25+ Free Embroidery Machine Fonts to Download Now

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Free embroidery machine fonts are brilliant as they save you money and allow you to expand your font collection. However, finding free ones can be challenging as the market is oversaturated with pricey typefaces that don’t always live up the hype.

If you’re not a fan of the built-in fonts that come with your sewing or embroidery machine and don’t have design software, you may be looking for new fonts to grow your collection.

You’re not alone!

We’ve put together a comprehensive list to help you find the best of the free fonts for embroidery machines.

If you’re new to embroidery fonts, you may not know about the different file formats and how they’ll affect you. If you don’t, we’ve written a handy Beginner’s Guide, which will explain the difference between these otherwise confusing systems.

Or you can skip straight to our pick of the best free embroidery machine fonts below!

A Guide to Embroidery Machine Fonts

Best free embroidery machine fonts

ESA Fonts .BX Fonts And File Formats

Some downloadable fonts include a .esa or .bx file, whereas others only have machine file formats such as .art, .pes, or .jef. This can easily leave any beginner confused about what this technical language means!

.bx fonts allow you to add letters together using free Embrilliance software and your device’s keyboard. Then, you’re able to save the whole design in a file format that belongs to your machine, e.g., .jef, .pes. This is super useful!

.esa fonts are ideal for using on paid software such as Wilcom or Hatch. This software also saves the letters as one word in your machine’s file format. 

The alternative is using individual letter files to transfer to your embroidery machine. However, this means that you would have to import each letter every time you want to make it to create a word. So, this method is a lot more time-consuming than using software that processes the words you type on your keyboard.

25+ Free Embroidery Machine Fonts To Download Now

Five Star Fonts Free Fonts For Embroidery Machines 

This website is a brilliant place to browse free embroidery fonts, as it has so many great quality ones. The following fonts come in your machine’s file format and .bx formats, which gives you super versatile designs. 

#1 The Free Applique Font

This letter font has a fun character! Although each letter’s style is playful, the designer has created slightly wonky letters, which would give your embroidery a laid-back look. This means it’s brilliant for personalized baby clothes, blankets, or muslins. 

So, you could create adorable gifts for any new little one that comes into your life. In addition, the font has two outline options, so you can go for a thicker or thinner look, depending on your mood.

#2 The Freaky Embroidery Font 

This funky font has an art nouveau style, making it ideal for putting on Halloween or fancy dress items. The curling letters have sharp edges that appear like old-fashioned handwriting. 

This would look beautiful embroidered outside beautiful Halloween party bags, giving kids a spooky yet appropriate present. This is a particular font that we believe will cause your friends and family to compliment you. 

#3 The Fun N Funky Font

This capital letter font is about 3.85” tall, with an animated fairy tale quality. This makes it ideal to personalize any little fairy’s bags or add quirkiness to your designs. The funky font has a party feel, with wonky and imprecise features. 

So, if you want to bring grooviness into your sewing projects, this one is ideal for you. It’s so fun that it almost seems to be dancing in a disco! 

#4 Teachers Pet Font

As the name suggests, this font has a neat school-age handwriting quality that would suit being on any child’s rucksack. So we can imagine this would be perfect for personalizing a school backpack or P.E. kit bag, especially if other children have the same style of bag.

With this font, you can make picking your child up from school a lot quicker and easier. There is no need to hunt around in a pile of rucksacks for your little ones’ bag. In addition, the font comes in sizes from .55” to 1.20”, which allows you to make the font even easier to see or as discreet as you want.

This is a capital letter font, giving you a great chance to easily read it from far away. The playful vibe adds to its child-friendliness, too!

#5 The Stacked Embroidery Font

This font only comes in lowercase letters. However, this would be ideal if you bring a laid-back text messaging look to your embroidery. On the other hand, if you want capital letters, why not team up this font with another that consists of just capital letters? You can mix and match designs to suit different occasions and personalities using this method. 

#6 The Racing Numbers Free Font

Even though it’s not strictly a font, the design of the racing numbers would help personalize any car fanatic’s fabric. Additionally, this font is slightly traditional, including the numbers 0-9, which lets you quickly create the combination you desire. 

It’s handy to have numbers in your font collection as many free fonts only include alphabet letters. In addition, this font consists of a shadow, bringing dimension to any fabric you want. This would add texture to your designs if you feel that the material looks too flat. 

Baby Kay’s Appliques 

#1 The Fat Dot Font 

Each letter in this font has a dot at the end of the lines, which would give your fabric projects playfulness. The dots are reminiscent of school-age children trying to make their notes more adorable. It would also make a great font for any learning tools in a classroom!

#2 The Wild West Font 

As the name suggests, this font takes inspiration from the wild west. It has a traditional design with charming decorative features that slightly stick out from smooth lines. In addition, the shadow adds a historical element to the font, lending itself to be used in equestrian personalizations. 

We believe this would be a brilliant font for you to use for a wild west party, ranch decorations, or for a horse’s coat. In addition, the pony-friendly design would allow you to keep track of which blanket fits which animal, so you don’t waste time and get muddled up!

Bunnycup Embroidery Free Fonts

These fonts are brilliant for putting on baby gifts, making special first items that families can treasure for years to come. These keep-sake-worthy fonts are super child-friendly and brilliant alongside fabric appliques.

#1 The Countryside Alphabet Font 

This fun one has capital letters, lower case numbers, and 2 extra characters. The font is about .9 inches tall, ideal for fun baby clothes. We can imagine this would make an adorable addition to two baby outfits to tell identical twins apart for confused friends and family members.

#2 The Cheri Alphabet Font 

This is ideal for embroidering a name on a baby blanket, making a fun activity for crafty pregnant people. In addition, this font is chunky, which creates a brilliantly textured surface for little ones to develop their sensory skills. 

The letters have a slightly wonky style, giving it a quirky charm, so you can embroider monograms that don’t appear boring to children.

#3 The Free Flores Alphabet 

This is a super cute hippie-Esque font that includes adorable flowers in it. The block font would make a lovely way to create memorable fabric signs for a bohemian wedding, festival, or baby shower. 

If you’re making an environmentally friendly banner, this font will bring natural style to any statement. It comes in one size with numbers and capital letters, with rectangular blocks framing these characters. The flowers help shape the letters, and we believe they will delight any nature-lover that comes a lot from it.

GG Designs Embroidery 

#1 Free Scary Font

If you’re searching for a spooktacular font with a retro style, this one is perfect for you. The slashing-style letters have wobbly and jagged edges as though they’ve been carved by a werewolf’s claw!  

It only comes in uppercase letters, which is perfect if you want embroidery with that scary screaming appearance. This would be brilliant for Halloween parties for the young and old. This is a fill-stitch font, so you can customize the colors, going for a gory red or black tone.

In addition, it comes in three sizes: 2 inches, 1.5 inches, and 1 inch, so you can alter the design to suit the fabric you’re putting it onto. There are even numbers included! Finally, this font can be downloaded in .bx or other standard embroidery file formats for easy access.

Oma’s Place Free Embroidery Fonts

#1 The Kids Applique Alphabet 

This font contains capital letters but no lowercase or numbers. All the characters are one size, which means it’s ideal for putting on educational blankets and fabric as kids can learn their letters with it. 

The letters are outlined to easily integrate them into the fabric, making them a seamless part of the design. This also means that you can simply match the colors to existing material or use the recipient’s favorite tones for a more personalized touch.

#2 Anna free BX font

This cute and curly font would be a brilliant fit for any princess-loving child! The swirly design means it’s beautiful. We can see this working well in a super pink bedroom on a personalized blanket. Child royalty would appreciate the elegance of this font! 

There are lowercase and uppercase letters, which means it would be great to put a child’s name on a lunchbox, sports kit bag, or dressing gown. This font would create an excellent addition to any gift, whether for Christmas or a birthday. 

Kreative Kiwi Embroidery 

#1 Free Redwork Baby Alphabet

Free Redwork Baby Alphabet

This fun font is super decorative, intertwining the letters with little illustrations that are very child-friendly. The letters have adorable scenes built into them, such as little babies hugging them, fluffy bunnies, a toy horse, and even pacifiers. 

These charming illustrations would make a great first blanket gift that doubles up as an alphabet educational toy. We adore the little ribbons, balloons, and baby characters woven into these letters. 

#2 Running Stitch Alphabet

Running Stitch Alphabet

This is a minimalist, handwritten-style and straightforward font. This downloadable pack comes with both lower and uppercase letters, giving you opportunities for embroidering aplenty! The letters are about 20mm tall, forming thin and elegant characters. 

The running stitch design provides a simple quality that may suit you if illustrative fonts are too flashy.

My Sew Cute Boutique 

#1 Cute Classic Free Font

Cute Classic Free Font

This font includes lowercase and uppercase letters in classic calligraphy. The brush script style would bring timelessness to any fabric you apply it to. And, it comes in an impressive 6 sizes, which range from 1 inch to 6 inches tall.

We can imagine a similar font being used on letterheads in times gone by! This would make an elegant font for monogramming a fancy bathrobe for a chic person. The flowing letters give it a charming fluidity that would suit a classic Christmas-style stocking. In addition, this would be a lovely way to distinguish which socks belong to who! 

Our Verdict on Free Embroidery Fonts

And there you have it, we’ve given you a list of the most gorgeous fonts we could find. There truly is something to suit every embroiderer!

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, you can try this list of the best free embroidery machine designs instead.

We love the versatile children’s fonts, which are sure to add magic to any party, Halloween or otherwise! The princessy, curly fonts are likely to make fantastical dreams come true, and the illustrative baby letters will bring smiles to expecting family members.

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