Brother SE600 Sewing Machine Review

Brother SE600 review

The Brother SE600 Sewing Machine is the natural successor to the popular SE400 model and promises the best of both worlds – a machine fit for both sewing and embroidery projects. Of course, the worry with combination machines is that you’ll end up with trade-offs on both sides. Some users end up wishing they’d invested … Read more

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review

The Brother PE800 is a great embroidery machine for anyone looking to create larger embroidery designs. This popular embroidery-only machine boasts a useful 5×7 embroidery stitch field, which makes its a versatile option that will handle most of your home embroidery needs. The PE800 comes with 138 built-in embroidery designs and 11 lettering fonts, so … Read more

Brother CP100X Sewing Machine Review

brother cp100x sewing machine review featured image

Looking to take your quilting and sewing skills to a new level? The Brother CP100X Sewing machine contains a vast array of advanced features, for a refined sewing experience. Whether it is repairing ripped denim jeans to sewing a new dress, this Brother machine contains everything that an expert sewer would require in an all-in-one … Read more

Brother CS6000i Review

brother cs6000i computerized sewing machine

The Brother CS6000i is a popular low-cost entry-level sewing machine. It can take on a variety of projects, from making clothes and sewing cuffs, to decorative stitching and quilting. We believe this little beauty is one of the best machines to help you find your footing when you’re just stepping into the sewing world. But … Read more

Brother ST371HD Review

brother heavy duty sewing machine

The release of the Brother ST371HD sewing machine is the first heavy duty machine from Brother — and we think it’s a great start from the company. Sure, it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of other machines, but it’s sturdy, reliable and a great machine for sewing from home. If you’re looking for a heavy … Read more

Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine Review

brother embroidery machine

Finding the right sewing machine can be difficult enough with the range of options on the market. Even more difficult is finding an embroidery machine that is easy to use and right for your skill set. That’s where the Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine comes in. It has 80 different embroidery designs built right in, it’s … Read more