Which Is The Best Singer Quantum Stylist Machine?

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Looking to invest in the best Singer Quantum Stylist sewing machine for your needs?

Singer have been a leading sewing machine brand for almost 170 years and have an outstanding reputation for quality and innovation. Today, Singer create sewing, quilting, and embroidery machines to suit all levels and budgets.

Perhaps the most popular range for sewing at home is the Singer Quantum Stylist range.

In this guide we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the different machines in the Quantum Stylist range to help you decide which of these fantastic computerized sewing machines is best for you.

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Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

singer quantum stylist review
It may be the baby of the Singer Quantum Stylist bunch, but the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is nevertheless a top performing sewing machine packed with features which make all kinds of sewing projects a joy to undertake — from clothes sewing, to quilting and embroidery.

It’s one of our favorite sewing machines on the market right now.

An impressive range of 600 stitch patterns beats almost all competitors in the same price bracket, and includes 13 easy automatic buttonholes, built in fonts for monogramming, a host of decorative stitches, and more.

The sturdy metal frame of the 9960 is durable, and ensures stability and smooth stitching. It’s capable of sewing up to 850 stitches per minute, and when you want to sew without a the foot pedal, simply control the sewing speed using the speed slider, and take a break whenever you want by using the stop / start button.

Stitches can be selected effortlessly using the back lit LCD screen at the touch of a button, and adjusted for length and width.

There are numerous features which make using this Singer sewing machine a breeze, including an incredibly easy to use automatic needle threader plus thread cutter, automatic tension control, and handy top drop in bobbin with clear case which allows you to see at a glance when your bobbin thread is running low.

Beginner sewists particularly will love the autopilot feature, which alerts you when there is an error and pinpoints the problem so you can remedy it as quickly as possible and get back on with what you were doing.

Two LED lights shine brightly onto the sewing area to ease tired eyes, and the extension table of the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is ideal for adding that essential extra space required for larger projects.

It can also be converted to a free arm for sewing tight spaces, and the feed dogs are adjustable to enable you to sew in any direction. Accessories include 18 different presser feet for all situations from sewing zippers to quilting, plus bobbins, needles, seam rippers, screwdrivers, and other useful items.

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  • Huge selection of stitches
  • Decent stitch quality
  • Very versatile for all kinds of sewing projects
  • Fast, adjustable sewing speed
  • User friendly — all the way from beginners to more advanced users
  • Stable even when sewing at high speeds
  • Great accessories pack
  • Fantastic features for the price


  • A little on the heavier side so not so portable
  • Buttonholes could be better and size of lettering stitches is not adjustable
best sewing machine for clothes making

Singer Quantum Stylist 9980

singer 9980 review

One of Singer’s best ever sellers, the Singer Quantum Stylist 9980 is not just a great looking machine, it is also an incredibly versatile piece of kit that is built to last.

Smashing out high quality stitches at speeds of up to 850 stitches per minute, the 9980 can help get things done in record time, but can easily be slowed down when needed by using the speed control slider or the foot pedal.

There are 820 preset stitch patterns to choose from, including 13 one step buttonholes, basic and stretch stitches, and a more than generous amount of decorative and alphanumeric stitches.

With so many stitches to choose from, the built in stitch guide and straightforward stitch control panel are a welcome addition. Use the buttons to select your desired stitch, adjust it for length and width, or even mirror it. All your options are clearly displayed on the well lit LCD screen, and you can even save your own customized stitch patterns for future use – -and what’s more, the machine’s sewing assistant will give you guidance on which pressure foot to use and hints and tips for stitching.

More experienced sewists will find the 25 different needle positions very useful, and sewists of all levels of ability will appreciate the time and effort saving features such as automatic needle threader and thread cutter, convenient presser foot sensor, stop / start button, and automatic thread tension settings.

The 9980 converts to a free arm for those hard to reach areas, and features a brightly lit sewing area.

The top drop in bobbin system is simple to use and the advanced feed dog system can handle heavy fabrics or multiple layers and continue to stitch smoothly and evenly. 13 different presser feet are included with the machine, as well as a good range of other accessories.


  • Vast choice of stitch patterns
  • Solidly built
  • Very versatile
  • Attractive design
  • Good automatic features
  • Can sew almost any fabric
  • Relatively portable
  • Useful memory feature for personalized stitches
  • Great choice for any skill level, aside from brand new beginners to sewing


  • Beginner sewists may find the range of features overwhelming
  • Only works best with Singer brand bobbins
best sewing machine for clothes making

Singer Quantum Stylist 9985

singer 9985 review

This pretty, feature rich computerized sewing machine may be the most expensive in the Singer Quantum Stylist range, but it certainly packs a lot of punch for the price.

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 offers a jaw dropping 960 built in stitches to choose from, making it just about perfect for any sewing project.

There are basic stitches for day to day sewing, 21 stitches for tricky stretch fabrics, 6 different alphabet and number styles, 13 different styles of easy one step buttonholes, and an incredible 919 decorative stitches.

A color LCD touchscreen makes it easy to control and customize all your stitches with ease, and see with just one look thread tension settings, stitch length and width settings, and which presser foot you should be using for your selected stitch.

For added convenience the 9985 boasts an automatic needle threader, an automatic thread cutter which cuts both top and bottom threads at the push of a button, a presser foot sensor which prevents the machine from sewing when the foot isn’t lowered, a stop / start button for when you prefer not to use the foot pedal, and automatic bobbin winding.

There are a total of 25 different needle positions plus twin needle function for when you need to be perfectly precise, and you can adjust your sewing speed up to a very respectable top speed of 850 stitches per minute.

The top loading bobbin is easy to use and comes with a clear cover so you can keep an eye on the amount of thread that you have left. The well lit sewing area can be also be used as a free arm for hemming cuffs or pants or other awkward areas.

The strong internal metal frame construction of the Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 keeps the machine stitching quietly and smoothly, and also makes it a good investment that will last you for many years.

There are also a ton of accessories such as 13 presser feet which include button sewing foot, zipper foot, overcasting foot, satin stitch foot, embroidery foot, and more, plusbobbins, needles, seam ripper, quilting bar, and other useful items.


  • More stitches that you may know what to do with
  • Excellent and intuitive touchscreen control panel
  • Great for any skill level, from beginner to expert
  • Sturdy and built to last
  • Runs quietly
  • Sews smoothly and with precision
  • Convenient automatic features
  • Stylish design


  • Can sometimes have trouble sewing thicker fabrics so not a fully heavy duty machine
  • Needle threader can be a little tricky to get to grips with
  • No extension table included
best sewing machine for clothes making

Which Is The Best Singer Quantum Stylist?

Each sewing machine in the Singer Quantum Stylist range comes highly recommended, but there are differences between the three models that mean that one machine may appeal more than another depending on personal preference.

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9985 for example is a great choice for embroidery enthusiasts due to the abundance of stitches and its brilliantly designed touchscreen control panel which makes it easy to use, but due to its slightly higher price, it may not be the best choice for sewists just starting out or sewists who probably aren’t going to make the most of all the stitch options.

The Singer Quantum Stylist 9980 is a great all round machine and includes an extension table which is ideal for quilters, but it can be a bit more tricky to get used to, so is therefore less suitable for younger or less experienced sewists.

Overall, we feel that the Singer Quantum Stylish sewing machine that ticks the most boxes is the Singer 9960.

It boasts a whole ton of great features for the price, it’s very easy to use — even for those learning to sew — and comes complete with a fabulous range of accessories which provide you with everything you need for all manner of creative projects right off the bat.

Which is your favorite Singer Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine?

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