Singer Quantum Stylist vs Brother Project Runway

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Trying to choose between the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 and the Brother Project Runway PC420PRW?

We’ve got you covered.

Choosing the right sewing machine can be a tricky business.

We’ve taken two of the most popular sewing machines around — the Singer Quantum Stylist and the Brother PC420PRW — and put them head to head in this in depth review.

Which one will come out on top?

Singer Quantum Stylist vs Brother Project Runway

Read on to find out…

Singer Quantum Stylist vs Brother Project Runway

Let’s take a look at the main features of each machine to see how they compare…


The Singer Quantum Stylist features a whopping 600 built-in stitches including 13 automatic step buttonholes and 4 different calligraphic styles.

With only 294 built-in stitches, the Brother PC420PRW has considerably less, but still offers great choice, and unlike the Singer you can also design and store custom stitches too.

brother pc420 review

Automatic Needle Threader

Both machines boast an automatic needle threader and thread cutter.

The Singer Quantum Stylist’s automatic needle threader is so quick and easy that it can totally thread the entire machine in only 6 seconds.

Automatic needle threading on the Brother PC420PRW is also easy — it’s just a case of simply following the numbered diagram on the machine to get your needle threaded perfectly.

Bobbin Winding

Bobbin winding is effortless on both the Singer and the Brother, as both feature automatic bobbin winding with a top loading bobbin.

This works pretty much the same way on both machines — it’s just a case of loading the bobbin onto the spool, moving the spool to the right and pressing the start button.

LCD Screen and Computerization

The sleek design of the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 also includes a large, easy to read LCD screen with brightness control, which provides computerized stitch selection and customization at the touch of a button.

The computer allows you to choose stitch style, length and width, and will even suggest the appropriate presser foot for the selected stitch.

singer 9960 review

Computerized stitch selection is also a feature of the Brother PC420PRW.

The LCD screen is a little smaller than that of the Singer machine, but it is back lit and easy to read allowing you to view your stitches, settings and options.

Stitching Speed

Maximum sewing speed is a super rapid 850 stitches per minute for both the Singer Stylist and the Brother PC420PRW, and both machines are adjustable using a slider button with a range of speeds from slow to fast.


These two sewing machines are big on accessories. Here’s a list of what is included with each machine…

Singer Stylist

singer 9960 features
  • 18 presser feet including:
    ➢ All-purpose foot
    ➢ Zipper foot
    ➢ Buttonhole foot with underplate
    ➢ Button sewing foot
    ➢ Blind hem foot
    ➢ Satin stitch foot
    ➢ Open toe foot
    ➢ Overcasting foot
    ➢ Darning and embroidery foot
    ➢ Rolled hem foot
    ➢ Cording foot
    ➢ Straight stitch and quilting foot
    ➢ Even feed and walking foot
    ➢ Braiding foot with guide
    ➢ Adjustable bias binder foot
    ➢ Single welt cording foot
    ➢ Stitch-in-the-ditch foot
    ➢ Fancy trim foot
    ➢ Accompanying presser foot shank
  • Needles
  • Bobbins
  • A seam ripper and seam guide
  • Brush
  • Auxiliary spool cap
  • Spool pin felt
  • Screwdrivers
  • Thread spool caps
  • Enclosed quilting bar

As you can see the selection of presser feet included with the Singer is incredible, and the rest of the accessories make up a good all round kit.

Brother PC420PRW

brother pc420 accessories
  • 11 presser feet including:
    ➢ Walking foot
    ➢ Overcasting foot
    ➢ Monogramming foot
    ➢ Zipper foot
    ➢ Adjustable zipper/piping foot
    ➢ Blind stitch foot
    ➢ Buttonhole foot
    ➢ Quilting foot
    ➢ Stitch guide foot
    ➢ Non-stick foot
    ➢ Open-toe foot
  • 3 bobbins
  • Seam ripper
  • Needle setting
  • Twin needle
  • Cleaning brush
  • Eyelet punch
  • 2 screwdrivers
  • 3 spool caps
  • Extra spool pin
  • Spool net
  • Grid sheet setting
  • Foot controller pedal
  • Hard protective case

11 presser feet is considerably less than the Singer, but it’s still a good selection, and the Brother PC420PRW also comes with an additional eyelet punch and practical hard protective case.

Singer vs Brother Sewing Machines

Big brands Brother and Singer both have excellent reputations for producing affordable, quality sewing machines — but which is the better of the two?

Probably the most famous sewing machine makers in the world, Singer have been at the cutting edge of sewing technology for over 200 years, so it’s safe to say that they know what makes a good sewing machine.

Brother may not have been in the game for quite so long, but they have nevertheless established prominence for reliable, high tech sewing machines.

Both brands produce a wide range of machines at a wide range of prices, from entry level right up to serious professional level sewing machines.

This makes it pretty tough to choose between the two. Both companies use their own slightly different tech, and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

singer quantum stylist vs brother project runway

Let’s take a look at some comparisons…


Brother tend to pack a few more features into their lower end machines than Singer, so if you’re looking for a beginner sewing machine then Brother may be the better bet.

Singer on the other hand tend to offer better features for mid to high price range machines.

Build quality

Both brands produce top quality machines.

Yes, some parts are usually plastic unless the machine is heavy duty, but that’s the industry norm these days and it does make the machines more lightweight and portable.

There’s not much to choose between the two.

Customer support

Brother and Singer both have a very good customer service record.

You can contact customer support easily via their websites, and both brands are active on social media, as well as providing helpful ‘how to’ videos on YouTube and more.

best brother sewing machine


Singer operate a 30 day returns policy and a 25 year limited warranty on the machine head.

Other parts of the Quantum Stylist such as motors, lED lights, wiring, switches, speed control and electronic components are covered by a 5 year limited warranty, and adjustment, belts, rings, bulbs and attachments are covered by a 1 year limited warranty.

Brother also offer a 25 year limited warranty, which covers the body of the machine for 25 years, replacement of parts, labor, and accessories for the PC420PRW for 1 year, and electrical components for 2 years.

As you can see both companies are very similar in what they offer. In the end it comes down to personal choice.

Both Brother and Singer are excellent brands, so you need to make an informed choice based on budget and the features you need from your machine.

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 vs Brother PC420PRW: Pros and Cons

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Singer Quantum Stylist Pros

Very versatile

The huge range of stitches available and the excellent selection of presser feet that come with the machine means it’s possible to do almost anything you can think of with the Singer Quantum Stylist.

Storage space

A roomy storage compartment provides plenty of space to organize the multitude of accessories that come with the Singer Quantum Stylist.

Stitch quality

It’s no good having all those stitch options if the end result doesn’t turn out well.

The good news is that the Singer Quantum Stylist has superb stitch quality, giving an even stitch — even when sewing tough fabrics like vinyl and leather or when sewing at high speeds.

You can even use it for small scale quilting and embroidery:

Ease of use

Despite the fact that the Singer Quantum Stylist is loaded with features and tech, it’s really easy to use thanks to the clever computerized LCD screen and automated features such as bobbin winding, needle threading and thread cutting, plus the top drop-in bobbin and adjustable speed settings.

Bright working area

Even when working in dim light conditions, you’ll still be able to see the work area perfectly due to the double LED light.

singer 9960 vs brother pc420

Singer Quantum Stylist Cons

Mind boggling for beginners

Yes, this sewing machine is easy to use, but it has so many features and stitch choices that some beginners may find it difficult to get to grips with at first.

That said, once you get the hang of it, sewing with the Singer Quantum Stylist is a breeze.

No pattern saving

One of the major differences between the Singer Quantum Stylist and the Brother PC420PRW, is that it’s not possible to create and save your own unique patterns.

Small work area

If quilting is your passion or if you frequently need to sew thick layers of fabric the Singer Quantum Stylist may not be for you as the throat and work area are a little on the small side compared to some other machines of around the same price.

Brother PC420PRW Pros

Ease of use

This is a great machine for beginners.

It is exceedingly straightforward to use with adjustable speed, and time and labor saving features such as automatic needle threading and cutting.

Take a look at this quick video to see how easy it is to change the needle position, for instance:

Knee lift

With the knee lifter feature of this machine, you can raise and lower the presser foot more easily without moving your hands, leaving them free to re-position or remove the fabrics without the risk of your work slipping.

Create your own stitches

The Custom Stitch feature of the Brother PC420PRW which enables you to design and save your own stitches is a big plus as it basically means the possibilities are endless.

Stitch quality

Producing perfectly even stitches every time, this sewing machine is reliable and great quality.

best sewing machine

Brother PC420PRW Cons

Thread tension adjustment

One of the few things that isn’t automatic on the Brother PC420PRW is the thread tension, which needs to be adjusted manually.

This takes a bit of trial and error and a bit of experience to get right, and might be off putting for beginners.

Thread cutter

The thread cutter on this machine is a fantastic feature but doesn’t always work perfectly and sometimes a little extra trimming with a pair of scissors is required to get those threads good and short.

Small stitches

Some stitches on the Brother PC420PRW come up a little on the teeny side — particularly lettering stitches and the zigzag stitch which is limited to 7 mm in size.

Overall Verdict

Both the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 and Brother PC420PRW are fantastic sewing machines, and it’s difficult to choose between them.

However in our view, due to its additional features and huge range of built-in stitches, the Singer Quantum Stylist just pips the Brother to the post. It is incredibly good value for money and is a machine that will grow with you as you improve your sewing skills.

Which do you think wins out in the battle of Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 vs Brother Project Runway PC420PRW?

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