8 Best Sewing Scissors For Every Project

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We all know it: having a pair of the best sewing scissors can totally transform your creation into a work of art.

If you’ve experienced the trauma of hacking away at a piece of fabric with a pair of kitchen scissors you’ll appreciate that a good sewing scissor set can be a game changer.

A pair of high quality, effective sewing scissors is an important purchase for any sewer’s toolkit.

Scissors that don’t cut fabric well can lead to costly mistakes, so it’s well worth investing in the best to help you cut down on time and money and perfect your sewing creations.

But don’t worry — we’ve got you covered!

What Are Sewing Scissors Used for?

Sewing scissors are so much more than just a cutting tool.

Modern technology has changed the humble sewing scissor into an exciting piece of kit with different models specifically designed for high performance with different materials and tasks.

Dressmaker’s shears are a must have when you need to cut fabric for making clothes or larger items. The long, sharp blades cut at an angle which makes them much more effective than ordinary scissors. One of the blades is rounded to prevent snagging and the other is pointed which makes accurate snipping a cinch.

sewing trimming scissors

Dressmaker’s scissors are strong and sturdy to cut through even the thickest of fabrics – or even multiple layers of fabric. The longer length is ideal for pattern cutting and seam trimming, and unlike standard scissors they give clean, crisp lines and not jagged uneven edges.

Sometimes a smaller pair of scissors is called for. Commonly known as tailor’s scissors, the shorter blades and lighter weight make these ideal for smaller tasks and craft projects like quilting. Though slightly smaller, these scissors are still very strong and a quality pair will cut through fabric like butter. The smaller size also makes them more portable and they will fit easily into a sewing bag.

In addition there are a wide range of other scissors for more specific tasks.

Embroidery scissors are tiny with very sharp tips to the blades, meaning they can get to and cut those tricky to reach spaces. They’re perfect for snipping threads, so they also make a great pair of sewing machine scissors.

Applique scissors are also small, and they come equipped with a curved blade that easily slips between layers of fabric when cutting appliques or trimming seams to ensure you are cutting the right layer in exactly the right place.

What Makes a Good Pair of Sewing Scissors?

A good pair of professional sewing scissors will be able to easily handle a wide and varied range of fabrics, including denim, silks and satins, felt, PU, and even leathers.

They are an essential part of any starter sewing kit.

When using sewing scissors comfort is important, so the scissor handles should be as rounded and ergonomic as possible to fit easily into your hand without rubbing or pinching. Some models feature padding on the handles for extra comfort.

Always choose the right sized handles for your hand size.

sewing scissors reviews

Blade quality is also key. High grade metals and production methods result in sharper, stronger, and more durable blades that give a precision cut.

If you suffer from arthritis or your hands aren’t particularly strong, look for a lightweight pair of sewing scissors made from titanium (a lighter metal than steel) or with plastic handles in order to put less strain on your hands and wrists.

A good pair of quality sewing scissors will last you a lifetime, so while they may seem expensive, consider them a long term investment.

The Best Sewing Scissors

There are a huge number of sewing scissors on the market, but not all were created equal.

We’ve rounded up the best sewing scissors available right now, in four different categories: all-round use, dressmaker’s use, small scissors and sewing scissors set.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the best sewing scissors for you from our recommendations.

Best All-Round Sewing Scissors

best sewing scissors

Fiskars 8 Inch Razor-Edge Soft Grip Scissors

These sewing scissors certainly live up to their name of ‘razor edge’ — they’re so sharp that they can cut through multiple layers of heavyweight fabric with no problem at all.

But while they’re definitely heavy duty, there’s been no compromise in making them as comfortable as possible.

The softgrip handle requires exactly that — a soft grip — and it’s certainly easy to use these sewing scissors over the course of a day without fatiguing.

Plus, they’ve got a lifetime warranty attached to them — no wonder why they’re so many sewers’ pick for the best sewing scissors!


  • Razor sharp blades that can cut through multiple layer
  • Durable, stainless steel blades
  • Softgrip handle for easy comfort
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Handle allows for plenty of control
  • Bent handle design keeps materials flat — ensuring more precise cuts
  • Feel sturdy
  • Affordable


  • Not so comfortable for left-handed sewers
  • Reasonably heavy compared to other professional sewing scissors
sewing scissors set

CCR Titanium and Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Professional Shears

Heavy duty scissors

Beautiful enough to grace any sewing table, these gold heavy duty scissors feature solid stainless steel blades and zinc alloy handles.

These professional sewing scissors are supremely comfortable to use while being more than effective on all your fabrics. And at 10.5 inches, they’re the perfect length for all but the most intricate sewing projects.

They slice through even the thickest and most layered dressmaking fabrics such as leather and upholstery fabrics. The size and weight make them easy to use over long periods of time.


  • Professional quality
  • Cut is sharp and smooth
  • Attractive color and design
  • Powerful and tough: incredibly durable
  • Length of blades is good for cutting long sections of material
  • Comfortable ergonomic handles


  • The blades are so sharp that care must be taken when cutting
sewing scissors set

Singer 8.5 Inch Professional Series Scissors Heavy Duty Bent

Best Singer sewing scissors

Famous brand Singer have created these extremely tough professional sewing scissors.

The heavy-duty design includes super sharp tempered steel blades which are exceedingly durable and excellent when it comes to giving a clean, accurate cut.

These sewing scissors can slice through several layers of fabric at a time — they boast that they can take on a whopping 18 layers of denim! They are great for pattern cutting, and the handle is designed with maximum comfort in mind. Perfect for sewers suffering with weak wrists.

As we’ve come to expect from Singer, you can expect a high quality product at an accessible and reasonable price.


  • Can be used left or right handed
  • Good for sewers with weak or arthritic hands
  • Lightweight and very sharp
  • Soft, padded handles are very comfortable
  • Very effective at cutting through tough fabrics
  • Very affordable price


  • Movement can sometimes be a little tight
sewing scissors set

Best Dressmaker’s Scissors

mini sewing scissors

Gingher 8″ Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears

Best sewing scissors for dressmakers

Gingher have a reputation for quality, which certainly shines through with this pair of sewing scissors. These are some of the most popular dressmaker’s shears on the market — despite their comparatively high price.

Elegant gold handles are bent for greater comfort and permit effortless clean cutting on a horizontal surface.

The long, powerful blades give a crisp cut – even through numerous layers of fabric.

Their 8-inch length allows enough room for cutting patterns and seams while their light weight ensures that your wrists won’t be getting tired too quickly.


  • Professional quality from a heritage name
  • Durable – great long term investment
  • Effective on all types of fabric
  • Very precise even on multiple layers
  • Very sharp and chrome plated
  • Blades re-sharpen well
  • Attractive design


  • Expensive
  • A little heavy
sewing scissors set

Handi Stitch 9″ Tailor Dressmaking Scissors

Handi Stitch scissors

Handi Stitch are another popular brand for dressmakers and these 9″ stainless steel shears are some of the best on the market.

Razor sharp and able to tackle multiple layers, these are the professional sewing scissors you’ve been dreaming of. They deliver incredibly precise cuts but never at the cost of comfort. These bad boys sport an ergonomic design that’s lightweight and comfortable.

9 inches long, these sewing scissors are great for cutting large swathes of material.

They also come with a handy 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your purchase.


  • Lightweight and comfortable to use
  • Razor sharp and can take on multiple fabrics and layers at once
  • Durable and comes with a guarantee
  • The whole length of the blades are consistently sharp
  • Cuts through the most heavyweight materials like butter
  • Precise and accurate cuts
  • Very affordable


  • Not so comfortable for left handers
sewing scissors set

P.LOTOR 9.3 Inch Professional Pinking Shears

Pink shears

The only pair of pinking shears on our list, the cute design of these popular P.LOTR sewing scissors is durable enough for everyday use for sewing, dressmaking and a variety of other crafts.

The super sharp stainless steel blades cut smoothly and give a crisp zigzag edge to fabrics.

Ergonomic plastic handles lend a soft feel to these professional sewing scissors, which is easy on the fingers, and the fact that the shears are lightweight means you have greater control over your cut.

Control and precision are even better thanks to the ingenious ball bearing joint at the top of the blades.


  • Can be used right or left handed
  • Blades are durable and stay sharp
  • Comfortable to use thanks to the ergonomic handles
  • Easily to manipulate, meaning precise and accurate cuts every time
  • Cut through a wide variety of fabrics, including denim


  • The back part of the blade cuts less well than the rest of the blade
  • Can be tough to open and close these sewing scissors
sewing scissors set

Best Small Sewing Scissors

small sewing scissors

QERA Pro 3.5 Inch Gold Plated Stainless Steel Scissors

best small sewing scissors

If you’re looking for a real show-stopping pair of sewing scissors, then this beautiful set from Quera Pro could be for you.

These pretty mini sewing scissors can be used for embroidery and crewelwork plus a host of other sewing tasks and crafts.

Being so small (their total length is around 4″) they can be easily tucked into a small sewing bag or even purse when travelling. The design is light and elegant and the stainless steel blades are well pointed and sharp.

We also think they’d make a wonderful gift for the sewing aficionado in your life.


  • Comfortable on the fingers
  • Attractive, retro style
  • Robust construction and durable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Good quality considering their low price


  • Blades are sometimes too thick to make a precise cut when trimming thread
  • Better fitted to smaller fingers
sewing scissors set

Gingher 4 Inch Embroidery Scissors

Ginger embroidery tool

We’re back with the indomitable Gingher brand for these brilliant small sewing scissors.

Perfectly designed for embroidery and cutting thread, these sewing trimming scissors are a real must-have for your sewing box.

The blades are lightweight and easy to control, yet incredibly durable thanks to the double-plated chrome over nickel finish. They’re protected further by the included leather sheath, where you can store them when they’re not in use.

4 inches long, the tips are narrow enough to navigate into any small crevice or fabric area to trim.


  • Professional quality
  • Sharp, narrow and easy to control
  • Lightweight (just 4 ounces!)
  • Comes with a leather sheath to protect blades
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Small and portable


  • At the more expensive end of the sewing scissors scale
sewing scissors set

Fiskars 5 Inch Non-Stick Titanium Softgrip Detail Scissors

Fiskars scissors

You can expect comfort from these excellent Fiskars mini sewing scissors, that are blessed with the same Softgrip handles as their larger products. Plus, they’re perfect for both left and right handers!

Sharp and easy to control, the blades are made from stainless steel and enhanced with super strong titanium for the ultimate in durability.

Cuts are always precise, thanks to the unique non-stick quality of the blades too. This ensures you can cut through the stickiest of fabrics with no problem at all.


  • Enhanced titanium blades for incredible durability
  • Softgrip handle is comfortable and easy to control
  • Great for left and right handers
  • Good at cutting tight corners and little snips
  • Non-stick blade coating for precise cuts
  • Thumb hole has extra padding for comfort
  • Low cost


  • Better fitted to people with smaller fingers
sewing scissors set

Best Sewing Scissors Set

professional sewing scissors

Singer Sewing and Craft Scissors Set

Best scissors set?

We’re back with old favorite Singer with this cheap and high quality sewing scissors set.

It includes two pairs: an 8.5 inch lightweight scissor and a 4.5 inch detail scissor for more detailed embroidery and trimming work.

Both sewing scissors have rubber grips handles to maximize comfort and minimize fatigue in the hands and wrists.

They’re made of stainless steel and are admirably durable.


  • Made from ultra durable stainless steel
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Rubber grip handles are easy to manipulate and comfortable to use
  • Red and white color scheme is subtle and attractive
  • Works great for both right and left handers
  • Sharp and precise cuts on a variety of materials


  • Only two pairs in a pack
  • Not as adept at taking on multiple layers as more professional sewing scissors
sewing scissors set

Clear Cuts Precision Cutting Scissors – 3 Scissor Set

Clear cuts pack

This versatile 3 scissor pack includes 10″ Dressmaking Scissors, 9.5″ Craft Scissors, and 5.5″ Embroidery Scissors.

All three pairs of sewing scissors feature bonded titanium blades with precision edges, making them lightweight and easy to handle as well as extremely hardwearing. All three pairs come with comfortable soft grip handles.

This is one of the most popular sewing scissors sets on the market — thanks to both its quality and low price.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent quality considering low price
  • Cuts cleanly and precisely
  • Comfortable to use thanks to soft grip ergonomic handles
  • Large blade size ensures scissors are great for cutting large swathes
  • Sharp and reasonably precise
  • Lightweight


  • Handles have been known to break if presented with too many layers
  • Blade tips are dull compared to professional sewing scissors
sewing scissors set

Durevole 3 Pack Sewing Scissors

Duverole multi-scissor pack

Another of our featured multi-scissor packs is this set by Durevole which includes an 8″ pair of dressmaker’s scissors, 4″ thread nippers and a pair of 4″ embroidery scissors.

With this selection sewers can feel confident for a wide range of projects including pattern cutting, quilting and creative embroidery.

They’re sharper and of a slightly higher quality than the Clear Cuts sewing scissors set above, but still well priced and affordable.


  • Versatile
  • Good set for sewing beginners
  • Scissors give a precise, smooth cut
  • Good for crafts
  • Thread nippers work well on thick fabrics
  • Generous handle loops will fit all finger sizes
  • Cuts are sharp and reasonably precise


  • Blades on thread nippers are very sharp and should be handled with care
  • Only good for small projects and not for cutting through multiple layers of thick fabric
sewing scissors set

Vintage Sewing Scissors

Now, call us shallow, but we also love a pair of sewing scissors that look good.

And you know what looks good? Vintage sewing scissors.

Sure, these may not be the best cutters on the market, but they’re definitely some of the most attractive. Anyone with a yearning for collectibles will understand where we’re coming from!

Here are our top picks for vintage sewing scissors from eBay and Amazon.

Phew — now that’s your ultimate guide to the best sewing scissors.

What’s your favorite pair?

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