What Sewing Machine Needle To Use?

double needle sewing machines

One question we hear time and time again — especially from newbie sewers — is what sewing machine needle to use? There are a surprising number of needles you you’ll likely come across when using your sewing machine — especially if you plan on clothes making. One thing that can be intimidating for beginners is choosing the right set … Read more

What is a Long Arm Quilting Machine?

long arm quilting

If you’re a quilter, then you’ve likely anguished over the more difficult elements of your craft. Bringing a long arm quilting machine into your home, with the convenience it offers, may, in turn, sound tempting. There are positives and negatives to the integration of these machines with your quilting practice. Even so, they remain a … Read more

How to Oil a Sewing Machine

sewing machine oil

Learning how to oil a sewing machine is essential for any beginning sewer. There are several elements involved in the process, however, and that can make getting started a little intimidating. We’ve gathered together some facts about different oils and the oiling process in general, so you can best understand how to care and keep-up … Read more

How to Thread a Sewing Machine

how to thread a brother sewing machine

Are you just a beginner in the sewing world? Or do you have experience with sewing things by hand, but are wary of the daunting block of a sewing machine sitting in the corner? Don’t be! Sewing machines have made projects easier for years now, and once you get past the beginning step, you’re well … Read more

How to Clean a Sewing Machine

how to clean a brother sewing machine

If there is one universal truth for crafters, it’s this: sewing machines know when you’re on a deadline, and they can smell fear. Why is it sewing machines always seem to have issues mid-project? Well, it could be that it simply needs to be cleaned! The number one way to keep your machine running smoothly … Read more

How to Use a Sewing Machine

how to use a singer sewing machine

Are you wondering how to use a sewing machine? Don’t worry — you’re not the only one. Sewing machines look complicated, but they’re really not. It’s simply a matter of knowing the basic functions and understanding the core purpose of those more intricate features. Here we’ll break it down, so you can feel confident and … Read more

An Illustrated History Of The Sewing Machine

sewing machine inventor

The history of the sewing machine is not a straightforward one. With its roots dating back as far as 1755, this revolutionary machine was borne out of stop-start beginnings, patent wars, and a huge factory fire. A surprisingly sexy history for such a domestic machine. Plenty of inventors and nations lay claim to the invention … Read more