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Sewing Machine Reviews

Sewing machine reviews

From everyday sewing machines, to industrial heavy-duty solutions, to small models that are perfect for kids, we’ve amassed a huge collection of sewing machine reviews.

Some of the top brands we’ve featured include:

Our experts have spent hundreds of hours exploring and road-testing each machine across our many requirements and specifications.

We examine reliability, versatility, individual sewing specs and that all important ease of use.

Want our opinion before you buy?

Browse: Our Sewing Machine Reviews

Best Machines in 2023

Best sewing machine round-up

Unless you’ve been brought up in a world of sewing and embroidery, the sewing machine market can be more than a little overwhelming.

There’s a huge number of machines out there. How do you know which is right for you?

Want a simple summary of the best performing sewing machines on the market today?

Read: The Best Sewing Machines in 2023

From the Singer Quantum Stylist, to the Brother Project Runway Series, our 2023 Buyer Guide helps you decide which model is right for you.

Choose By Category

Need a machine that excels on a certain type of fabric? Or for a specific project?

Narrow down the options with our ‘Best In Class‘ sewing machine round-ups:

The Best Sewing Gear

Sewing machine gear to buy

It’s not just machines that we cover.

Here on SFH, we spotlight everything that goes in to the dream craft room for an experienced sewer. What products and tools do we love to use?

Take a look:

Our rundown of the best sewing gear can equip you to take your hobby to the next level.

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Sewing Tutorials & Guides

Easiest sewing tutorials

Our community is crazy about sewing.

We’ve compiled a variety of tutorials to help you with everything from sewing certain fabrics, to setting up a sewing business, to basic sewing 101s.

Browse our guides:

  • Project Ideas & Tutorials – we walk you through some of our absolute favorite sewing projects, including both practical and fun guides.
  • Fashion Styles & Trends – our favorite types of dresses, cut styles, and tips for making your own clothes.
  • Skills & Techniques – from crochet edging to embroidering on canvas – what are the skills you need?
  • Getting To Know Fabrics – learn how to choose the best materials for your next project.
  • Types of Stitches – learning basic stitches is critical for working with textiles!
  • Machine FAQs – learn how to get the most out of your machine, and understand how it actually works.

See More: All Our Tutorials & Guides

Build Your Library of Patterns, Files & Fonts

sewing pattern to use

We love sewing patterns – they allow us to be creative and express our individuality.

With so many different patterns available, you can find the perfect one for any project you have in mind.

We’ve spent hours curating our favorite patterns – as well as fonts and design files (great for any embroidery projects).

Have a look and see:

See More: Our Guides to Files & Fonts

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Maria is based in Chicago and runs a small crafts business on Etsy and Zazzle. She regularly contributes reviews of sewing machines, from which she's built up quite the collection! Her favorite machine to use at the moment is the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960.
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