What Is Scuba Fabric? [How to Sew A Scuba Dress]

How to sew scuba fabric

Are you seeking a fabric that creates professional-quality outfits, but without the need for tricky parts like lining, hemming, or finishing? Or are you looking to expand your repertoire into an interesting modern fabric? Maybe you need something sturdy and stylish, which can be used for a wide variety of projects – from form-fitting pencil … Read more

How To Make Your Own DIY Lingerie

How to make your own DIY Lingerie

Have you ever considered making your own lingerie? It may seem like a weird concept, but homemade lingerie be a great decision, both creatively and financially! Let’s face it – a good bra alone is expensive. As something that we need to wear every day, you’d imagine it’d be more affordable. Unfortunately, lingerie is very … Read more

How To Make A Tulle Skirt In 10 Simple Steps

How To Make A Tulle Skirt In 10 Simple Steps

Tulle skirts are becoming increasingly popular, due to their aesthetic appeal, and how easy they are to make. Whether you want to wear them in everyday life, as part of a magical costume, or to live out your ethereal dreams, tulle skirts are lightweight, comfortable, and look amazing!  And the best thing is that you … Read more

How to Sew a Zipper

how to sew a zipper

Learning how to sew a zipper can be one of the most intimidating skills to learn when you’re just starting out with sewing — and invisible zippers sound even scarier! But once you actually learn how to sew in a zipper, you’ll find that they’re actually not that difficult: they just need a little bit … Read more

How to Sew a Collar

how to sew a shirt collar

Wondering how to sew a collar? If you’ve recently taken up sewing, or it’s something you’re well versed in, you’ll know how tricky the finer parts of garments are. Getting the cuffs, frills, lapels, and collars right can be a nightmare – and fudging on those areas can cause an entire project to look shoddy. … Read more

How to Make a Tutu Skirt (or Dress)

making a tutu

Wondering how to make a tutu? Tutus will always be associated with princesses, ballet, and flouncy clothing that makes you feel happy. Making your own tutu isn’t hard, and can serve as a wonderful gift to a daughter, niece, or for yourself (no judgment, especially if there’s an abundance of glitter!) Whether you’re a ballerina … Read more

How to Sew a Dress

how to sew a dress

Working out how to sew a dress can seem a lot like magic. For a beginner, it’s that crazy kind of magic you have to sell your soul to obtain. How in the world do you get a square stretch of fabric into a shapely ensemble you can rock with a great pair of heels … Read more

How to Sew A Buttonhole

how to sew a buttonhole by hand

Finding out how to sew a buttonhole is a big step for beginner sewists. No matter how much you’re sewing, if you keep at it long enough, you’ll almost definitely run into a project where you need to sew a buttonhole. Though it can seem scary, and you may be tempted to just cut a … Read more

How to Sew Binding on a Quilt

quilt binding material

Wondering how to sew binding on a quilt? Quilts can come in all kinds of patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is that the edges are bound in some way. The binding is a ‘border’ for the quilt, containing all the rough, frayed edges of the sewn-together fabric … Read more

How to Sew a Pocket

how to sew a pocket

One of the questions we get asked a lot is how to sew a pocket. And it’s easy to see why… What’s the worst part about shopping for clothes? For women, it might be finding the perfect pair of pants, only to discover there are no pockets. Where am I supposed to put my wallet? … Read more

How to Sew a Patch on Jeans

how to sew patches on jeans

Whether you have an accidental tear in your denim, want to fix up old jeans, or just want to move on from the fashion of frayed jeans, there’s no need to throw a perfectly good pair away – especially when you can patch it! It’s not that hard to learn how to sew a patch … Read more

How to Make a Tent Dress

how to make a tent dress

Tent dresses are currently all the rage. Known also as trapeze dresses, tent dresses are versatile – making them perfect for a stroll in the park, an outdoor dinner, or warm summer evenings, thanks to their breezy design. While you can buy your own from stores, there are many ways to create your very own … Read more

How To Sew A DIY Bed Canopy

DIY bed canopy with lights

Your bed is a space for relaxation and luxury, so why not turn it into something fit for royalty? A bed canopy is a great way to add flair and drama to any bedroom, but it can be functional too. This design can create privacy, especially for light sleepers who are easily awakened by early-risers … Read more

How To Make DIY Harem Pants

baby harem pants pattern

Once you know where to look, harem pants are everywhere. In yoga studios, in Aladdin, on models and actors—harem pants are worn by pretty much everyone. It’s not hard to understand why. These pants are both comfy and stylish, making them the perfect fashion statement for everyone, be it celebrities or someone headed out for … Read more

How To Sew A Corset

corset pattern

Corsets are one of the most popular — albeit misunderstood – pieces of period clothing around. Developing your own may be complicated, but it can help you make leaps and bounds with your sewing skills. Should you tackle this project? From hobbyists creating modern-day equivalents, to critics who state that corsets are a health hazard, … Read more

How To Make A Baby Quilt

baby girl quilts

As a parent, you know the magic of baby blankets. They keep your baby clean, calm, and comfortable. Of course, not all blankets are created equal. Some are too scratchy, others too heavy. When it comes to your baby, you’ll want nothing but the best. So why not make a blanket custom-tailored just for them? … Read more

How To Make A Table Runner

table runner dimensions

A table cloth is a great way to protect and decorate a table. Table runners, on the other hand, add an extra dimension to your table setting. Since it’s easy to switch out one runner for another, you can easily use them to create a theme for your table setting or tie together the décor … Read more

How To Make Roman Shades

how to make roman shades with dowels

When you feel like your home is beginning to get a little drab, have you considered changing up your curtains? Curtains are a wonderful home décor option that many people overlook. Not only are they stylish, but they can be great for privacy! If you’re the type to DIY, you’ve probably thought about creating your … Read more

How To Make A Swimsuit

swimsuit patterns free

Shopping for the right clothes is difficult, but it’s even harder with swimsuits. Whether it’s too revealing, too small, too big, or just plain ugly, shopping for swimsuits can be a whole ordeal. Thankfully, swimsuits are an item you can make yourself! Admittedly, sewing your own swimwear is more difficult than sewing other types of … Read more

How To Make A Duvet Cover

diy duvet cover

Do you want to create your own duvet cover? How hard is it, and how does a duvet differentiate from a basic comforter? Whether you place a duvet or a comforter over your sheets, there is no denying these simple, quilted, blanket-like bags of fluff easily make your bed a more comfortable and stylish haven … Read more

How To Make A DIY Upholstered Headboard

padded headboard

Want to learn how to make a tufted headboard on your own time? Then you’ve come to the right place. Creating a DIY upholstered headboard is easier and more exciting than you may think. As a bonus, it lets you imbue your bedroom furniture with a unique look that can’t be replicated by anyone else. … Read more

How to Make Cushion Covers

cushion cover making

Cushion covers are one of those fun, simple projects that every beginning sewist should try out. They’re easy to make, and great to have around the house! While they can be crucial décor in a room, it can be hard to find the one cover to bring your room together. Shops can offer the same … Read more

How to Make a Sewing Machine Cover

sewing machine cover pattern

Properly caring for your tools is the number one rule for crafters. If you’re a sewist, the most important tool you have in your arsenal is the sewing machine. Composed of many different moving parts, a sewing machine needs excellent care to remain in tip-top shape. To accomplish this, a dust cover or protective cover … Read more

How to Make Ruffles

how to gather fabric

Is that hem looking too boring or bland? Why not give it ruffles? Ruffles are a great way to provide hems with a cheap yet fancy upgrade. And, with a bit of practice, they are quick and easy to make. The greatest aspect of ruffles is their ability to enhance any hem, as they are … Read more

How to Make a Bean Bag Chair

DIY bean bag chair

Bean bags are one of the most fun, comfortable, and versatile pieces of furniture you can own. They can add a pop of color to almost any room, be it your living room, bedroom, or playroom. Bean bags, with their perfect shape, almost invite you to lounge and take a break but, most importantly, they … Read more

How to Hem Jeans

how to hem jeans with sewing machine

Learning how to hem a pair of jeans will save you a lot of time and money after you’ve done your shopping. Not only will you not have to worry about finding a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly, but you’ll be able to do the alteration work on your own time and dime, … Read more

How to Sew an Apron

how to sew an apron

Aprons have been around for hundreds of years, but have most notably been recorded in use during the Middle Ages and beyond. In the United States, aprons have been leveraged as part of ceremonies and every-day work attire, and are made out of everything from silk to flour sacks. People working in the home or … Read more

How to Embroider Flowers

embroidered flowers

Embroidery is a delicate sewing craft which produces beautiful designs and even more lovely embellishments on pillows, clothing, or other accessories. If you’re thinking about getting into embroidery for the first time, embroidered flowers are a great place to start, as one of the most simple and well-loved designs. In this article, we’ll equip you … Read more

How to Make a Rag Quilt

making a rag quilt

Rag quilts may not have the most pleasing name but they are wonderful to curl up with on a cold day. The three layers of material, plus fluffy seams, make for the best companion come rainy day movie marathons. Not to say that regular quilts aren’t good snuggle buddies! Rag quilts just seem extra… “foofy,” … Read more

How to Make a Drawstring Bag

make a drawstring bag

Drawstring bags are simple and easy to make, while providing multiple uses. You can design larger bags to serve as impromptu toy boxes or to contain your sewing materials. With some added flare, they can become gym bags, traveling toiletry bags, lunch bags, gift bags, or even dice bags (for you boardgame players out there). … Read more

How to Sew a Beanie

sew beanie

So, you want to sew your own beanie. They’re a fashionable accessory that also serves as invaluable during the chilled winter months, but what exactly does it take to create one yourself? In this guide, we’ll cover all the details necessary to transform your search for better fashion statements into a full-blown hobby! First, it’s … Read more

3 Tips for Tunisian Crochet

how to Tunisian crochet

Tunisian crochet, also known as Afghan crochet, is the lovechild of crocheting and knitting. As a cross between the two, it has all the utility of knitting needles with the tight stitching of crochet. Talk about the best of both worlds! So how can you pick up the hobby and this specific style? Is it … Read more

How to Sew Silk

sewing silk

The process of sewing silk isn’t difficult, but it definitely takes time and patience. Silk is a luxurious fabric that, when weaved together, is deceptively strong. Solitary silk threads, however, are delicate with ends that tend to fray easily. As such, sewing the material should be handled with care. The process of how to sew … Read more

How to Sew a Baby Blanket

baby blanket sewing patterns

Have you ever been invited to a baby shower, RSVP-ed “yes,” and suddenly froze as the question arises: what do you get as a present? There are the typical solutions – baby clothes, nursery supplies, and cute teddy bears. But, perhaps you want to gift something a little more personal? Or, instead of the last … Read more

How to Sew a Button

how to sew on a button

Aside from fixing a broken seam, knowing how to sew a button is a must-have skill for everyone. You don’t need to go to a tailor or toss out a shirt just because a button popped off! Sewing on your own button is the reason why so many shirts come with extras, just in case … Read more

How to Sew an Infinity Scarf

infinity scarf sewing pattern

You’ve seen them everywhere, on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Facebook. They are always the rage come fall time and it seems like every woman has at least one: Infinity scarves. Simple, often handmade accessories, that complete any look, their low-key appearance has appealed for many seasons and for many reasons. But what if you want to … Read more

How to Sew Elastic

sewing elastic

You have a dress. This dress is perfect, with or without the presence of pockets, and you love it. There’s just one problem. You want the waist tighter. Using elastic is the obvious answer, but who wants to struggle through winding together a casing and the elastic? No one. It’s time-consuming and frustrating, often increasingly … Read more

How to Sew a Tutu

how to make a no sew tutu

Many little girls and boys want to be ballerinas when they grow up, and nothing says ‘ballerina’ more than a tutu. While buying one in a store or online is, of course, very quick and easy, making your own is just as simple. With the right materials and few quick tips and techniques, your child … Read more

How to Sew a Hole

how to sew up a hole

Holed clothes are back in fashion, but there’s no need to go and buy new clothes! You can easily modify your current wardrobe for as much as it costs to buy a needle and thread, if you don’t have them already at your disposal. If you feel intimidated – don’t. It’s easy to learn how … Read more

How to Sew Doll Clothes

sewing doll clothes

When you have a kiddo who loves playing dress-up with their dolls, from American Girl, to Lori, to Barbie, of course you want to shower them with accessories and outfits. However, doll clothing can get expensive quickly. What better way to save some money and create a personalized touch than to sew your own clothes … Read more

How to Sew Ribbons on Pointe Shoes

how to sew pointe shoe ribbons

One of ballet’s most cherished—and most tedious—rituals is sewing on your ribbons. Some schools require ribbons on technique shoes for exams, and some require students to wear shankless, or pre-pointe, shoes. Most pointe shoe ribbons are made of nylon or polyester satin, and they come in either a shiny or a matte finish. They should … Read more

How to Sew a Pillow Case

sewing pillow cases

Ever wondered how to sew a pillow case? Maybe you need a pillow case but haven’t found one that’s in a color or pattern you want. Perhaps you need to learn how to sew a body pillow case since they’re not sold at most stores. Maybe you want to learn how to sew pillow case … Read more

How to Sew Knits

how to sew knits

Sewing with knits can seem like an impossible task. With such complex fabric and so much room for error, how can you even begin? Once you’re started, how can you avoid the typical pitfalls which turn a strong venture into a disaster? If you’re wondering what stitches are best or what issues to watch out … Read more