4 Best Sewing Machines for Monogramming

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If you want to quickly monogram clothing, blankets, towels, or any other fabric, you’ll need a particular embroidery sewing machine.

Using a monogram sewing machine is far easier and less time-consuming than embroidering characters by hand. The needle and thread method is more labor-intensive than whizzing stitches up on a device!

However, sewing machines that monogram are usually a big purchase, often expensive. So, if you get the wrong one, you’ll waste your money and cause yourself a lot of heartache.

4 Best Sewing Machines for Monogramming Everything

To save you from painfully finding out that your new sewing machine doesn’t monogram well, we’ve put together this guide.

We’ve included various products that will suit different needs, discussing their pros and cons to help you decide.

We’ve put our buyer’s guide next to help you figure out which different machines are helpful for you.

This is so that if you’re a newbie to sewing, you can understand us when we’re talking about the features in the products. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Buyer’s Guide

What Is A Monogram?

A monogram is a group of two or more characters/letters, which make up a symbol or design. Typically, monograms represent someone’s initials and therefore are made of three letters.

These designs often personalize belongings, adding a neat and unique twist to any item.

Monograms are often graphically designed to distort the letters to form recognizable shapes. The font can be changed to suit the person’s personality.

For example, curly cursive letters are great for representing a more traditional person, as they often resemble old-school calligraphy.

What Is A Monogramming Sewing Machine?

There are three different types of sewing machines that monogram, which affect how your design will materialize.

Computerized Sewing Machines

Firstly, there are sewing machines that have programmed monogramming fonts. These computerized machines usually have a complete collection of sewing stitches and an additional few fonts included.

As a result, automated sewing machines can create monograms with equal-sized letters.

Despite being computerized, these sewing machines aren’t computerized embroidery machines.

This means that even though you can create patterns using the product, you can’t import monograms or fonts from your computer.

Sewing And Embroidery Machine

This machine will allow you to design personalized monograms to create different-sized letters. These are usually more expensive than the sewing machines without these design elements.

However, they’re brilliant at providing you with more creative control, variety, and functionality.

Many of these machines can import monogram designs, or you can experiment using their pre-programmed fonts.

Embroidery-only Machine

These don’t have sewing capabilities, but they can monogram onto fabric.

Free-motion Monogramming

If you’re searching for a product that will let you sew monograms using free-motion, you can do this with a sewing machine.

However, this requires a certain level of skill, so it’s best to check out a tutorial before attempting it for the first time.

You don’t need a particular sewing machine type to create free-motion monogramming. Just figure out the correct settings, put the foot down, and away you go!

8 Best Sewing Machines For Monogramming Everything

We’ve split the following reviews into two categories to help you choose which monogram sewing machine you want.

These are the best monogramming sewing machines that aren’t embroidering products and embroidery machines that monogram.

Best Monogramming Sewing Machines that Aren’t Embroidery Machines

So, these have in-built monogramming fonts and stitches, but you can’t import different designs or fonts. If this isn’t for you, keep scrolling to the monogramming embroidery machines section.

#1 SINGER Quantum Stylist 9960 Computerized Portable Sewing Machine With 600-Stitches

SINGER | 9960 Sewing & Quilting Machine With Accessory Kit, Extension Table - 1,172 Stitch Applications & Electronic Auto Pilot Mode
  • Monogramming fonts: 5
  • In-built stitches: 600
  • Feet: 18
  • Design import ability: None

If you’re looking for a modern sewing machine that comes with five alphanumeric stitch fonts, the Singer Quantum Stylist is for you.

These aren’t the only stitches available; the device comes with a whopping 600! This means you can monogram your heart’s content on different fabric types.

This generous sewing machine can help creators make clothes, applique, craft, quilt, free-motion designs, and loads more.

Unfortunately, you have only got 5 monogramming fonts because you can’t link the machine up with your computer, which affects the sizes and ability to edit designs.

However, you can easily sew with any in-built decorate stitches and create free-motion forms. In addition, it comes with super fun features, including a built-in needle threader.

This threading mechanism means that you don’t have to struggle with eye strain or fiddly thread from spool to needle.

There’s also a one-touch selection feature that allows you to choose your stitch on a computerized screen.

There’s a wide table included for supporting fabric on large products, taking away your struggle with maneuvering big projects.

In addition, there’s a thread trimmer button, which helps you out when you want to release your monogrammed fabric.

The astounding 18 presser feet include a clear piping foot, zipper foot, walking foot, overcasting foot, braiding foot, a stitch in the ditch foot, and even a button foot.  

Personal Experience of the Product

We tested this versatile machine, finding its impressively good value for money, able to assist you on projects other than monogramming.

We love that the self-threading feature stops frustration from building when we want to start sewing. In addition, the sheer number of stitches available to us on this machine was helpful, as we could let our creativity run wild.


  • 600 pre-programmed stitches – Allowing you to embroider in so many different styles. This variety is ideal for monogramming, as you can easily free-motion stitch with this machine.
  • Automatic needle threading – It takes away your annoyance and eye strain that rears its ugly head when it’s time to manually thread a needle.
  • 18 different presser feet – Letting you do anything from applying zippers, buttons, creating piping, monogramming, and overcasting, all on one machine!
  • 5 monogramming fonts – Providing you variety for experimenting with monogramming designs, so you can achieve the look you want.
  • Wide table addition – Meaning you can work with large fabric without having to awkwardly scrunch it up. This wide table takes the weight off you to quickly sew with the machine.


  • No import capability – So, if you want to create a more personalized monogramming design, you won’t be able to transfer a digital version from your computer into the machine.

#2 Brother XR9550prw Project Runway Sewing Machine

Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, XR9550PRW, Project Runway, 165 Built-in Stitches, LCD Display, Wide Table, 8 Included Sewing Feet
  • Monogramming fonts: 1
  • In-built stitches: 110 (plus 55 alphabet ones)
  • Feet: 8
  • Design import ability: None

The Brother XR9550prw machine is one of the best Project Runway sewing machines, sharing many similarities with the Brother HC1850 product.

The 110 stitches allow you to experiment with your sewing designs and create unique monograms.

There’s a detachable wide table for helping you handle more significant fabric projects. This machine is handy for adding small letters to the fabric.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work so well for larger monograms as it doesn’t have the in-built capacity.

However, if you want to produce free-motion monograms, it will let you do this.

So, it’s ideal for those who aren’t looking for sewing machine perfection. Unless you are a professional, the characters will have homemade charm.

This machine comes with a hard case, allowing you to protect it from any knocks and bumps it may encounter.

In addition, the accessory pouch has ample extra including a ballpoint needle, twin needle, 4 bobbins, extra spool pin, 3 spool caps, seam ripper, eyelet punch, screwdriver, and cleaning brush. Wow!

The accessories combined with the other brilliant features make it an outstanding value for money. You really can open up your sewing and monogramming horizons using this machine.

There’s even an instructional DVD and operational manual to guide you through the sewing machine’s capabilities.

Personal Experience of the Product

We took this sewing machine for a spin and found it a brilliant device for beginner sewers. The instructional DVD and operational manual would teach newbies the basics.

In addition, the impressive 110 stitch capability blew us away; there are so many options for embroidering with this product.

We love that the accessory pouch has handy extras aplenty, so you wouldn’t have to panic if you accidentally lose minor parts.

We adore that the extra bobbins included would mean that someone wouldn’t sit down and find they can’t start sewing because they’re missing this vital piece.


  • Accessory pouch – Providing you with so many handy parts and extras to make the monogramming experience run smoothly, even if you lose something!
  • 110 stitches and bonus 55 alphabet ones – Allowing you to monogram easily, whether you decide to free-motion or prefer to let the sewing machine create letters.
  • Instructional DVD and operational manual – Meaning even newbies can quickly get to grips with the sewing machine’s features. This machine is super accessible for beginners!
  • 1 Monogramming font – Allowing you to monogram onto clothes, bags, towels, and other personal items.
  • Detachable wide table – Letting you maneuver large fabric projects without feeling weighed down or frustrated.


  • Only 1 monogramming font – This is fine if you’re a beginner and not particularly fussy about the monogram’s design. However, if you want to make the monogram more personal, it’s best to buy a machine that imports fonts.

Best Embroidery Machines For Monogramming That Also Sew

Again, combination sewing and embroidery machines can import any monogram, font, or design that you can create. These are computerized, allowing you to find unique fonts online and transfer them to the fabric.

In addition, these machines have pre-programmed fonts ideal for monogramming. So you can buy pre-created monograms or fonts online easily.

Embroidery software will let you design your own stamps or fonts and import them into these combination machines.

#1 EverSewn Sparrow X Sewing And Embroidery Machine for 4.75”x7.”

EverSewn Sparrow X Next-Generation Sewing and Embroidery Machine-Customize Designs and Monitor Projects from Your Smart Device, White
  • Maximum embroidery area: 4.75”x7”
  • Number of monogramming fonts built-in: None
  • Stitches built-in: 120
  • Embroidery designs available: 100
  • Feet: 8
  • Design import style: Using WiFi

This sewing machine is unique because you don’t need to import fonts and monograms using a USB. This means that you can simply use WiFi to bring designs across.

The EverSewn Pro app is free to download and will allow you to link your device to the sewing machine.

This will enable you to edit your designs on your computer, tablet, or phone and control how they’re embroidered from these devices. So you don’t even have to be by the machine to check in with how it’s doing!

If you don’t know much about embroidery, it takes a while for the machine to monogram a design. Most devices will produce a single-color 4”x4” monogram in about 4-5 minutes.

If you’re working on a larger project that uses more than 6 threads, this will take a while.

On a machine that doesn’t allow you to operate it from another room, you would have to monitor the embroidery progress. Then, you have to help it change threads.

However, with the Eversewn Sparrow X Sewing and Embroidery Machine, you can busy yourself doing another activity. The machine will alert you when it’s time to change threads remotely.

In addition, the machine processes the popular embroidery file-formats including .xxx, .dst, and .pes. This means that you won’t have to constantly convert files to transfer your designs to the machine.

Personal Experience of the Product

We tested this machine and are particularly impressed that you can watch TV in another room while it monograms. In addition, the WiFi operating system is easy to use, which lets us save time during the sewing process.

The machine was good at alerting us when we needed to change the threads. So, we didn’t have to sit next to it and watch its progress.

We loved that there were 120 stitches, allowing us to make free-motion embroidery for more homemade-looking monograms.


  • WiFi design import – Letting you operate the embroidery from another room, which is a brilliant time-saving feature.
  • 120 stitches – Allowing you to experiment with your sewing projects. This saves you money because you wouldn’t have to buy an additional machine that does more intricate embroidery.
  • Processes standard embroidery file formats – Meaning you won’t find yourself feeling frustrated at having to convert file types when you want to import designs.
  • Free EverSewn app – Allowing you to easily design and alter your monogram designs on your existing designs. You won’t have to spend loads on embroidery software!
  • 8 presser feet – Providing you with the opportunity to do different sewing techniques easily, without fiddling manually with a needle and thread.


  • No built-in monogramming fonts – If you don’t want to easily import the monogramming designs you’ve created to the machine, this product isn’t for you.

#2 Brother SE600 Sewing And Embroidery Machine 

Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine
  • Maximum embroidery area: 4” X4”
  • Number of built-in monogramming fonts: 6 English and 3 Japanese
  • Stitches built-in: 103
  • Embroidery designs available: 80
  • Feet: 7
  • Design import style: USB

The Brother SE600 is a super affordable small machine, which combines sewing and embroidery functions. It has a 4”x4” area for embroidery, ideal for compact monogramming designs.

However, if you want to create more significant designs, it works when they’re split into two or more pieces, which will make up the more oversized monogram.

Making large designs and splitting them up is possible with embroidery software that will work with this machine.

In addition, the USB design import style lets you embroider any monogram you find on the internet or have created yourself digitally.

The 6 English pre-programmed fonts allow you to form small, medium, or large designs. This means you can intricately produce attractive monograms by combining 2 small letters and one large.

This embroidery and sewing machine has built-in borders and frames that you can use to put around your monogram. This is ideal for people who want a more elaborate design and are looking for a machine to produce super creative monograms.

Personal Experience of the Product

We tried out this embroidery machine and found it super easy to use, making it ideal for beginners. Furthermore, you can genuinely embroider anything you want with it, which means it’s brilliant value for money!

The pre-programmed fonts create stylish designs that look great on any towel, bag, or apron. We believe this machine will help you make personalized and chic designs for family and friends.

It’s ideal for producing meaningful presents, including stocking fillers.


  • 6 English built-in fonts – Allowing you to personalize your monogram designs to suit the recipient’s personality.
  • 103 stitches pre-programmed – Allowing you to make full use of the machine for other purposes when you’re not monogramming. This means it’s excellent value for money.
  • USB transfer feature – Providing you with an easy way to transfer patterns and designs from your existing devices. You can simply download embroidery designs from your computer or create your own, and this machine will bring them to life.
  • 7 feet – Giving you the versatility to create sewing patterns and functional stitches other than monograms.
  • 80 available embroidery designs – Letting you produce beautiful artwork in thread and fabric. These in-built stitch variations make the machine brilliant value for money.


  • No WiFi transfer system – So, if you don’t want to use the USB connection, this machine is not particularly ideal for you. However, the USB system is still relatively easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Embroidery And Monogramming?

Embroidery creates intricate designs, which can be much larger than most monograms. Monograms typically consist of small patterns or letter combinations.

These designs are usually made for logos or decoratively showcasing someone’s initials.

Monograms are great ways to personalize fabric and can be put onto towels, pajamas, quilts, and just about anything fabric.

Many people believe that these monograms make brilliant gifts, as the personalized element brings an exceptional quality.

Some people may think that monogramming doesn’t provide as much creative license as embroidery. This is because embroidery is less controlled and not contained to represent a logo or someone’s initials.

However, fonts can be altered and jazzed up to make funky monograms.

Can You Monogram With A Regular Sewing Machine?

Yes. You can monogram using a standard machine by adjusting the settings and putting the fabric in an embroidery hoop.

In addition, you can use the free-motion technique to guide the material and make custom monograms. However, specialist machines allow you to monogram a lot easier.

The combined embroidery and sewing machines let users create their own designs digitally and then transfer them to the device.

The product will then stitch the monogram or other design in the fabric and can use different colors to achieve this. This means they’re much more accessible for beginners to use, as they require less skill and sewing machine know-how than standard machines.

These combined machines are ideal for those that prefer to get creative with their monograms. You can download designs from the internet, either for free or at a price, which the machine will sew.

Alternatively, embroidery software will give you the tools you need to create and edit your own designs.

In addition, this software allows you to play around with fonts, giving you more freedom to customize the design than you would get with a machine’s built-in fonts.

You can also monogram using sewing machines that have a computerized screen. These machines provide a wide range of extra stitches.

However, they don’t offer as much font variety as the combined ones. On the other hand, these sewing machines often come with a few fonts to choose from, making them great for those who want a simple monogram design.

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