7 Best Online Sewing Classes

Best online sewing classes

Although YouTube is the place to go if you want to take classes or learn new knowledge, there are even better online sewing classes that will have you sewing like a pro in no time. Learning to sew can seem daunting as there are numerous components and sewing terminology to become familiar with. However, many … Read more

How To Find Sewing Groups Near Me

How to find sewing groups near me

Sewing is not known as the most social of hobbies. It is generally done alone, in your home, with only your sewing machines for company. But there are tremendous benefits to joining a sewing group, including bonding with others who have the same passion for sewing and contributing to community projects and charities as a … Read more

How Can I Make Money From Sewing?

How can I make money from sewing

If there is one thing we all want to do, it is to make money while doing what we love. And whether sewing is your hobby or something you want to pursue full-time, there are plenty of ways you can do this. Sewing is not only a field that has a lot of interest, but … Read more

How to Become a Sewing Teacher

teaching sewing classes

Sewing is often seen as a labor of love. A great deal of time, care, and attention goes into every stitch, and the end result is well worth the effort devoted to each project. The same can also be said for teaching. While they may seem vastly different on the surface, both sewing and teaching … Read more

Sewing Careers Guide

textile careers

Do you want to turn your sewing hobby into a career? Do you have doubts and fears about quitting your day job? Are you not even sure what it means to have a sewing or textile career? Worry no more! Here is some information about careers in the sewing industry, to help you figure out … Read more

How to Start a Sewing Business

contract sewing for small business

Honing your sewing craft can take years – as can developing the confidence to share what you make with others. There is a distinct difference between making gifts for your friends, though, and starting your own sewing business. If you find yourself inspired by the idea of sharing your work with others, paying careful attention … Read more

A Guide to Finding Sewing Jobs From Home

sew from home jobs

Sewing is your passion – or is at least an enjoyable enough task that you think you can utilize your skill in order to earn a bit of extra money. The easiest way to make this a reality is by working sewing jobs from home. Sewing-from-home jobs are more common than you may initially guess, … Read more