Where To Sell Old Prom Dresses

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Your prom dress is one of the fanciest dresses you will likely ever wear. As such, you probably spent quite a lot of money on it. And while your prom was a magical night, you might now be wondering what to do with your prom dress after the big night.

Well, you can sell it, of course!

So, where to sell old prom dresses?

Various websites, such as Prom Again, Yoogi’s Closet, and Poshmark, specialize in selling used and pre-owned clothing. You can also sell your prom dress on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or Craigslist. Alternatively, you can take your prom dress to a consignment store or pawn shop to sell it. 

This article discusses various ways to sell your old prom dress and shares some tips for ensuring your dress is sold much faster and for a better price.

So don’t worry if you’ve overspent on your dream prom dress because now is the time to make some of that money back!

Where Can I Sell My Old Prom Dress?

Where to sell old prom dresses

Fortunately, there are many options for reselling your old prom dress. And if you want the best price, it’s normally going to be worth selling online.

This is the perfect place to sell your prom dress as you access a greater potential market by selling your dress online. However, there is the possibility of being scammed, so be cautious of potential buyers. 

We also include two options for selling your prom dress offline. There are some benefits to these options, and it ultimately depends on whether you’re looking for maximum return or maximum convenience.

So, here are the top 8 places where you can sell your old prom dress.

1. Prom Again

Prom Again is an online platform where you can list and resell your old prom dress, formal wear, and accessories. This website is straightforward and makes it easy for you to list and sell your preloved prom dress. 

All you have to do when you want to sell a prom dress on Prom Again is to fill in the description of your dress, upload a photo, and determine the price you want to pay for the dress. Then, if someone is interested to buy your prom dress, they pay the money directly to you, and you then ship them the dress. 

Include the shipping costs in your price. Your chance of selling the prom dress is improved if you advertise it as “shipping included.” However, you can also ask the buyer to pay for the shipping. 

2. Yoogi’s Closet

Yoogi’s Closet is another online platform specializing in selling pre-owned luxury items, such as prom dresses. To sell your prom dress on Yoogi’s Closet, send them a description and pictures of your dress. Then, they will send you a quote of what they will offer you for the dress.

If you are satisfied with their offer, you can ship them your prom dress, and they will make a final offer on the dress after inspecting its condition. Then, you can either accept the offer, and they will pay the money into your account, or you can sell the dress on consignment. 

Sell on Yogi closet

If you sell your prom dress on consignment, Yoogi’s Closet will only pay you once the dress is sold.

However, this might mean that you get more money for the dress. The advantage of selling your dress through Yoogi’s Closet is that you don’t have to manage any marketing or admin of selling the dress. It’s all done for you.

3. Poshmark

Yet another online site where you can sell your prom dress is Poshmark. 

Poshmark is an online platform selling preloved fashion items, jewelry, and furniture. To sell your prom dress on Poshmark is just as easy as the other websites, and you don’t pay any advertising fees. 

First, you create an account on the Poshmark website. Then, you list your prom dress, which is ready to sell! Poshmark will cover all the advertising and administration costs. They will then also take 20% of the price you get for your prom dress. 

In addition to handling your administration, Poshmark will also provide you with shipping labels. Their consultants will take you through the profile setup and marketing steps, so you know exactly what to do. 

These platforms are great for selling your old prom dress because they make it easy and convenient. However, suppose you don’t want to lose some of the money you get for your prom dress by paying a company commission.

In that case, you can also sell your prom dress privately on one of the following websites…

4. Facebook Marketplace 

Almost everyone has a Facebook account, although some people rarely use their accounts.

However, did you know that Facebook has a marketplace where you can buy and sell your preloved or new items?

Facebook marketplace is an excellent tool for researching what items are available in your location. You can also advertise your old prom dress on this platform. 

Simply log into your Facebook account to advertise your prom dress on the Facebook marketplace. Then, select the store icon at the top of your Facebook page and create your listing. The great thing about Facebook marketplace is that you cut out the middleman and get to keep all the profit you make when selling your prom dress on this platform. 

Again, we recommend including the shipping price at your asking price because this will make the buyer feels like they get a bargain.

Some customers might ask to see the dress before buying it, and your answer to this depends on what you are comfortable with. 

5. eBay

eBay is another popular online selling platform that we’re all familiar with.

On eBay, you first list the item you want to sell. Then, people have a limited time to make offers on the item you are selling. When the bidding time is up, you can sell the item to the highest person or whoever offered your asking price. 

When using eBay to sell your prom dress, the company does take a portion of the final price you get for the dress. However, they offer coverage against scammers and ensure you get the money before you ship your item to the buyer. 

eBay is a safe and trusted platform where you can sell your prom dress. However, this will mean you must pay them a commission fee, much like the other platforms.  

6. Craigslist

The final online platform is Craigslist. This is another online marketing platform where you can list and sell your prom dress. It works much like Facebook marketplace because you are responsible for dealing with the customer, receiving the payment, and getting your prom dress to the customer.

However, when selling on Craigslist, you don’t pay the company a commission on your prom dress; the company simply offers you the opportunity to advertise on their platform. This gives you more freedom to charge what you want when selling your prom dress. 

The downside to using Craigslist is that it has a poor reputation for scammers and time wasters. You don’t have the same protection that is afforded by a professional selling platform like eBay.

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If you don’t trust online platforms or don’t want to deal with shipping the dress to the buyer, you can take it to a local store instead…

7. Consignment Stores

A consignment store will take your prom dress and keep it until it is sold. They will only then pay you a portion of what they got for the dress.

While this means that you can wait a while to get the money for your dress, you don’t have to do any administration, deal with the client, or manage the shipping of your old prom dress. 

There are various types of consignment stores, and some of them can make you a lot of money when selling your prom dress.

However, it ultimately depends on how hurried you are to get the money for your prom dress and how much you trust the integrity of the store owner. 

8. Pawn Shops

If you’re in a hurry to sell your prom dress and don’t want to leave it at a consignment store, a pawn shop is your best bet. Most towns and cities have a pawn shops where you can buy pre-owned items at a discounted price. 

However, when selling your dress to a pawn shop, you might not get as good a price as you would selling it privately. Pawn shops often underpay their clients and sell the same products for a much higher price, meaning they make a lot of profit on your old prom dress. 

However, a pawn shop is the fastest way to do so if you’re in a pickle to sell your prom dress. You can also barter with the owner to get a better price for your prom dress. In addition, you get paid immediately for the dress and don’t have to spend time finding a buyer. 

We wouldn’t recommend a pawn shop unless you’re in a hurry to sell your dress for quick cash – but it’s the best option if you need the money today.

How To Get A Better Price For Your Old Prom Dress 

Advertising your prom dress correctly is key to ensuring you get a fair price for it. 

Here are some tips to get a good offer for your old prom dress.

  • Ensure your prom dress is clean and free of wrinkles when you advertise it.
  • Describe your prom dress in a lot of detail when you advertise it.
  • Always mention the designer of your prom dress, especially if it is a famous one.
  • Take clear pictures from various angles of the dress when listing it.
  • Include the size and measurements of the dress when listing it.
  • Ensure the customers know that this is a second-hand dress. 

Of course, you can ask more for a prom dress without rips or imperfections, so be sure to take care of the dress and wash it immediately after the prom if you want to sell it. 

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