14 Best Bikini Sewing Patterns For Women

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Finding the perfect bikini for summer isn’t always a breeze, if the fit is good, the color is just not you. If you absolutely adore the color, the style of the bikini or the size will be wrong. You just can’t seem to find a way to win!

The only redeemable thing is that store-bought bikinis can be bought as separates today so if the top fits but the bottom doesn’t it isn’t exactly the end of the world. 

It can still be one hell of a challenge to find top and bottom bikini halves in the right size for you though, that’s where we come in! We’ve compiled together a list of some of the best bikini sewing patterns for women available on the market so you can make your own! 

Sewing patterns can be a fabulous way to find the perfect fitting bikini for you! All you have to do is either make it yourself or find someone who can. You may have a family member who is a top tear sewing technician and could do you a small favor of making one for you.

Or you could be a sewing expert looking for the best patterns out there for bikinis.

Either way, we’ve got 14 of the best bikini sewing patterns for women that are miles better than any store-bought mix-matched pieces. 

14 Best Bikini Sewing Patterns For Women

High Waist Collective Bikini Sewing Pattern Women Size XS To XXXL | Etsy

There’s nothing better than a high-waisted funky bathing suit is there? This High cut bikini sewing batten is a universal fitting pattern and can fit and compliment any body type well because of this. When searching for bikinis, body type plays a huge part in the overall fit and look. So, you want something that is going to make you feel 100% comfortable and happy. That’s where this pattern is beautiful because most body types can enjoy this fit. 

It includes sizes XS to 3XL so you can rest assured that there is a pattern size in this pattern that will fit you as nothing else has before! It will be as if it was made for you. Which it will be!

Colorblock Zip Swimsuit Mix & Match Pattern – Ellie and Mac

Colorblock Zip Swimsuit Mix & Match Pattern

This pattern can be made in limitless ways and features mix and match pieces to suit your body and comfort preferences. It also comes with tutorials to teach you how to make each piece to perfection from the comfort of your own home. The tutorials make it easy for a beginner to follow along as they will have something visual to go by! There are several styles within this pattern pdf pack so you can find the one to suit you best. Your comfort is a high priority, so don’t hold back and get as creative as you can, this pattern has got your back!

Bikini Top Sewing Pattern PDF Women’s Triangle Bikini Top | Etsy

Bikini Top Sewing Pattern PDF- Women's Triangle Bikini Top

This bikini pattern is such a cute pattern to follow! If you’re looking for something with a bit more cheeky excitement then follow this pattern through the instructions to create a triangle bikini top with the most adorable frills, and a matching bottom set. This pattern is fantastic for the athletic body types out there, however, is complementary to anyone. So, get stuck into this pdf pattern and make as many homemade stylized bikinis as you want. Or if the bikini you’re making is a favor for a friend or family member, why not try mixing up the color schemes a bit to gift them something truly unique to them only. And it will be an original piece made by you, the designer!

Swimsuit PDF Sewing Pattern First Crush Swimsuit Swim Pattern | Etsy

Swimsuit PDF Sewing Pattern First Crush Swimsuit Swim Pattern

The crossover bikini swimsuit style may be the most diverse pattern out there, it’s a pattern that enables you to have full creative freedom to use whatever fabrics and sewing techniques you want. It creates a bikini top that allows full coverage around the bust area whilst being comfortable and making you feel amazing and confident. Sometimes not all bikini patterns can provide this so we’ve made sure that this one is a show stopper that you will never regret taking the time to make. 

EdgewaterAve | Etsy


This particular seller has an array of different styles and patterns available for you to get stuck into. Their patterns are inclusive to all sizes and you can feel free to mix and match their pattern pdfs to achieve the perfect bikini for you this summer! Our favorites are the reversible bikini bottoms that allow for a bit more creativity to be applied to the overall bikini set. You can choose a mellow, minimalistic color for one side, and then go wild with a fantastic pattern for the other side! 

Two-Piece Swim Set Sewing Pattern – Rebecca Page (rebecca-page.com)

Two-Piece Swim Set Sewing Pattern

Have you always wanted a flattering two-piece swimsuit of your color choice that fits impeccably well? Well, this two-piece features a square neck with spaghetti style straps, a high back, two length options, underbust elastic, and an optional decorative front zip to be as playful as you like. And the best part about this pattern is that the bottoms offer full bum coverage for maximum comfort and confidence. 

Paradise Swimsuit – Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop (peekaboopatternshop.com)

Paradise Swimsuit

We just love this layered bikini pattern that will brighten up your summer. One option for this pattern is a bow front to spice up the design. The one-piece also can be made with or without the ruched front, which is amazing for those detail orientated individuals out there. The great thing about patterns is that you can decide what details you include or don’t include and because you have complete creative freedom, it’s truly individual to your preferences and style only. 

Waterfall Swimsuit Mix & Match Pattern (adult’s) – Ellie and Mac

Waterfall Swimsuit Mix & Match Pattern

We fell in love with this ruffle-designed swimsuit pattern and we’re certain you will too! The sweetheart ruffles add a touch of femininity to any bikini pattern and can be stylized up to suit your preferences and personality. Try using opposite colors for the bikini and the ruffles to add a bit of playfulness to the overall bikini look, or if you’re more of a minimalist person, try subtle fabric color changes to switch up the design but keep it simple overall. 

Reversible Bikini Top Sewing Pattern PDF Women’s Swimsuit | Etsy

Reversible Bikini Top Sewing Pattern

Something about this pattern just pleases us and we’re sure it will be a delight for you to make too! It’s lined and has the sweetest bow in the front knot of the bikini top that makes your heart melt. It’s also a simple detail design that adds something special to your bikini, sometimes details can be over the top and overwhelming which we understand. So, this bikini enables you to be playful with the making of the top, whilst keeping things easy and simple in appearance and comfort. 

St Tropez Women Bikini PDF Sewing Pattern Including Sizes 0 | Etsy

St Tropez Women Bikini

The possibilities are endless with this bikini pattern as you can imagine any fabric in the world working well with it. We personally recommend using something with wild and funky patterns because well, you’re at the beach or swimming pool! You may as well go bananas and go all out with the fun elements of your swimming costume. We also love the racer-style back that provides extra support for the big-chested girls out there. Or if you’ve got some ongoing back pain, this bikini pattern is fantastic for added support on the spine and shoulder blades. 

Easy Separates Bandeau Bikini Top Sewing Pattern PDF Bikini | Etsy

Easy Separates Bandeau Bikini Top

The unique thing about swimsuits and bikinis is that there are limitless design possibilities, there are so many different bikini styles that will suit every body type and height out there. The bandeau is becoming an ongoing trend recently in bikini styles and has made a comeback! Why not try it for yourself with this easy separates bikini top sewing pattern and be amazed by the support it gives. Bandeau’s don’t look like they offer much support but you’d be surprised.

Ladies Bikini Sewing Pattern – Bondi – Rebecca Page (rebecca-page.com)

Ladies Bikini Sewing Pattern

Halter neck bikinis can be so flattering on the body and we love this ladies’ bikini sewing pattern that incorporates a diamond shaped cut out at the front with a sweet bow detailing to suit any style out there. Halter necks can be so stylish and fun to make and can be made to be adjustable so anybody and chest shape can fit well into this bikini style. Also, they make great gifts for friends and family for the summer months so why not make a handmade gift this year for your loved ones. 

Swimsuit Pattern, Bikini Pattern, Bikini Top Pattern, Bathing | Etsy

Swimsuit Pattern Bikini Pattern

This pattern maintains a simple design whilst adding simple detailing that can be customized to your style preferences. The cheeky side slit cutouts on the bikini bottoms are so playful and we love the overall fit on the model! This can be yours so easily with a bit of time and effort from using this fantastic pattern, the results are worth the effort as you get a long-lasting swimsuit that has been made entirely by you alone!

DIY Micro Triangle Bikini Top PDF Bikini Sewing Patterns | Etsy

The good thing about micro triangle bikini tops is that because they’re tied around tops, they allow for extra customization to the design. They generally will fit any body type and size well because of this and you can make the pattern pieces bigger for your own preferences easily because of the shape of the triangle top pieces. 

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