How to Sew a Beanie

sew beanie

So, you want to sew your own beanie. They’re a fashionable accessory that also serves as invaluable during the chilled winter months, but what exactly does it take to create one yourself? In this guide, we’ll cover all the details necessary to transform your search for better fashion statements into a full-blown hobby! First, it’s … Read more

How to Start a Sewing Business

contract sewing for small business

Honing your sewing craft can take years – as can developing the confidence to share what you make with others. There is a distinct difference between making gifts for your friends, though, and starting your own sewing business. If you find yourself inspired by the idea of sharing your work with others, paying careful attention … Read more

3 Tips for Tunisian Crochet

how to Tunisian crochet

Tunisian crochet, also known as Afghan crochet, is the lovechild of crocheting and knitting. As a cross between the two, it has all the utility of knitting needles with the tight stitching of crochet. Talk about the best of both worlds! So how can you pick up the hobby and this specific style? Is it … Read more

A Guide to Brioche Knitting

how to knit brioche

Knitting is a wonderful hobby that all sorts of people pick up. Those that love creating and who like to keep their hands busy – and perhaps live in colder weather! – are quick to learn the many techniques one can use to knit. Brioche knitting may seem complicated. Like with all knitting, though, once … Read more

A Guide to Finding Sewing Jobs From Home

sew from home jobs

Sewing is your passion – or is at least an enjoyable enough task that you think you can utilize your skill in order to earn a bit of extra money. The easiest way to make this a reality is by working sewing jobs from home. Sewing-from-home jobs are more common than you may initially guess, … Read more

How to Sew Silk

sewing silk

The process of sewing silk isn’t difficult, but it definitely takes time and patience. Silk is a luxurious fabric that, when weaved together, is deceptively strong. Solitary silk threads, however, are delicate with ends that tend to fray easily. As such, sewing the material should be handled with care. The process of how to sew … Read more

How to Sew a Baby Blanket

baby blanket sewing patterns

Have you ever been invited to a baby shower, RSVP-ed “yes,” and suddenly froze as the question arises: what do you get as a present? There are the typical solutions – baby clothes, nursery supplies, and cute teddy bears. But, perhaps you want to gift something a little more personal? Or, instead of the last … Read more

How to Oil a Sewing Machine

sewing machine oil

Learning how to oil a sewing machine is essential for any beginning sewer. There are several elements involved in the process, however, and that can make getting started a little intimidating. We’ve gathered together some facts about different oils and the oiling process in general, so you can best understand how to care and keep-up … Read more

How to Sew a Button

how to sew on a button

Aside from fixing a broken seam, knowing how to sew a button is a must-have skill for everyone. You don’t need to go to a tailor or toss out a shirt just because a button popped off! Sewing on your own button is the reason why so many shirts come with extras, just in case … Read more

How to Sew an Infinity Scarf

infinity scarf sewing pattern

You’ve seen them everywhere, on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Facebook. They are always the rage come fall time and it seems like every woman has at least one: Infinity scarves. Simple, often handmade accessories, that complete any look, their low-key appearance has appealed for many seasons and for many reasons. But what if you want to … Read more

How to Thread a Sewing Machine

how to thread a brother sewing machine

Are you just a beginner in the sewing world? Or do you have experience with sewing things by hand, but are wary of the daunting block of a sewing machine sitting in the corner? Don’t be! Sewing machines have made projects easier for years now, and once you get past the beginning step, you’re well … Read more

How to Sew Elastic

sewing elastic

You have a dress. This dress is perfect, with or without the presence of pockets, and you love it. There’s just one problem. You want the waist tighter. Using elastic is the obvious answer, but who wants to struggle through winding together a casing and the elastic? No one. It’s time-consuming and frustrating, often increasingly … Read more

How to Sew a Tutu

how to make a no sew tutu

Many little girls and boys want to be ballerinas when they grow up, and nothing says ‘ballerina’ more than a tutu. While buying one in a store or online is, of course, very quick and easy, making your own is just as simple. With the right materials and few quick tips and techniques, your child … Read more

What is a Serger Sewing Machine?

how much is a serger sewing machine?

Those who have been crafting and sewing long enough have no doubt seen a variety of tools available to help their jobs, but how do you know what you need to succeed? While most home crafters know all about their reliable sewing machine, a quick cruise through your local fabric store will no doubt have … Read more

How to Sew Spandex

sewing spandex

Spandex: that magical fabric that moves with you and allows your waistband to stretch a couple more inches when you eat extra cookies. While spandex is wonderful in our clothes, sewing spandex can be a little difficult. It can raise some issues like puckering and bunching up when run through the sewing machine. But, with … Read more

How to Sew a Mitered Corner

how to sew miltered corners on a quilt

While sewing can be fun, some techniques can be harder than others, especially when what you want to make requires sewing more than just a straight line. If you ever looked closely at a napkin, a tablecloth, curtains, or a quilt, and wondered how they got the corners so perfect, you were looking at mitered … Read more

How to Hem Pants with a Sewing Machine

how to hem pants with a sewing machine blind stitch

Blind hems are perfect for quickly and neatly altering your pants from home. The standard cross-stitch method, done by manufacturers, is susceptible to snags and eventual folds coming undone. Blind hems use the simple method of folding, pinning, and stitching to create a nearly invisible stitch. Even if a stitch were to snag, the zig-zag … Read more

How to Clean a Sewing Machine

how to clean a brother sewing machine

If there is one universal truth for crafters, it’s this: sewing machines know when you’re on a deadline, and they can smell fear. Why is it sewing machines always seem to have issues mid-project? Well, it could be that it simply needs to be cleaned! The number one way to keep your machine running smoothly … Read more

How to Sew a Hole

how to sew up a hole

Holed clothes are back in fashion, but there’s no need to go and buy new clothes! You can easily modify your current wardrobe for as much as it costs to buy a needle and thread, if you don’t have them already at your disposal. If you feel intimidated – don’t. It’s easy to learn how … Read more

How to Sew Doll Clothes

sewing doll clothes

When you have a kiddo who loves playing dress-up with their dolls, from American Girl, to Lori, to Barbie, of course you want to shower them with accessories and outfits. However, doll clothing can get expensive quickly. What better way to save some money and create a personalized touch than to sew your own clothes … Read more

How to Sew Ribbons on Pointe Shoes

how to sew pointe shoe ribbons

One of ballet’s most cherished—and most tedious—rituals is sewing on your ribbons. Some schools require ribbons on technique shoes for exams, and some require students to wear shankless, or pre-pointe, shoes. Most pointe shoe ribbons are made of nylon or polyester satin, and they come in either a shiny or a matte finish. They should … Read more

Where to Find Sewing Patterns Online

free sewing patterns

One of the most exciting things about being a sewist is hunting down new sewing patterns. We always used to pick these up for a few dollars at a craft store, but the internet has brought thousands upon thousands of them (including free sewing patterns!) right to our fingerprints. It’s not quite as easy as … Read more

How to Sew a Pillow Case

sewing pillow cases

Ever wondered how to sew a pillow case? Maybe you need a pillow case but haven’t found one that’s in a color or pattern you want. Perhaps you need to learn how to sew a body pillow case since they’re not sold at most stores. Maybe you want to learn how to sew pillow case … Read more

How to Sew Knits

how to sew knits

Sewing with knits can seem like an impossible task. With such complex fabric and so much room for error, how can you even begin? Once you’re started, how can you avoid the typical pitfalls which turn a strong venture into a disaster? If you’re wondering what stitches are best or what issues to watch out … Read more

How to Use a Sewing Machine

how to use a singer sewing machine

Are you wondering how to use a sewing machine? Don’t worry — you’re not the only one. Sewing machines look complicated, but they’re really not. It’s simply a matter of knowing the basic functions and understanding the core purpose of those more intricate features. Here we’ll break it down, so you can feel confident and … Read more

An Illustrated History Of The Sewing Machine

sewing machine inventor

The history of the sewing machine is not a straightforward one. With its roots dating back as far as 1755, this revolutionary machine was borne out of stop-start beginnings, patent wars, and a huge factory fire. A surprisingly sexy history for such a domestic machine. Plenty of inventors and nations lay claim to the invention … Read more