13 Best Sewing Apps For Beginners

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Who hasn’t got a smartphone nowadays? With new technology constantly at our fingertips, it’s easy to find anything you’re looking for.

There are apps available for just about every hobby imaginable – and that includes sewing!

If you’re a beginner sewer looking for some guidance, or even an experienced sewer who wants some inspiration, there are plenty of great sewing apps out there.

Here are our top 13 picks for the best sewing apps for beginners:

The Best Sewing Apps For Beginners

best sewing apps for beginners

1. Pinterest

Overview: Pinterest is a visual search engine for finding ideas.

Pinterest is a great multifunctional tool for beginners starting their sewing journey. This app allows you to search for multitudes of creative ideas and how to execute them. You can easily research what you need from beginner to pro, with step-by-step instructions for ideas and projects.

Pinterest is a social network that has always been popular with crafters. Many of us use it as an inspiration board for pinning projects that we’d like to make – or simply for marvelling at the creativity of others. It’s like having access to the world’s biggest sewing group.

You’ll find plenty of sewing inspiration on the site.

Available on: iOS and Android devices.

2. Easy Sewing And Embroidery Step By Step

Embroidery app

Overview:  An app that teaches you the basic sewing methods and techniques with videos. 

This app is great for the sewing newbie. If you just purchased your machine, congratulations, but if you are slightly intimidated by it, don’t be. This app is absolutely great for teaching you the basics of how to get started by stitching by hand, and using your multifunctional sewing machine.

This app contains videos and courses to help you get sewing in no time. It provides you with detailed descriptions to help you understand the basic requirements and advice for tailoring all types of clothes.

Available on: Android devices          

3. ISewMe

Overview:  Helps you document and organize all your sewing projects

This is a simple little app that helps document sewing projects. It helps create profiles, measurements and details for future use.

It helps you keep count of your fabric stock, patterns, and other little odds and ends that it’s a pain to run out of when you’re in the middle of a project.

Available on: iOS devices

4. Sew Awesome 2

Sew Awesome Sewing App

Overview: This helps you keep track of all your sewing essentials.

This app will help you get started by tracking all of your sewing inventory.

You can now save your measurements and those of friends or family for the next time you want to make them a gift.

As a pro user, you can add your own pictures or documents, and everything gets saved to the cloud, so your information is available across multiple devices.

The app is packed with useful features for beginners that can help you to understand the sewing terminology better, as well as some handy reference charts for:

  • Types of sewing fabrics
  • Types of sewing machines
  • Sewing machine feet and their different uses
  • Thread counts 
  • Easily access sewing patterns or store them for quick reference
  • Diagrams of needles and their uses
  • Fabric measurement charts
  • Button charts and sizes

Available on: Android and iOS devices

5. All About Fabrics

All About Fabrics

Overview: Calculates the amount of fabric you need for a project.

When you start out in sewing, it can be quite daunting to work out how much material you need for a specific pattern. Luckily, All About Fabrics has simplified the process with an app that can quickly calculate the correct amount of material you will need.

It can also help you locate your nearest fabric store if you are short of material and gives you useful information about the material that you will need.

Note: If you want to know the cheapest places to buy fabric, see our comprehensive guide!

Available on: iOS devices 

6. Stash Star Fabrics

Overview:  Helps organize your collection of fabrics for easy reference.

If you ever find yourself at a fabric store looking at the material and wondering if you already have it in your stock, then this handy app is just for you.

Stash Star Fabric will organize and track your collection of fabrics. You can easily take snapshots of your fabric and record all the important details you need to save, like yardage, color, pattern, type, and much more.

Available on: iOS devices

7. Sew Organized

Sewing Tutorial APp

Overview: Assists in keeping track of all your sewing projects.

This is another great app for organizing sewing projects, storing measurements for future collections, organizing your sewing patterns, and storing your fabric stash. You can even add your sewing shopping list for the next time you’re at the supply store.

This app also allows you to browse for inspirational projects.

You can easily track previous work done and store measurements of all the people you sewed for, and even set reminder due dates for work that you started to ensure that no project is left unfinished.

Available on: Android devices

8. Sewing Log

Overview: Log every aspect of your sewing journey

Adding patterns is quick, easy, and painless as the auto-fill feature adds all the information to your saved pattern.

With several filters available, it’s possible to track and review projects and also store client contact and media info.

There’s a nice feature that allows you to look up projects by pattern or fabric, and you can save several pictures at the same time.

Available on: iOS devices

9. Simply Sewing Magazine

Simply Sewing Magazine

Overview: Magazine app with ideas and how-to tips.

This is more of a magazine app directed at sewers, or those that want to start. It is filled with great ideas to jump-start your inspiration. Jam-packed with photography for new projects that will get you behind your machine in no time.

Simply Sewing will give you step-by-step projects to try out, new trending ideas, and tips and tricks on how to become a better sewer. 

Available on: Android and iOS devices

10. Quilting Tutorials By MSQC

Overview: Quilting tutorial videos and patterns.

This is a great app for beginner and seasoned sewers looking to create beautiful quilts. The videos show you step-by-step tips and tricks on how to create your brand new quilting project.

Each project has visual cues on how to create gorgeous patterns and a list of the material you will need to execute the design.

Available on: Android and iOS devices

11. Quilt Wizard

Overview:  Helps you design a quilt before cutting or buying material

Not sure if the fabric will look good on your quilt or can’t decide which fabric to buy to finish your quilt? Quilt Wizard lets you take pictures of any material and apply them to your quilt design.

Stop wasting money on buying the wrong fabric for your quilt. At the touch of your fingers, you can snap, create, and decide if the fabric will be a great contrast or addition to your quilt.

Some great features include:

  • Use your photo library to build your fabric stash
  • 100 plus list of popular quilting block designs
  • It gives you options for sashing and borders
  • Ability to use already sewn blocks in your new design 
  • Ability to design multiple quilts at the same time.

Available on: iOS devices.

12. Quilting Maths

Quilting Maths

Overview:  This app does the calculations for you.

Do you want to make a quilt, but you don’t know how much material, thread, or binding you need? This is another handy app does the dirty work for you. 

It will calculate how much fabric you need for your quilt and is an ideal app to calculate what quilt you could design from your fabric stash. 

Available on: Android and iOS devices.

13. Quilting Calc

Overview:  A quilter’s little helper that work out all the measurements for you.

Quilting Calc is a handy tool to quickly convert measurements from yards, inches, meters, and centimeters. It calculates not only the required amount of fabric but gives you the amount of batting you need for the projects.

It’s an all-in-one quilter’s delight, taking the hard work out of measuring. Some features include:

  • Measurement converter
  • Calculates backing and batting requirements
  • Calculates fixed-sized pieces that can be cut out from a large piece of fabric.
  • It calculates the amount of fabric needed for the binding.
  • It can calculate squares in square designs, set-ins, and triangle corners.

Just a super nifty little tool to make quilting even more pleasurable.

Available on: Android and iOS devices.

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