8 Best Travel Sewing Kits For Quick Repairs

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Not every task requires pulling out a sewing machine. From sewing on buttons to doing a quick patch job on your favorite jeans, a travel sewing kit can come in handy for any situations that need emergency sewing.

It’s more than just having a sewing needle and thread handy, though. It’s having everything you need in one location that makes these travel sewing kits so desirable.

8 Best Travel Sewing Kit Options

mini sewing kit placed over black jeans

When considering which portable sewing kit to purchase, anticipate what your needs may be, and the level of sewer you are. Many kits come equipped with every essential tool imaginable. Yet, unless you want to grow into your sewing kit, some may be a bit excessive for your immediate needs.

Size is another consideration. These kits come in a variety of sizes ranging from fitting in your purse/back pocket to a smaller fold up storage container. Some may be handier when traveling than others.

Best Overall: Artika Sewing Kits

artika sewing kit and supplies isolated on white background

This kit allows you to carry your sewing supplies wherever you go. The Artika Sewing Kit is a fully functioning kit with a travel case that keeps everything in place. With over 120 knitting and sewing supplies, it includes sewing pins (round stand), spools, wonder clips, golden eye needles, scissors etc. with an open flap leather case.


  • Strong, durable case for travel
  • 38 sewing spools with 18 multicolored sewing spools in popular colors
  • Stainless steel scissors for both men/women
  • Open flat case means that all the tools are clearly visible


  • Thread may be too fine for some projects
  • Too generic

Best Runner Up: VelloStar Sewing Kit

vellostar sewing kit isolated on white background

This kit is known for being over the top when it comes to sewing items. It includes all the essentials that one might need while sewing. It comes in a portable carrying case and arrives in a gorgeously designed gift box.

The manufacturers have made it their mission to provide customers with items of the best quality and only includes relevant items. They wanted to exceed their customer’s expectations and give them items that were fully practical for everyday usage.


  • Lightweight with secure-lock elastic straps
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Contains stainless steel scissors, 30 needles in assorted sizes, crochet hook, knitting needle, 18 different colored threads, spare buttons, seam ripper, tape measure, pins, safety pins, magnifying glass, threader, metal thimble, small needles, and colored marking pencil.


  • Kits is smaller than anticipated
  • Items hard to remove

Best For Beginners: Singer Sew-It-Goes Sewing Kit

singer sew it goes 255 piece kit and craft organizer isolated on white background

The Singer Sew-It-GoesSewing Kit is a very robust kit ideal for both hobby and beginner sewers. Complete with over 224 sewing notions, it includes 42 spools of thread, thimble, scissors, tape, threader, seam ripper, pics, various hand needles, and a hand cushion.

The nice part about this case is its convenient handle, pockets, and that you can fit everything neatly into it.


  • Folds up compactly for easy storage
  • Many compartments
  • Has everything needed for quick sewing jobs
  • Nicely organized


  • Case was difficult to close and open
  • Thread a bit too thin

Best All in One: VelloStar Store Sewing Kit

Designed to improve daily living by creating products that are high in quality to solve common problems, this sewing kit has everything you need for on-the-spot jobs. The notions found in this kit were created to be durable.


  • Fits easily into luggage
  • Over 100 different accessories including 24 colored threads (100 yards each), 30 high-grade sewing needles, needle threaders, ripper, tape measure, and a nail clipper.
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Thread is difficult to unravel
  • Some needles may easily break

Best for Emergencies: A-Z Amazing Sewing Kit

a z amazing sewing kit isolated on white background

This is a premium sewing kit with 5 multicolored threads, two sizes of knitting needles, 2 sizes of clips, various sized colorful buttons, and two needle threaders. The 41 different spools of thread are on high quality, extra-large spools in an array of vibrant colors. The threads are thick, and not easily broken.


  • Compact carrying case
  • Threads can be used for a sewing machine or hand sewing
  • Durable items


  • No room for pincushion
  • Missing needle threader

Best Quality: Summer_Chuxia Wooden Sewing Basket

summer chuxia wooden sewing basket and sewing kit isolated on white background

While many kits may contain items that are flimsy or thread that breaks, this sewing kit is quite durable and practical. It has the most essential items for emergencies or for hand sewing projects. Items are well-organized and easy to find.


  • Scissors can cut through any density of cloth
  • Needles can be used on any type of fabric without breaking
  • Contains 24 colors of thread, sewing needles, seam ripper, buttons, thimble, foldable tape, pins, and needle threader


  • Scissors too sharp
  • Smaller than imagined

Best Mini Kit: Singer Travel Sewing Kit

singer 01927 travel sewing kit isolated on white background

If you need something that will fit easily into your purse or back pocket, then this sewing kit is a handy tool. It contains everything that is necessary for quick repairs. The set includes ten colored threads, 3 needles, safety pins, pins, mini scissors, tape measure, four buttons, and a needle threader.


  • Translucent case
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Comes in blue, pink, or yellow


  • Scissors were dull
  • Eyes on needles are too small

Best Budget: JUNING Sewing Kit

juning sewing kit with case isolated on white background

A great deal of tools are packed into this medium-sized kit! This kit contains everything you need for emergency projects and to store things that you may need while using a machine. Ideal for both home and travel use, it contains all the tools necessary for both a beginner and expert seamstress.


  • Comes complete with 24 different thread colors, ten buttons, an assortment of needles, pins, folding scissors, five pins, a needle threader, tape measure, seam ripper, marking pencil, and crochet hook.
  • Premium quality case
  • Compact


  • Sewing needles too small
  • Thread not strong

While there is a diversity in travel sewing kits, find one that fits into your space, and budget. Some people don’t mind a larger kit as they have more items they use. These kits keep everything in one place, and they are handy. Meanwhile, others want something handy to use in an emergency.

Whichever kit you choose, make sure that the products are durable overall, and it meets your needs.

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