How To Create Awesome Backpack Sewing Patterns

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Want to create your own backpack sewing patterns?

The backpack can be a great means of carrying things around the world. Having a backpack on your back can make you truly feel independent – as if you are setting off with all your worldly goods on an exciting adventure that you don’t know where it will end.

Backpacks are items that we use throughout our lives – whether they are used by school kids on their way to their first day at school; by teenagers who want to explore the world before going off to college or even by experienced elders who want to conquer some mountain now that they are retired.

As such, they have an important part to play in all of our lives. 

Awesome Backpack Sewing Patterns

However, you might find that although your backpack is extraordinarily useful it can look a little dull. An ordinary backpack may not inspire much imagination or feelings of adventure in the person who is wearing it. 

Therefore, you might feel like you want to customize your backpack or even make your own new backpack to bring a little bit of extra life and excitement into wearing a backpack. 

That’s where this piece comes in. If you are stuck for ideas as to how to change your backpack up then read on to find out about some awesome backpack sewing patterns. 

Customizing Your Existing Backpack 

There are all kinds of patterns and sewing opportunities if you have a backpack that you would like to customise or simply jazz up a bit.

For example, if you feel that the color of your backpack is a little dull then simply take your sewing set and begin sewing some new and exciting colors into it to create a patchwork or rainbow effect. Your backpack will certainly stand out more if you begin mixing some of your colorful sewing material into the top of the backpack. 

You could also easily sew some interesting and exciting accessories onto your backpack. For example, some people like to utilise old objects that they find around their home in order to bring either their backpacks or other objects to life.

If you have some objects lying around your house such as old pieces of broken jewellery or interesting and discarded patterns then it is worth seeing what they might look like on your backpack as they could give it that extra spark that you feel it needs. 

Similarly, if you are someone who has used many backpacks over the year it might be worth considering sewing some of the parts of your older backpacks onto your new one in order that you can always be reminded of the past journeys you have been on with them as a part of them will always be following along with you. 

Now that we’ve outlined some of the ways you can make awesome backpack customisations using different items sewn onto your backpack, let’s take a look at some specific patterns that you can use to make your own backpack. 

Before we outline some of the great patterns that you can use it is important to stress that if you are thinking of creating a backpack from scratch that you need to ensure you have the right materials to sew with. So, you need to make sure that you have access to heavy duty nylon, cotton canvas, vinyl or some other strong and sturdy materials on which to sew your design on to. 

Take Inspiration From The Patterns You See Around You 

Take Inspiration From The Patterns You See Around You 

If you are wondering where you should try to start looking for an awesome backpack sewing pattern, then look around your own home. See if there are any patterns that particularly stand out to you that you think would be particularly nice to see on a backpack.

If you have a favorite design pattern that you see throughout your home or that you have used for your sofa or bed, then why not try and replicate that style on your backpack? It will not only remind you of home when you are far away, but it will also ensure that you have a pattern that you really love as part of your travelling home. 

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The Argyll 

The Argyll sewing pattern is one of the most familiar sewing patterns out there and a favorite with those who like traditional designs. With its distinctive and stunning diamond design which brings back memories of Scottish history and tradition, the Argyll sewing pattern is perfect for anyone who wants to make their own awesome distinctive backpack. 

Block Color

If you want to create a backpack that can easily stand out from the rest, then sewing using a block color can help make your backpack stand out. Block colors are fantastic to use if you are stuck for a design choice and want to go for something that is easy to sew and yet will stand out to all who see it.

Some of the best block colors to sew with your backpack are strong primary colors like red or blue. You’ll never lose your backpack if you sew it together using such colors. 

Create Your Own Backpack Sewing Patterns & Designs

If you are making your own backpack then you are certainly someone who likes adventure so why not try to create your own design?

Designing your own pattern can be just as much fun as creating it on your backpack and it will also give you an extra creative outlet which will surely make you feel like you aren’t simply replicated someone else’s design and that your backpack is like any other backpack that is in existence – instead you will be able to feel that your backpack is truly unique and not simply the product of your own imagination and creativity. 

Why Sewing An Awesome Pattern On To Your Backpack Is A Great Idea

Backpacks are excellent ways of transporting items you own across large stretches of earth without having any great difficulty. This is why having your own backpack with your own design is an excellent idea for any traveller. 

Not only will it ensure that you have a sense of individuality with your backpack, but it will give you a sense of true creativity – that you are not only going out there and having a great time in the outdoors but that you are doing so in the style you want.

Making your own way in the world is truly important and you should never, ever forget that we are all individuals – so make sure your backpack is just as individual as you are by sewing on an awesome backpack pattern today. 

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