewing machine needs excellent care to remain in tip-top shape. To accomplish this, a dust cover or protective cover … Read more

What is a Long Arm Quilting Machine?

long arm quilting

If you’re a quilter, then you’ve likely anguished over the more difficult elements of your craft. Bringing a long arm quilting machine into your home, with the convenience it offers, may, in turn, sound tempting. There are positives and negatives to the integration of these machines with your quilting practice. Even so, they remain a … Read more

How to Make Ruffles

how to gather fabric

Is that hem looking too boring or bland? Why not give it ruffles? Ruffles are a great way to provide hems with a cheap yet fancy upgrade. And, with a bit of practice, they are quick and easy to make. The greatest aspect of ruffles is their ability to enhance any hem, as they are … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Applique

applique techniques

Elbow patches on professors may not be considered the height of fashion today, but the process by which those patches were applied is surprisingly well-integrated into the world of textiles. Appliqué, or the process of attaching one piece of fabric to another, is a practice that allows for more than just a dignified appearance at … Read more

How to Make Your Own Clothes

how to make clothes

Have you ever wondered how to make your own clothes? For those who love creating things with their hands, chances are, the thought has crossed your mind. Unfortunately, making clothes can be intimidating. There is, after all, a lot to the process! While sewing may be complex, learning how to sew clothes isn’t too hard … Read more

Complete Guide to Needle Felting

how to needle felt

Crafts are wonderful. They make great presents for almost anyone in your life, and they are a wonderful way to spend your day. Learning crafts is also an excellent way to add some valuable life skills to your arsenal, as well as to give your brain a nice, relaxing workout. Of all the types of … Read more

Types of Necklines Guide

neckline styles

Clothes have their own personality. A good sewing expert will always understand how one part of a dress can change the overall feel and tone of the whole garment. When sewing clothes, being mindful of the different elements involved can help you achieve the effect that you want, whether it’s classy, casual, or a bit … Read more

What is Fusible Interfacing?

fusible interfacing

During your foray as a beginning sewer, you may have encountered patterns that told you to add interfacing. Most of the time, new crafters don’t even know what interfacing is. This isn’t shocking, as interfacing is hidden from plain view. As a matter of fact, there are people who don’t use interfacing at all! Have … Read more

Complete Guide to Crochet Edging

crochet blanket

Ah, crocheting. There are few things more relaxing than allocating yourself some quiet downtime and being able to crochet yourself or a loved one a soft project they are sure to enjoy for years to come. That is… until you finally work your way to that pesky border! Crochet borders are some of the most … Read more

How to Become a Sewing Teacher

teaching sewing classes

Sewing is often seen as a labor of love. A great deal of time, care, and attention goes into every stitch, and the end result is well worth the effort devoted to each project. The same can also be said for teaching. While they may seem vastly different on the surface, both sewing and teaching … Read more

How to Hand Quilt

how to hand quilt

Hand quilting can be a time-consuming venture — but an extremely rewarding one for the determined quilter! There’s nothing better than having a beautiful piece of art you can hang on the wall or curl up underneath on a chilly night. Better yet, hand quilting is a craft for all sewing skill levels! If you’re … Read more

What is Kitchener Stitch?

Kitchener stitch knitting

Knitting may be one of the most relaxing crafts out there, and it can result in extremely beautiful creations! However, if you’ve yet to pick up your own set of knitting needles, you may not know just how diverse this seemingly plain hobby can be. For instance, have you ever heard of the Kitchener stitch? … Read more

What is DK Weight Yarn?

DK yarn

If you’re new to the art of knitting, the first thing you need to understand is the type of yarn you should use. As a beginner, it may be daunting to find the right yarn, as there are so many to choose from, with each type dictating the technique, type of project, and needle that … Read more