Best Men’s Shorts Sewing Patterns

Men’s Shorts Sewing Patterns

If you are the kind of person who loves sewing new clothes for your friends and family, then chances are you have experienced the difficulty of finding sewing patterns for men. These days, finding sewing patterns can be a challenging process, which is why we have decided to aid you in your search by finding … Read more

Timeless Tunic Sewing Patterns: From Boho To Chic

From Boho To Chic Timeless Tunic Sewing Patterns

Looking for the best tunic sewing patterns? Originating from ancient Rome, tunics are a timeless and versatile clothing item that is worn by women all over the world. Originally tunics were worn by both men and women and were typically longer than modern day tunic designs. For those of you who may be questioning what … Read more

14 Best Bikini Sewing Patterns For Women

14 Best Bikini Sewing Patterns For Women

Finding the perfect bikini for summer isn’t always a breeze, if the fit is good, the color is just not you. If you absolutely adore the color, the style of the bikini or the size will be wrong. You just can’t seem to find a way to win! The only redeemable thing is that store-bought … Read more

The Best Summery Sundress Sewing Patterns

Summery Sundress Sewing Patterns

Summer dresses are great to wear all summer long when you’re out on a picnic or relaxing with an ice-cool drink in your hand on the beach, or even walking through the park on a date. Whether you like a more feminine style, a maxi dress, a mini dress, a floaty dress, or even a … Read more

How To Create Awesome Backpack Sewing Patterns

Awesome Backpack Sewing Patterns

Want to create your own backpack sewing patterns? The backpack can be a great means of carrying things around the world. Having a backpack on your back can make you truly feel independent – as if you are setting off with all your worldly goods on an exciting adventure that you don’t know where it … Read more

DIY Kids Face Masks: 10+ Free Sewing Patterns

DIY Kids Face Masks, 10+ Free Sewing Patterns

Convincing your children to wear a face mask is difficult enough. They can cause irritation to the skin, and can also cause painful ear strain when worn for long periods, which could have a lasting effect. How are you supposed to convince them to put one on to protect them? One idea would certainly be … Read more

How to Use a Sewing Pattern

Sewing Patterns how to

Learning how to use a sewing pattern is an important skill to master for beginner sewists. When you first start sewing, you may be able to easily sew things like pillows and curtains and simple skirts, but if you want to start making more complicated clothing, you’ll have to buy patterns — or find them … Read more

How to Be a Pattern Maker

clothing pattern maker

When it comes to making a living off of your craft, there’s more than one way to take part in the sewing industry. Depending on your skill level and personal talents, any number of career options are available. One, for example, lies in between the processes of fashion design and sewing, and is a crucial … Read more

Where to Find Sewing Patterns Online

free sewing patterns

One of the most exciting things about being a sewist is hunting down new sewing patterns. We always used to pick these up for a few dollars at a craft store, but the internet has brought thousands upon thousands of them (including free sewing patterns!) right to our fingerprints. It’s not quite as easy as … Read more