Best Serger Sewing Machine: Our 6 Top Picks

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Are you looking for the best serger sewing machine? We’ve got you covered.

Do you want to take your sewing to the next level?

A serger sewing machine can add a new dimension to your sewing and help you whiz through your projects quickly and efficiently.

Let’s take an in depth look at what a serger sewing machine can do for you…

What Is A Serger Sewing Machine?

A serger — also called an overlock sewing machine — is a sewing machine which simultaneously trims a seam and uses multiple threads to effectively bind fabric together using an overlock stitch which encloses the seam allowance.

If you take a look at how your store bought clothing is sewn together, you will normally see that the interior seams are finished in this way.

This serves to strengthen the seams and prevent fabric from fraying, and well as giving a neat finish.

serger sewing machine

What Are Serger Machines Used For?

Serger machines are primarily used for making garments, but these versatile machines have a whole host of other uses.

They are super effective for quilting and home decor projects such as pillows and table linens.

Sergers also handle sewing tricky fabrics such as knits much better than a regular zigzag or stretch stitch, as well as enabling you to sew tight, rolled hems on delicate fabrics, or to create decorative ruffles.

In short, they are wonderful multi-purpose tools for sewing.

Can A Serger Replace A Normal Sewing Machine?

Sergers are outstanding and incredibly useful machines which make a valuable addition to any serious sewist’s toolkit, but in most cases they cannot replace a regular modern sewing machine.

Sergers are fabulous at what they do, but there are lots of things they are simply not capable of, such as sewing buttonholes and zippers, embroidery, and topstitching.

How Do Serger Sewing Machines Work?

Unlike a regular sewing machine, sergers use multiple bobbins in order to sew multiple threads at the same time.

As you sew, a movable knife which moves at the same speed as the needle trims away the seam allowance.

The multiple threads lock around the seam to prevent it from fraying.

Sergers are available with various thread use options, and depending on the model can have anywhere from between 2 to 5 threads.

Depending on the number of threads you have, you can create different stitches and different results.

serger sewing machines

Features Of The Best Serger Machines

Adjustable stitch length and width is an absolute must for any serger machine, as well as an easily adjustable and controllable sewing speed.

Differential feed adjustment is also important as it being able to adjust the movement of the feed dogs allows you to eliminate puckers, stretching and ripples in seams, as well as enabling you to effortlessly gather fabrics.

Thread tension should also be easily adjustable as should pressure foot pressure for when you need to sew thicker or thinner fabrics.

The best serger sewing machines are easy to thread, and easy to use, so features such as a clear LCD display panel which shows you all the information you need for each type of stitch, and color coded thread paths — or even better automatic threading — are a major plus.

As part of the beauty of serger machines is that they cut away the seam allowance as you sew, a sharp, heavy duty blade is an essential feature to provide clean, tidy edges.

Sergers that allow you to adjust the width of the seam allowance at the turn of a dial are also a game changer.

Best Serger Sewing Machines

Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed

brother 1034D review

Brother is one of the best sewing machine brands out there, and the Brother 1034D 3/4 thread serger is an affordable serger machine with a stack of great features.

It offers the choice of using either 3 or 4 threads which can be easily threaded using the handy color coded threading system and step by step guide.

There are a generous 22 different stitch functions with adjustable width to choose from, including ribbon lock, rolled hem and narrow hem stitches.

This machine benefits from differential feed for sewing all kinds of different fabrics including knit and stretch fabrics. It can be used either as a regular flat bed serger or converted for free arm sewing, and the sturdy cutting blade can be retracted for projects where you may not want to trim the edge of your fabric.

Two different snap on presser feet are included for gathering and multipurpose sewing, and other feet are available to buy separately if you want to get even more out of the Brother 1034D.

The level of pressure of the presser foot is adjustable for when changing between heavier or finer fabrics.

For a serger in this kind of price range, this machine performs excellently in terms of speed, delivering a maximum 1300 stitches per minute.


  • Easy to use
  • Robust machine with fast sewing speed
  • Tension is easy to adjust
  • Reasonable range of stitches
  • Helpful color coded threading system
  • Great value for the price


  • In order to use all the stitch functions it is necessary to purchase additional presser feet
  • May run a little noisy at times
best serger sewing machine

Brother ST4031HD Serger Machine

brother serger sewing machine

Another impressive serger machine from reliable brand Brother, the ST4031HD is a heavy duty machine available at a very attractive price point.

The strong metal construction and powerful motor makes sewing even multiple layers of heavy fabric a cinch. The high quality carbon steel cutting blade ensures a clean, smooth cut every time.

Capable of using either 3 or 4 threads depending on your desired purpose, the Brother ST4031HD can be easily threaded using the color coded threading guide. The stitch width can be adjusted effortlessly using the convenient dial, and it is possible to achieve fast sewing speeds of up to 1300 stitches per minute.

Smooth, even stitching and gathering are made possible thanks to the differential fabric feed, and the sewing speed can be controlled using the foot pedal.

An additional super useful feature of this serger is the removable extension table which provides an extra roomy sewing surface and helps you keep even better control over the fabric feed to ensure professional results.

A gathering presser foot, standard presser foot, and blind hem stitch foot are all included, which makes this a truly versatile machine capable of all kinds of finishes.


  • Strong and durable construction
  • Remains stable even when sewing at high speeds
  • Very user friendly
  • Can sew almost any kind of fabric and multiple layers
  • Excellent cutting blade for trimming seams
  • Large sewing space thanks to extension table


  • Standard strength threads can sometimes snap when sewing at the highest speeds
  • LED light could be brighter
best serger sewing machine

JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine

juki mo654de review

This 2, 3 and 4 thread serger from Juki has a convenient, compact size which makes it easy to store or transport from place to place making it a good choice if you take part in sewing classes.

It has a color coded threading guide and instructional DVD to help set the machine up ready for use. When the side of the machine is open during the threading process, a safety mechanism is in place to cut the motor and move the upper cutting blade safely out of harms way.

Many of this serger sewing machine’s features are adjustable, including stitch length and thread tension, differential feed, and seam cutting width.

An automatic roll hemmer is a fantastic feature which automatically rolls the edge of fabric over itself two times in order to hide the edges while simultaneously sewing it closed with an overlock stitch.

The machine’s two powerful cutting blades are of industrial quality for a professional cut, and the motor can kick out a highly impressive 1500 stitches per minute.

Included with the Juki MO654DE is a multipurpose presser foot suitable for a wide variety of tasks, and there is the option to purchase additional feet for tasks such as gathering, sewing piping, and speciality stitching.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to operate
  • Super quick stitching speed
  • Good safety features
  • Lots of adjustable features
  • Can handle heavy fabrics


  • Thread tension can be difficult to get right
  • Some people find this serger complicated to thread
best serger sewing machine

Brother R1634D 3 or 4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed

best serger sewing machine

The attractively priced Brother R1634D serger machine allows you to sew with either 3 or 4 threads using 1 or 2 needles.

This serger is designed to perform a range of different tasks including sewing ruffles and inserting zippers, creating neatly rolled hems, blind hems, and more.

Threading the serger is quick and easy, thanks to the lay in threading system and color coded guide. The controls are easy to use and enable you to adjust thread tension, differential fabric feed, the height of the presser foot to accommodate different thicknesses of fabric, and the width of your chosen stitch.

The ultimate sewing speed of this machine is 1300 stitches per minute, and there are 22 different stitch functions available. The R1634D can also be converted for free arm sewing for when you need to professionally stitch sleeves and other cylindrical projects.

The razor sharp cutting knife is fully retractable to prevent the cutting function when working on projects that don’t require trimming.


  • Simple threading system
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use with helpful instruction manual and DVD
  • Good features for the price
  • Well constructed


  • Some sewists find this serger a little noisy when operated at high speeds
best serger sewing machine

Brother 2340CV Serger Machine

brother 2340cv review

Specially created to produce a wide variety of cover stitches on all kinds of fabrics from silks to denim, the Brother 2340CV is a straightforward and easy to use serger which can use 2, 3, or 4 threads at a time to achieve both decorative and practical stitches, plus perfect hems.

Built to last using premium components, this quality serger machine features color coded, lay in threading guides, adjustment dials for thread tension, stitch length from between 2.0 to 4.0 mm, and seam width from 3.0 to 6.0 mm.

Presser foot pressure is also adjustable using a dial, and the 2340CV also boasts that all important differential feed for producing smooth stitches on different materials, and creating effects such as gathering and ruffles.

A blindstitch pressure foot and gathering pressure foot are included with the machine, as well as a selection of other accessories. As this is designed as a cover stitch machine it does not include a cutting blade like a regular serger.

The Brother 2340CV has a maximum sewing speed of 1100 stitches per minute.


  • Versatile and useful for a wide variety of tasks
  • User friendly design
  • Gives professional results
  • Fairly lightweight and compact
  • Operates quietly


  • Can’t be converted to a free arm
  • No cutting blade to trim seams as you sew
best serger sewing machine

COSTWAY Multifunctional Serger Over Lock with Differential Feed

best serger
best serger sewing machine

Lightweight and easy to carry, the Costway serger machine can sew with combinations of either 2, 3 or 4 threads which can be easily threaded up by following the color coded threading guide.

Adjust the length, width, and tension of your chosen stitch using the dials which are nicely positioned on the right side of the machine. It is also possible to adjust the differential feed to ensure that your stitches are smooth and professional on many types of fabric such as silk, knits, linen, and denim.

If you need to get your projects finished in a hurry you won’t be disappointed with this serger’s top sewing speed of 1200 stitches per minute.

This serger machine also comes with a foot pedal and a selection of useful accessories.


  • Ideal for home use
  • Needles are standard so can be easily replaced
  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Inexpensive
  • A good choice for students who need to transport their machine to class


  • Replacement parts are not easy to find
  • Not as sturdy as the other machines on this list
best serger sewing machine

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