Mom Jeans vs Boyfriend Jeans: How Do The Styles Compare?

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Comfortable clothing is often more frumpy than fashionable. So, it’s no wonder garments that feel and look fabulous become wardrobe staples. Relaxed-fit jeans combine style and comfort like no other clothing can, making them fashion favorites. The mom and boyfriend jeans are two top styles for a casually chic look.

So, mom jeans vs boyfriend jeans – how do these similar yet different jean styles compare? 

Mom and boyfriend jeans are both versatile, relaxed-fit styles. The main differences between these jeans are that mom is a high-rise with a tapered leg, whereas boyfriend is mid-to low-rise with a low crotch and baggy leg. Mom jeans create a more feminine silhouette than boyfriend jeans do. 

While mom and boyfriend jeans are both popular slim-fit alternatives, they’re different styles with distinctive features. Each type of jeans has characteristics that complement different personal styles and bodies.

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By looking at what makes the jeans alike and different, denim lovers can find their dream pair for style and comfort. 

Mom Jeans Vs Boyfriend Jeans: A Complete Comparison 

mom jeans vs boyfriend jeans

Every denim collection needs at least one pair of loose jeans. A good way to figure out whether mom or boyfriend jeans should fill this role is by getting familiar with these styles’ features, similarities, differences, pros, cons, and styling tips.  

How Do They Compare?

What exactly are mom and boyfriend jeans, and how can one tell which is which? Here’s a crash course on these different jean styles. 

Mom Jeans

What are mom jeans?
A classic mom jeans fit

Every on-trend mom in the 80s or 90s had a pair or two of mom jeans. This style later fell out of fashion – but it’s back and sought-after by fashionistas of all ages.

Classic mom jeans have these features:  

  • High-rise. 
  • Long zipper. 
  • Long back pockets.
  • Non-stretch.
  • Straight leg which tapers at the ankle.
  • Hem falls (or is rolled up to fall) at or just above the ankle. 

Note: Brands tweak the style to give it a straighter, cropped, flared, or baggier leg.

Boyfriend Jeans 

What are boyfriend jeans?
A classic boyfriend jeans fit

These jeans look like they’ve been snatched from a man’s denim stash. 

It’s believed that Marilyn Monroe started the boyfriend jean trend in the 60s when she flaunted her tomboy style in a baggy pair. 

The classic boyfriend cut has these features:

  • Relaxed cut.
  • Usually cuffed.
  • Looks oversized.
  • Baggy leg (looser than a straight cut but more fitted than a wide cut).
  • Mid- to low-rise.
  • Low crotch (slouchy at the front).

Note: You’ll find different takes on the style, some with a sleeker silhouette and others slouchier.

Similarities & Differences

With so much in common, mom and boyfriend jeans are easily confused. However, these two styles have key differences. 

This is what makes mom and boyfriend jeans similar and what sets them apart:


  • Relaxed Fit
  • Style staple with a loyal celebrity following
  • Come in slightly different cuts to flatter all body types
  • Can be styled for day or night, dressy or casual

Differences of Mom Jeans

  • More structured fit
  • High-waisted
  • Tapered leg
  • More feminine look
  • Tends to be made from classic denim fabric

Differences of Boyfriend Jeans

  • Slouchier fit
  • Low to medium-waisted
  • Baggy leg
  • More masculine look
  • Often made from distressed, ripped denim fabric

Should I Choose Mom or Boyfriend Jeans?

Mom jeans and boyfriend jeans both have lots going for them. Here are the top reasons these styles deserve to be in demand.

The Argument For Mom Jeans

Benefits that make mom jeans worth buying: 

  • A high waist supports the tummy and creates a more streamlined silhouette.
  • The cut makes the most of curves and emphasizes a slender waist. 
  • This style pairs perfectly with trendy crop tops and bodysuits.
  • The straight leg flatters all frames, from tall to petite.
  • The high waist gives these jeans a dressy look.

The Argument For Boyfriend Jeans

Why boyfriend jeans are a style staple:

  • These are one of the most comfortable jeans around.
  • The relaxed cut makes these jeans easy to move in. 
  • This is the ultimate style for an effortless look.   
  • There are variations to suit all body types.
  • The loose fit balances broad shoulders.

What Are The Downsides?

One should keep a few cons in mind before filling one’s closet with mom and boyfriend jeans. 

The Problem with Mom Jeans

Beware of the following downsides of mom jeans:

  • The long pockets and high waist can make one’s bottom look longer and flatter (not ideal if the goal is a shapely-looking rear). 
  • The high waist can make mom jeans uncomfortable to sit in for long periods (especially if the fabric is stiff). 

The Problem with Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans also have disadvantages:

  • Oversized cuts can swamp petite frames.
  • Pairing boyfriend jeans with other baggy clothing can create a messy look. 

Styling Tips

The way mom and boyfriend jeans are styled influences the jeans’ overall look. Here are ideas for what to wear with these jeans for well-put-together outfits. 

Styling Tips For Mom Jeans 

Mom jeans pair nicely with tucked-in tops, from billowy blouses to knitwear and skin-tight T-shirts. Another classic look is a crisp white shirt tucked into mom jeans with a leather belt added for extra style points and a waist-cinching effect. Crop tops or jumpers are on-trend partners for mom jeans. 

Styling Tips For Boyfriend Jeans

Mix masculine and feminine elements by wearing boyfriend jeans with pretty pumps and a girly top. Wearing a fitted top with baggy jeans creates another winning look. Create a dressier outfit by pairing boyfriend jeans with a smart blazer and heels. 

A Side-By-Side Comparison 

Here’s a direct comparison to clearly show how mom and boyfriend jeans measure up against each other:

  Mom Jeans   Boyfriend Jeans 
Key Features High-rise. 
Long back pockets.
Straight leg which tapers at ankles. 
Long zip.  
 Mid- to low-rise.
Looks oversized.
Baggy leg.
Low crotch. 
Top Pro The cut accentuates a slender waist. This style is just so comfortable and easy to move in.  
Top Con The high waist and long pockets can make one’s bottom appear longer and flatter. Oversized cuts can be unflattering on petite frames. 
Best Body Match   Shapes with defined waists.Athletic shapes.
Best Styling Tip  Pair with crop tops or tucked-in shirts and belts. Pair with feminine blouses or dressy blazers and heels. 

So Which Should I Choose?!

Mom jeans close-up

Mom jeans and boyfriend jeans are comfortable styles that can be dressed up or down and come in variations to flatter all body types. 

If a higher waist and more structured shape are preferred, high-rise mom jeans with their tapered leg are the best pick; however, if complete comfort and carefree style are the goals, mid-to low-rise, slouchy boyfriend jeans with their baggy leg win.

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