The Ultimate List of Sewing Subscription Boxes

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Sewing subscription boxes are fun presents for you or a loved one to enjoy. Receiving a delightful hobby parcel is a joy, no matter whether you know it’s coming or not! And there are so many different boxes to choose from, giving you a sewing pack that suits your specific desires.

With loads of subscription boxes promising diverse sewing projects, it can be challenging to choose one. Some are for beginners, others contain specific clothing designs, and others provide gorgeous fabrics for your collection. 

The Ultimate List of Sewing Subscription Boxes

To help you figure out which sewing subscription box you want, we’ve made a list of the best ones. We hope this enables you to make your decision and get happily crafting! So read on to find your perfect sewing subscription box.

Sew Essentials Snob Box

This subscription box includes high-quality fabrics that help you make a different garment every month. In addition, the Sew Essentials Snob Box will give you 2 or 3 meters of cloth designed to challenge and inspire you. This service even comes with an option to post what you’ve sewed on social media to win a cash prize.

As this package only comes with fabric, you need to have basic sewing skills to effectively use it.

Simply Sewing Boxes

Every month this company sends its subscribers a package including surprise sewing accessories. So, it’s brilliant for crafters who love spontaneously creating. Simply Sewing Boxes uses 100% cotton fabric, so you can be sure that the textiles are high quality.

In addition to this, the company provides a new tutorial every month, combining these instructions with video tutorials. And, you can choose what textiles you’ll have in your box. You get a coordinating thread, too! 

Sew Beautiful

This service is ideal for those that have small children in their life that they want to create gifts for. There’s a sewing pattern for an infant, patterns, and fabric in every package. You can do these if you’re a newbie to sewing, making it super accessible for excited grandparents, friends, and parents-to-be.

If you don’t want to create baby items, there’s a whole range of other subscription boxes to choose from. When we researched this site, we saw that you can get quilting fabrics, embroidery kits, and more here.

MadamSew Sew Happy Boxes

As the name suggests, these boxes are filled with happy surprises for you to get sewing. There are different packages you can choose from, including textiles, a pattern, and all the extra tools you would require to complete the project.

You don’t need to subscribe to the monthly boxes and can order them when you want. This is ideal for beginners trying out sewing projects but doesn’t want to commit to many. These boxes would also make a perfect gift for someone wanting to start crafting, too.

Sew Fabulous Fabrics

This subscription service uses high-quality textiles from renowned designers, including QT Fabrics, Art Gallery Fabrics, Lewis and Irene, and Dashwood. In addition, you can get a sewing subscription box for one or three months, which helps those who want to spice up their sewing knowledge over time.

The packages include a pattern, fabrics, and handy additional information depending on what you want. It’s great for intermediate to expert-level sewers.

Grow & Sew

Every subscription box is oriented towards sewing items for babies or children. Each kit comes with everything you need to create cute projects for little ones. And, if you love surprises, you won’t know what’s coming your way until three days after the manufacturer has sent it! 

As a fun project for pregnant people, their friends, or their family, Grow & Sew do nine-month boxes. So, you can spend your time when you’re creating a baby, making fun items for the infant. 

Sew Sampler

This quilting subscription box contains specially chosen items to create beautiful handmade things. The manufacturer includes notions, patterns, fabric, bonus treats, and more in every box every month.

This package is fantastic value for money. Every box has a recipe pattern for free-ranging sizes to suit different needs. In addition, the service always puts in surprise items, which are sure to inspire you to spark up new designs and ideas. 

Sew Hayley Jane

Sew Hayley Jane

If you are scared of signing up for a long-term subscription box, the Sew Hayley Jane service is an ideal option. This company doesn’t require you to sign a contract, so if you find that the project no longer suits you, you aren’t roped into anything binding.

There are three different box packages available: the cheapest ‘Mini’ box, mid-range price ‘Classic’ package, and the high-end ‘Luxury’ option. Each has different benefits to suit those on a budget right through to those who can afford to indulge more in their sewing projects.

The Sewciety

The Sewciety box has premium fabrics, modern designs, coordinating spools of thread, great notions, and way more. As a nice bonus, The Sewciety provides you with free shipping, so you can save money and spend it on increasing your project collection!

This company can send you a box every six, three, or one month. And you’re not locked in once you make this decision either; you can cancel the subscriptions whenever you want. If you don’t want it to continue, make sure you cancel it as otherwise, the sewing service will renew automatically. 

Little Miss Sew N Sew

This subscription box has several different options, including those who want fat quarters, quilting, and patchwork projects. We adore the detail that goes into these sewing subscription products. In addition, the boxes have options that contain specially created patterns, so you really are getting a high-quality product.

The boxes have coordinating thread for you to conceal your carefully made stitches. In addition, there are glossy booklets put in with the creators’ patterns to guide you through the making process. Finally, if you only want a few quarters, a trial box service is perfect for beginner sewers.

Needle Sharp

Needle Sharp does a range of sewing boxes that you can subscribe to. The Sew Essential Box’ is ideal for beginners who want to try sewing but don’t have the tools yet. In addition, there are more indulgent packages, which include luxury clothing patterns.

The subscription service has flattering patterns that will create clothes that have gorgeous silhouettes. This modern sewing box company is ideal if you don’t want to go retro or overly traditional with your crafting. Instead, Needle & Sharp provides you with the materials to create wearable items. We believe that you’ll surprise yourself with what you can make with these boxes!

Where Fun Begins!

Every item in these packages is hand-picked to suit fabric lovers. These boxes are great value for money, as the company adds in bonus items for you to enjoy! If you’re a quilter, we highly recommend going for this product, as many complementary and eclectic textiles are included.

You can cancel this subscription service whenever you want, so you’re not locked into the contract. Professional designers produce all the fabrics who think carefully about the colors, textile weight, and patterns. Each month is a fun surprise with this service, allowing you to enjoy crafting with suitable materials!

Quilty Box

Quilty Box has a few different subscription box options that can help you sew, whether you’re on a budget or not. For example, you’d receive 2 yards of fabric in the Classic Box, high-quality tools, thread, and notions. And the joy doesn’t end there!

Quilty Box works with artists who create a full-sized pattern carefully crafted with you in mind. There are also inspirational magazine bundles, including extra tips, articles, patterns, and information on the talented artist. So, with this box, you can fully immerse yourself in sewing, rather than just creating one design.

And, the monthly boxes contain unique items, so even if you subscribe for a while, you’ll be receiving new materials.

Sewers Club

When you become a member of the Sewers Club, you’ll receive a monthly project box, which is very reasonably priced. And, you won’t be chained to a contract with this company, either! Some plans are designed to suit different styles, crafters, and tastes.

There’s a monthly project pattern that you’d receive. These can be on anything from bags, homeware, table runners, and so much more. And, the boxes contain high-quality fabrics and notions, which allow you to comfortably make the designs. If you fall in love with the service, they even have a feature that lets you subscribe to receive different notions every month!

You won’t have to pay for shipping either. Experienced customers highly praise Sewers Club for their attention to detail with this product. This truly is a little bundle of joy!

IndieStitch Sewing Subscription Box

When you subscribe to the IndieStitch Sewing Box, you can create a piece of women’s clothing every month! If you don’t already have the tools to craft the project, the service puts in everything required. You can also subscribe to receive project packages for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months!

We recommend going for this product for those who want accessible sewing projects for those of all sizes. Every pattern they provide is size-inclusive, ranging from XXS – Plus 3X. Wow! We love that this means that every sewer can enjoy and wear their items, regardless of their shape.

With the IndieStitch service, you don’t have to sew alone! Instead, there’s a sewing community with supportive members that share tips, tutorials, and coupons to textile shops. Wow, that’s a lot for one product, meaning it’s super great value for money.

Thread Crate

For those searching for a clothing sewing subscription, Thread Crate has got you covered. This subscription provides everything required to create the project, making it a perfect gift for someone curious about sewing. 

The product is for those who are beginners or intermediate sewers. However, even if you’re very new to this craft, every package has step-by-step directions to guide you through the techniques and process. In addition, there’s a private social media group, which will support you through creating your garment. This community will provide you with a friendly sewing chat to help you make the most of your box.

You will have to have access to a sewing machine and be able to work it to craft these projects. However, once you’ve got these basics down, the projects are super easy to master! Adding precious pieces to your wardrobe is easy with the Thread Crate subscription box.

Sew What Box

You can subscribe to this service for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. The boxes contain all the sewing goodies you could want for a fun project. There’s pre-cut fabric included, which takes away the annoying fiddly part and allows you to get sewing. There are also fun tutorials, giving you tips, new tool information, and all the high-quality materials you could ever want.

This box is a great way to bond with family and friends, or if you prefer, you can treat yourself to a night alone. With this project package, you won’t have to dash off to the craft store, searching for missing sewing items. Instead, the service gives you the materials to make helpful zipper pouches, gardening items, aprons, and household organizers.

As a brilliant extra, the Sew What Box will teach you how to do trickier techniques every month. These could be French seams, buttonhole hacks, and figuring out thread tension. So, you’ll have your own personal sewing teacher arriving on your welcome mat every month!

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