10 Best Sewing Blogs For Inspiration

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Sometimes it takes a while for inspiration to strike — and that’s where browsing the best sewing blogs can fuel your next idea.

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If you’re passionate about sewing you’ll know how exciting it is to discover a new resource that inspires fresh ideas for new projects. Blogs about sewing, like the best sewing books, are a fun and exciting way to interact and exchange ideas, hints and tips with other avid sewers — and there are some seriously inspiring people to discover.

We’ve picked out our top sewing blogs — the ones that educate and entertain us, ultimately making us better sewers.

Hopefully you’ll find something here you’ll love as much as we do…

The 10 Best Sewing Blogs

Miss Maddy Sews

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Love that 50s look? You’ll be sure to enjoy Miss Maddy Sews — a blog dedicated to vintage and retro sewing and fashion.

Based in Australia, Miss Maddy herself is a enthusiastic young amateur couturier who oozes classic style inspired by the golden eras of the 20s right through to the 60s. Since she was a small child, she has been sewing and crafting, and her blog brings the benefit of her experience and creativity to you at home.

She particularly loves lingerie, and there are some great tutorials on beautiful bra making on the blog, but there are also plenty of fashion posts detailing her experiences with different patterns, fabrics and sewing techniques.

Miss Maddy Sews features a helpful resources page brimming with links to downloadable patterns, recommended books and online supplies.

Diary of a Chainstitcher

chainstitch sewing blog

Having worked as a buyer in the colorful world of costume for theatre and events in London, blogger Fiona decided to give sewing a whirl herself as a hobby. She created her blog to track her projects, ideas and progress, and it quickly became a success.

Her clear, well structured blog features ongoing and completed fashion sewing projects, complete with photos and details of the fabrics, pattern cutting and sewing techniques for each one.

There is also a comprehensive list of independent sewing pattern designers to inspire you with unusual new dressmaking projects.


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Looking for a site dedicated to helping curvy women sew and feel fabulous? You’ve struck gold with Cashmerette. Blogger Jenny became obsessed with sewing at age 30, when she realized that sewing her own clothes meant she could adapt and create designs to really flatter her figure, and she created her blog to share her experiences and discoveries with other women like her.

The site features some excellent tutorials on stitching and pattern adaptation, plus a selection of sewing patterns. It’s also an excellent gateway to an online community of curvy sewers.

Gertie’s Blog For Better Sewing

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Nowhere screams ‘style’ more than New York, and New York based blogger Gertie is a hip sewing enthusiast with a love of all things retro. Her site is bursting with step by step tutorials, tips and fun inspiration and photos to help you get that retro look yourself, plus lots of lively discussion about sewing.

Popular posts include a full gathered skirt tutorial, a guide to using the overlock stitch on your sewing machine and dealing with pattern ease.


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Maddie Flanigan is a successful Philadelphia based freelance lingerie designer, stylist and sewing teacher. She owns her own studios and has worked with some famous name stores, including Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.

Her beautiful blog, Madalynne, is both educational and inspirational, complete with comprehensive online lessons and tutorials on sewing underwear and pattern making.

Posts cover other topic as well, such as reviews, interviews, giveaways and styling tips. There is also an online shop selling everything you need to make your own stunning lingerie.

Idle Fancy

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Mary Danielson Perry is a writer, women’s health specialist, and also co-founder of the The Curvy Sewing Collective — a group of sewing bloggers who support body diversity and acceptance in the home sewing movement.

Her blog, Idle Fancy, is a great resource for fitting tutorials, dress patterns and sewing chat for curvy girls.

There are some great tutorials, including how to add a full bust adjustment and the secret of sewing perfect collars, plus a whole host of inspirational and pretty plus size dress patterns.

What Katie Sews

best fashion sewing blogs

The idea behind What Katie Sews next is to help people to see that making a simple wardrobe of handmade clothes for everyday is achievable, affordable and fun. Londoner Katie uses her blog to chronicle her projects and share her know-how with other sewers.

For each completed project there is a breakdown of how it was sewn, and the blog also features a great tips section including topics such as how to save time on fitting, plus which steps and techniques really are worth spending time on to get a good finish, and which ones you can skip over without compromising the end result.

Did You Make That?

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One of the top sewing blogs in the UK, Did You Make That? is a place for debate and conversation on all things sewing and knitting.

Karen shares her projects and ideas with her blog followers, as well as her blog posts for the highly reputed Guardian newspaper in London.

There are some fantastic tips here, including how to make your own jeans, how to sew a really good pleat, and sewing summer dresses.

The blog also features some interesting interviews with sewing professionals, and articles like ‘Can sewing change your body image?’ which encourage interesting exchanges with other sewers.

Diary of a Sewing Fanatic

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Another lifelong sewer, Carolyn invites you to follow her sewing journey with her Sewing Fanatic blog.

Her love of fashion, fabric and dressmaking shines through in the detailed posts packed with patterns, sewing hacks, how to sew with a variety of different speciality fabrics, plus special suggestions for style and sewing clothes for the curvier body shape.

Diary of a Sewing Fanatic has a large and loyal following who love to use her sewing blog as a place to enthusiastically exchange ideas and information, and there’s a real sense of community.

Frabjous Couture

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Focused on couture sewing and embroidery, Couture Schmiede (and the new partner blog, Couture Squared) explores the fascinating world of couture. Author Marina is an active and passionate sewer who loves to interact with the online sewing community.

Her blog brings a whole host of techniques, tips and tutorials to the table to enable you to sew garments inspired by haute couture designers like Hermes and Chanel.

The site features an excellent list of online resources for couture sewing and reviews on helpful sewing gear. This is a super site for ambitious or experienced sewers.

Which do you think are the best sewing blogs?

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