8 Best Sewing Kits For Your Projects

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One of the easiest ways to get started with sewing is to buy sewing project kits.

These all-in-one packs will equip you to create your first sewing project with ease — plus you don’t have to spend lots of time and money hunting for the best sewing gear yourself.

There are sewing project kits for beginners widely available, as well as those designed specifically for adults and kids.

We’ve rounded up the best sewing kits on the market today — take a look and see which one you want to try out!

What is a Sewing Project Kit?

Inspired by the idea of getting crafty and sewing your own projects but not sure where to start?

If you’re bursting with creativity and itching to start stitching but daunted by the myriad different sewing tools and accessories available, a sewing kit is a great way to get all the essentials you need to get you off the starting blocks.

Sewing craft kits for kids or adults make great presents too.

It’s hard to know what you’re going to need for any given project, but here is our rundown of things that you can expect to find in a good sewing kit which will cover all the basics…

best sewing kits for projects
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Yes, it may sound obvious, but a decent basic spool set of quality thread in different colours and/or weights is invaluable.


Sewing scissors come in many shapes and sizes for different tasks, but a good sewing kit should have at least one pair for cutting fabrics and snipping threads.

See more: the best sewing scissors.

Seam ripper

A small, sharp seam ripper is the perfect tool for unpicking hems and other stitching to reverse any errors quickly with the minimum of effort.


There are oodles of different types of pins available, but a basic pin pack that pierces fabric well and holds it in place will be enough to get you started. Pins with large heads are easier to grab and remove.

Measuring tape

A flexible, long measuring tape is way easier to use in most situations than a regular ruler, so a sewing craft kit should include one that is at least around 5 feet long.


A selection of quality hand sewing needles in different sizes and shapes will get you equipped for a wide range of sewing and craft projects.


Needles are sharp, prickly things, and if your fingers aren’t used to pushing them through fabric it can begin to hurt after a little while. A solid metal thimble will protect your pinkies and enable you to sew in comfort.


A good kit will almost certainly include a few handy buttons, and often other fasteners such as snap fasteners or hook and eyes as well.

What Are The Best Sewing Kits?

We’ve bundled some of the best crafting and sewing kits together in our sewing project kits review.

You’re sure to find the kit that’s the right fit for you amongst our list of favorites…

Embroidex Sewing Kit

sewing project kits
Despite its diminutive size, the Embroidex sewing kit is one of the best selling kits on the market right now.

Its super portable, zip up leatherette carrying case contains a good but basic choice of sewing tools that can be taken with you anywhere when traveling (just slip it into your purse) or when using it in the home.

This affordable priced set includes buttons, a thimble, a good variety of needles in different sizes, a conveniently sized seam ripper, two needle threading tools, a selection of spools of colored thread, some large headed pins, a safety pin, a flexible measuring tape, and a pair of sharp scissors to help you carry out sewing and embroidery projects.


  • Excellent value for the price
  • Good pair of sharp scissors included
  • Convenient compact size
  • Good range of items
  • Ideal for most basic jobs
  • Great as a travel sewing kit
  • Well made
  • Well organized interior
  • Good selection of thread colors


  • Quality of certain items could be better
  • Great for travel but less suitable as a home kit
sewing project kits for beginners

Singer Sew Essentials Storage System

singer sewing project kit
Top quality sewing brand Singer offer up this comprehensive little sewing kit packed with tools and accessories for both machine and hand sewing.

It can hold up to no less than 40 different large sized spools of thread, and comes equipped with an excellent range of colors from lights to darks.

The case is made from a durable hard plastic to keep everything neatly stowed away and protected, and it’s easy to carry around when traveling thanks to the convenient handle.

There are even a couple of external pouches to store small books or project patterns, so it’s a great option for taking to sewing class.

A vinyl coated 5 foot measuring tape, numerous round headed pins with pin cushion, 3 thimbles in different sizes, a variety of 30 needles plus needle threading tools, a practical seam ripper, 3 thimbles and a large pair of dressmaking scissors complete the package. There are a whopping 166 pieces included in total.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lots of kit for the price
  • Practical for beginners
  • Sturdy adult sized scissors cut well
  • Comprehensive range of colors included
  • Easy to add to thanks to external storage compartments
  • Solidly built case
  • Very well organized
  • Compact and portable


  • The thread spools can sometimes fall out of place when opening and closing the case
  • Some buyers have reported a little difficulty with the latch on the case
sewing project kits for beginners

Singer 1512 Beginners Sewing Kit

sewing project kits for beginners
Another offering from Singer, this kit is one of our favorite sewing craft kits for kids and novice sewists. It’s super affordable, but despite the low price it still contains 130 assorted sewing tools and accessories housed in a plastic pouch.

Blue and white chalk pencils for marking dark or light fabrics are a helpful inclusion in this kit that isn’t found in many other basic kits, as is the practical measuring gauge.

There is also a sufficiently long 5 foot flexible measuring tape, a decent pair of 8 inch angled scissors, a seam ripper, and a metal thimble to protect delicate fingertips.

The Singer 1512 Beginners Sewing Kit has a choice of 11 spools of quality polyester thread in different colors, and 100 pins and 10 various needles – plus a cute tomato shaped pin cushion to keep them organized in one place.


  • Great for kids or adult beginners
  • Low price
  • Makes a great gift
  • Has all the necessary basics
  • Pin cushion, gauge and pencils are a nice addition
  • Ideal for everyday and emergency repairs
  • Bent scissors cut well
  • Fun pink color


  • Plastic pouch is not sturdy
  • Not suitable for bigger or more demanding sewing projects
sewing project kits for beginners

Singer Sewing Kit in Storage Box

sewing project kits for adults
Singer take the prize for the smallest sewing kit with their Sewing Kit in Storage Box.

The mini storage box is constructed from hard plastic to protect the contents, and comes with a transparent lid to enable you to easily see everything inside at a glance.

At around 4″ x 3″ x 1″ this kit can be taken with you anywhere in your purse or travel luggage, or if you already have a sewing box it will make a useful addition.

Due to its small size, there’s a little less variety in this kit than some of the others on our list, but it nevertheless has the basics covered with 20 mini spools of thread in a mixture of colors, some buttons and snap fasteners, a measuring tape, plastic thimble, pointed mini scissors, some safety pins — plus some needles with accompanying needle threader and a foam pin cushion.


  • Ideal for repairs on the go, everything is at hand
  • Super low price
  • Makes a great stocking filler
  • Better variety than other miniature sewing kits
  • Performs well for simple tasks
  • Convenient, compact and portable


  • Quality of components is on the lower end of the scale
  • Scissors are a little ineffective for some tasks
  • Needles are tiny and can be difficult to use
sewing project kits for beginners

Dritz Zipper Repair Kit

sewing project kitMoving onto something a little different, the Dritz Zipper Repair Kit is a lifesaver when it comes to zipper emergencies.

This kit features an array of zipper sliders with top and bottom stops is perfect for repairing broken zippers on jeans, or fixing that irritating zipper on your coat that just won’t stop sticking – without having to replace the whole zipper.

The kit comprises a mixture of 4.5mm and 5mm metal tooth sliders, 2.5 mm nylon coil sliders, 5 mm bottom stops, and 5 mm top stops in a range of different metallic finishes to suit all applications.


  • Contains almost everything to quickly and easily repair most zippers
  • Much cheaper than paying for complete zipper replacement
  • Good range of component sizes and colors
  • Affordable price
  • Zippers are good quality
  • Reliable brand


  • Doesn’t contain the appropriate size for every job
  • User guide can be tricky to read
sewing project kits for beginners

IntoHome Sewing Kit

sewing project kits for beginners
90 sewing accessories make up this smart sewing set from IntoHome.

There are 12 spools of colored thread with enough length to last you a while, 4 different handy threaders to make threading the 12 different sizes of needle supplied with the kit hassle free.

In addition there is a good bundle of safety pins, 5 inch small scissors for snipping and cutting, buttons and snap fasteners, a useful length tape measure, a pair of tweezers and a seam ripper for unpicking fiddly threads, a white chalk pencil for marking, and both a plastic and a metal thimble.

The trim and stylish black zip-up fabric case with carrying handle is just the right size and weight to comfortably fit everything inside yet remain easily transportable, and it features a pouch on the front to store additional items.


  • Ideal for learning to sew
  • Great repair kit
  • Handy size for travel
  • Case keeps tools and accessories secure and in order
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Excellent value for money
  • Good selection of tools


  • Some kits have been shipped with different color threads than illustrated — best not to have any expectations when it comes to color!
sewing project kits for beginners

Stitch & Mend Mini Sewing Kit for Travel

sewing project kits for adults
If you’re looking for a chic little sewing kit, you’ll love the Stitch & Mend Mini Sewing Kit.

One of the best things about this kit is the snazzy, hot pink zip-up case which uses elasticized holders to keep all the items in place and nicely organised — it really makes a statement!

As part of this kit there’s a nice pair of small scissors in quality stainless steel, a supple tape measure, a sturdy little seam ripper, a good selection of needles plus two needle threaders to make threading easier, a solid metal thimble, 3 small plastic buttons, two pearl headed pins, and 12 spools of thread in an attractive range of colors.


  • Colorful and fun, as well as practical
  • Lightweight and small – easy to store and to carry
  • Great for emergencies when traveling or on vacation
  • Appropriate for kids, teenagers and adults
  • Case has pockets for extra storage
  • Has all the basics novice sewists need when learning
  • Practical for making quick repairs
  • Quality and choice are good for the price
  • Makes an excellent gift


  • Best suited to basic projects
  • Some buyers have reported issues with the zipper on the case
sewing project kits for beginners

Kasimir Premium Sewing Kit

sewing project kitLast but not least on our list is this Kasimir sewing project kit. Jam packed with different tools and 18 spools of prettily colored thread, this is a high quality and practical kit.

The compact, wallet style case is made from leatherette fabric, and features a zip closure and elastic retainers for each item in the kit.

There are many tools that you would expect to see included in this kit, such as safety pins, shirt buttons, metal snap fasteners, a nice needle set with a great selection of sizes and needle holes, needle threading tool, measuring tape, smart stainless steel thread scissors, white chalk pencil, and seam ripper.

To add to this the Kasimir sewing kit offers some more unexpected tools – a metal crochet hook, a mini magnifying glass to see your stitching in greater detail, a curette, a small knitting needle, and a bottle for needles.

These extra items make this a great all round craft kit for beginners and kids, as well as an excellent portable repair kit.


  • Tools are good quality for the price
  • Very versatile – includes some unusual tools
  • Small and light
  • Good for travel or in the office
  • Useful for all age groups and those new to sewing
  • Handy for emergencies


  • There are no regular long pins included
  • Measuring tape quality is not so great
sewing project kits for beginners

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