How to Sew Ribbons on Pointe Shoes

how to sew pointe shoe ribbons

One of ballet’s most cherished—and most tedious—rituals is sewing on your ribbons. Some schools require ribbons on technique shoes for exams, and some require students to wear shankless, or pre-pointe, shoes. Most pointe shoe ribbons are made of nylon or polyester satin, and they come in either a shiny or a matte finish. They should … Read more

Where to Find Sewing Patterns Online

free sewing patterns

One of the most exciting things about being a sewist is hunting down new sewing patterns. We always used to pick these up for a few dollars at a craft store, but the internet has brought thousands upon thousands of them (including free sewing patterns!) right to our fingerprints. It’s not quite as easy as … Read more

How to Sew a Pillow Case

sewing pillow cases

Ever wondered how to sew a pillow case? Maybe you need a pillow case but haven’t found one that’s in a color or pattern you want. Perhaps you need to learn how to sew a body pillow case since they’re not sold at most stores. Maybe you want to learn how to sew pillow case … Read more

How to Sew Knits

how to sew knits

Sewing with knits can seem like an impossible task. With such complex fabric and so much room for error, how can you even begin? Once you’re started, how can you avoid the typical pitfalls which turn a strong venture into a disaster? If you’re wondering what stitches are best or what issues to watch out … Read more

How to Use a Sewing Machine

how to use a singer sewing machine

Are you wondering how to use a sewing machine? Don’t worry — you’re not the only one. Sewing machines look complicated, but they’re really not. It’s simply a matter of knowing the basic functions and understanding the core purpose of those more intricate features. Here we’ll break it down, so you can feel confident and … Read more

An Illustrated History Of The Sewing Machine

sewing machine inventor

The history of the sewing machine is not a straightforward one. With its roots dating back as far as 1755, this revolutionary machine was borne out of stop-start beginnings, patent wars, and a huge factory fire. A surprisingly sexy history for such a domestic machine. Plenty of inventors and nations lay claim to the invention … Read more

Sewing Machines 101: Everything You Need To Know

the best sewing machines

Want to buy a home sewing machine? The technical jargon and specifications can be crazily overwhelming when it comes to choosing the best sewing machines. Who knew sewing machines were such a complex feat of engineering? But, no fear — if you’re stuck wondering what on earth feed dogs are, this guide is for you. We’ll … Read more