Timeless Tunic Sewing Patterns: From Boho To Chic

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Looking for the best tunic sewing patterns?

Originating from ancient Rome, tunics are a timeless and versatile clothing item that is worn by women all over the world. Originally tunics were worn by both men and women and were typically longer than modern day tunic designs.

For those of you who may be questioning what a tunic is, it is a piece of clothing worn on the top and it covers from the shoulder down to between the hips and the knees.

Tunics can be both for different seasons and can be styled up or styled down for occasion or comfort. Tunics are such versatile pieces and that is what makes them so popular.

Whether you are new to sewing or an experienced pro there are sewing patterns out there that can match your ability so that everyone can experience making their own tunic sewing patterns.

Here we gather timeless tunic sewing patterns, ranging from boho to chic, to have you looking fashionable even when running out to get the groceries. 

From Boho To Chic Timeless Tunic Sewing Patterns

Short Length Tunics

Shorter tunics are commonly worn as they are often looser fitting than normal tops as well as being made from a light material making them extremely comfortable and breathable. Here is a pattern of a classic shorter tunic.

Piper Boho Tunic

Piper Boho Tunic
Source: Pinterest

This pattern can be adapted to create longer and shorter versions of this tunic. Featuring an open tie neckline and a gorgeous button-up detail on the sleeve this tunic can be worn dressed up or casually. The pattern includes sizes 0-24 and 30-54.

Medium Length Tunics

Medium length tunics are ideal if you do not want to wear a dress but would like a longer top that sits below your waistline rather than above. Here we have two patterns, ranging in difficulty to sew, that are sure to appeal to a range of fashion styles. 

Texture Clothing – Every Body Tunic Sewing Pattern

Texture Clothing - Every Body Tunic Sewing Pattern
Source: Pinterest

This pattern is simple and easy to follow making it suitable for those who have little to no experience with sewing. The pattern can be adapted to feature pockets on the front of the tunic or no pockets at all. Perfect with a pair of jeans or leggings this design lives up to its name as it could be worn by everybody. 

It’s Always Autumn – Swing Tunic Sewing Pattern

It’s Always Autumn - Swing Tunic Sewing Pattern
Source: Pinterest

Slightly more difficult than the previous pattern, this tunic design includes short sleeves. These sleeves can be stitched together and measured to fit looser than in the image shown. The beauty of sewing your own clothes is that you can adapt and change so that your clothes work to your body’s needs and what feels comfortable for you.

Longer Dress Tunics

Longer tunics can often be worn as dresses and are the perfect item of clothing to wear for work or events without being uncomfortable. Often dressier clothing can be ill-fitting and uncomfortable. With both of these designs, you are sure to be comfortable and stylish, no matter what the occasion is. 

Green Style Creations – Laurel Tunic Sewing Pattern 

Green Style Creations - Laurel Tunic Sewing Pattern 
Source: Pinterest

A more casual tunic, this can be worn as a dress that features a beautiful cowl neck design as well as pockets. This tunic would be lovely and light in the summer months with its elbow-length sleeves and open neck and it could be worn with a turtle neck to make it suitable for the colder months too. This pattern caters to sizes XXS to 3XL.

Oliver And S – Gallery Tunic Sewing Patterns 

Oliver And S - Gallery Tunic Sewing Pattern 
Source: Pinterest

The beautiful tunic can be worn as a dress. It features three-quarter-length sleeves and a one-piece collar. This tunic is loose fitting and pockets are included in this design. This style would suit anyone and it is effortlessly chic. 

Ways To Wear And Style Tunics

  • Longer tunics can be worn with leggings for optimal comfort
  • Tunics can be worn with layers underneath for the colder weather
  • Tunics can be worn with jeans or long skirts for dressier occasions
  • You can style up a looser fitting tunic by simply adding a belt, a sure way to accentuate your waist with very little effort 
  • Depending on the pattern your tunic is you could style it up with jewelry to add an extra bit of pizzazz. 

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