Best Self Threading Sewing Machines with Automatic Needle Threaders

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For most sewing enthusiasts, the worst part of any sewing project is threading the needle. It is not threading it through the machine that is necessarily the hassle- it is trying to cram a very thin piece of thread into the eye of an even seemingly smaller needle.

We try somewhat patiently to try and poke it though, with fingers crossed… only to sigh in exasperation when we miss. However, there’s an easier way!

For both beginners and experts alike, they have often considered abandoning the pain-staking task of threading needles in favor of self threading sewing machines.

It quickens preparation time when you are sewing and is significantly less frustrating. It requires less effort and is more popular over threading the mechanical machine yourself.

These machines can also include features like an automatic thread cutter, and plenty of stitch options when it comes to stitch length and style.

Considerations Prior to Purchasing a Self-Threading Sewing Machine

young dressmaker in stress during sewing the clothes

Several things should be taken into consideration aside from frustration before you buy a self threading sewing machine. The first is the matter of who is using it.

If the machine is meant for you, consider your experience/comfort level. Your experience sewing is the top thing to consider when looking for the best machine for you. This will determine what size you need, options, budget, manufacturer, and other factors.

Note Whether the Machine is Computerized or Mechanical

A beginner sewing enthusiast needs to choose a mechanical foot pedal machine, then consider upgrading to a computerized sewing machine once they gain more experience. A classic mechanical machine permits the user to make mistakes and learn from them easily.

The units aren’t as fast as electronic/computerized versions and are manually controlled. While their features may not be as high tech as you would like, they don’t have a great deal of maintenance needs and are not as expensive.

An electronic or computerized sewing machine needs a great deal of maintenance. They also have high tech features. This is the reason they operate incredibly quickly and have automatic features that are unrestricted for novices. Beginning with this type of machine may end in frustration for a beginner because the learning curve is too steep.

Integrated Free Arm and Needle

The self threading needle makes it challenging to manually insert thread into the eye of the sewing needle. An integrated free arm and needle threader prevents eye strain from occurring and enables you to be more productive with your time. Search for detachable or free arm features especially when doing sleeve or bed stitches.

Examine the Drop In Bobbin

Look at the bobbin’s position before purchasing a sewing machine. It needs to have a mechanism or bobbin system in the device and check if it’s in the exposed cylindrical case.

Some cases are obstructed, and you will be unable to determine how much thread is still in the bobbin. If the line runs out, you will not be able to tell and will need to close your middle path.

Exposed bobbin placement is best. If this isn’t helpful, then choose enclosures that have windows so that you can easily view how much is left on the bobbin so you will never run out.

Top loading drop in bobbins tend to be the best selection especially if you are a novice. They are easy to place into the system since they depart using a single click. Where thread exits, your bobbin comes out. The cases also will not block feedback since they are not obstructed.

How Do These Types of Machines Work?

This type of machine threads the needle effortlessly and saves time. No matter what density of fabric being utilized, your needle can be threaded within seconds with this feature. All that is required is the needle is placed in the correct spot. Then the machine glides it through the needle.

This occurs thanks to a jam-resistant drop-in bobbin. This is how the process occurs:

  1. Turn your handwheel towards you. Then, lift your needle until it reaches the highest position.
  2. Hook your thread under the guide.
  3. After this is done, pull your needle threader. The thread should pass onto the hook.
  4. Leaving the needle threader so that a loop can be pulled through the eye of the needle, complete this step by pulling the thread completely through.

If you are tired of being frustrated with manually threading your sewing machine, you may want to consider an automatic needle threader. It will save you both the aggravation and time spent.

Best Self Automatic Sewing Machines

There are several incredible automatic sewing machines on the market, and all of them have a plethora of features. Some are designed for the expert sewer, while others have more muted features and are easier to use for a beginner. Find one that is best suited to you.

Best For Beginners: Singer Start 1304

singer start 1304 sewing machine isolated on white background

This machine is effortless when it comes to threading your needle. It also contains all features necessary to begin sewing. There is a four-step buttonhole, and it comes equipped with six stitches. It is perfect if you require simple stitching on a small budget.

This model contains 57 built in sewing styles allowing users to experiment with crafts and embroidery. Stitches have a pre-set sewing width and length and are very simple to use.


  • Weighing 7 lbs, it is lightweight and portable
  • Contains a guide to help user become acquainted with the machine and a variety of accessories
  • Known for its durability with a stainless-steel interior and by using stainless steel for the bed
  • 57-Knob help in switching one class to another
  • Sew quickly with powerful motor


  • Special needles are required for sewing leather
  • Pedal requires a great deal of pressure to move

Most User Friendly: Brother HC1850 Sewing and Quilting Machine

brother hc1850 sewing and quilting machine isolated on white background

While it is user friendly, this machine isn’t advisable for a beginner. There are many advanced features and a steeper learning curve that may dissuade a novice from sewing.

This machine has the best technical support available via phone, chat, or online. With 130 unique stitches with buttonholes and strips alphanumeric, this makes it an extremely user-friendly machine.

It has a remarkable advanced needle threader and drop in top bobbin for easy viewing. It quickly runs your thread through the needle using a lever and jam resistant bobbin. Additionally, users find the LCD easy in selecting strips and options can be viewed by pressing a button.


  • Easy and fast sewing
  • Range of options available
  • Can sew any fabric since it has a differential feed ratio
  • 1300 SPM speed along with adjustable stitch width


  • Some features require practise to master
  • Doesn’t have auto cut

Most Straightforward to Use: Brother CS5055PRW

brother cs5055prw project runway sewing machine

This limited-edition machine delivers quick results and runs smoothly. It is easy to use and comes packed with features. It offers 850 stitches/minute. It has 87 stitches and five one-step buttonhole features to select from. It is easy to set up making sewing enjoyable.

The sewing machine is fully computerized, so selecting a stitch or needle threading becomes effortless. It will provide a notification on which presser foot to use with each programmed stitch. Additionally, it contains a built-in thread cutter with a bobbin threader. This allows you to be more productive.

This is one of the few sewing machines designed for a beginner (more to the middle of the spectrum) to expert sewer. Users can easily stitch different fabric densities and do complex work.


  • LCD touchscreen with easy to read (large) display
  • Display doubles as an electronic manual for troubleshooting or if you have operating questions
  • Bright, wide work area


  • Needle ends in down position, however, it can be changed
  • LED light is not as bright as it could be

These are just a sampling of machines that are self-threading sewing machines. These tend to be the top of the line as they are made from well-known manufacturers. Many of these companies are known for creating durable sewing machines with many lasting generationally.

While overall these machines are not terribly expensive, they should be seen as an investment as they should last a long time. If you are a beginner, consider whether you want a machine that you will grow into, but that isn’t advanced enough that you will lose interest in sewing altogether.

Machines that are self-threading make sewing less tedious and frustrating. It can take a great deal of time and effort just to thread the needle. An automatic needle threader does the work for you so that you can quickly proceed to the task at hand. It simply makes sewing more enjoyable.

Keep in mind if you are new to sewing, begin by noting your skill level prior to purchasing an automatic sewing machine. There are some designed for beginners, but it is more of a beginner to intermediate stage. Watch out for free arms for curved stitches and top loaded bobbins which will make sewing easier.

For someone who is more advanced, features are unlimited. If this is the case, then consider what features you will use or use seriously. Some people want to expand their skills, so they may branch out into quilting or embroidery. These features can be incorporated into a sewing machine. However, if you won’t use these features, you may want to consider another model.

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