How Can I Make Money From Sewing?

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If there is one thing we all want to do, it is to make money while doing what we love.

And whether sewing is your hobby or something you want to pursue full-time, there are plenty of ways you can do this.

Sewing is not only a field that has a lot of interest, but it has been and will continue to be around for a long time, making sewing a valuable skill.

If you want to make money with sewing, you can start a business specializing in several things like clothing, baby clothing, pet clothes, or dolls and their clothing. You can also aim to a different market and only do repairs, give sewing classes, or a sewing machine repair class if you know enough.

With so many opportunities at your fingertips, getting excited is easy.

However, it is also crucial to know what you’re getting yourself into and prepare. You may need many things before you can start making money, but if you have sewing as a skill, you are already more than halfway there.

If you’ve found yourself wondering: “How can I make money from sewing?” – here are the best places to start!

Different Ways To Make Money With Sewing

How can I make money from sewing

There are many different fields that you can go into if you want to make money with sewing.

However, it is best to know what you’re interested in, how you can start, and what you’ll need. Below are some excellent business ideas for people that enjoy sewing:

Adjustments and Repairs

Though doing adjustments and repairs on clothing doesn’t seem like the most lucrative business opportunity, there is a large market. Many people buy something they like and get it adjusted after, and repairs are always necessary.

If you want to make a business of repairs and adjustments, you will need the basics to be able to do the job.

You will need a basic skill level, a sewing machine, and other inexpensive things like thread and measuring tapes. In addition to equipment, it is also best to have a social media presence through Facebook or Instagram, as that can help you get more customers.

Since most of the repair work won’t cost much, most of the money you get will be for labor.

People with a good skill level can charge upwards of 50 US dollars for a repair or alteration, depending on the kind and the amount of work. Though some of this money will go to new stock, most of it is profit.

Sell Custom-Made Clothing

Whether you cater to people who can’t get clothing in their sizes or people who prefer getting clothes made for them, custom clothing is a brilliant way to make money with sewing.

If you have a good skill level, have a sewing machine, have some fabrics, and the other basics, you can start almost immediately.

At the advanced end of the market, you can take advantage of specialised clothing software to design your own garments – right down to the tiniest detail. And then sell them straight on the marketplace.

If you have had customers before, ask them to leave a comment or review on your work and engage on social media to gain traction and get new customers.  

Depending on the market you cater to and the price of the materials you use, you can charge as much as a 60% markup on custom clothing.

For example, if you make a shirt that costs you 20 US dollars in fabrics, threads, and estimated wear and tear of your machine, you can quickly sell the shirt for upwards of 30 US dollars.

This price allows you to make more and even expand.

Sell Pet or Baby Clothing

There is a big market for different types of clothes too.

Naturally, baby clothes are always in demand – as are blankets and quilts! – and you can even make clothes for pets or dolls if you wish. Since this is a more niche market, you can also make even more money with this.

If this is the way you wish to go along, you will need a good skill level, a sewing machine, fabrics to get started, and the other basics like the thread.

You can also employ social media to help you gain more traction and get more customers. Especially since both babies and pets are “fashionable” targets, meaning they are always popular searches making the market easy to find.

You have a very open market for baby or pet clothes and can charge almost anything, especially if you have a big enough following. It is not uncommon for these items to get listed for more than double the cost and labor.

Focus on Accessories: Handbags and Tote Bags

If you do not like any of the previously mentioned ideas, you might want to look into making something different altogether. In this case, you might look to making accessories like handbags as an example. 

Making accessories such as handbags or tote bags can be tricky to get started. You will need some basic design and sewing skills, some fabric, a sewing machine, and other essential equipment.

However, making a fan or client base is much more critical for this type of item since the price can rely heavily on the number of people that want your product.

In the accessory market, you first need to look at the prices competitors charge for the same kind of product.

Tote bag

Once you are sure you can still make money while keeping to the standard price, your popularity will determine your product’s worth.

If there is a significant demand for your products, you can sell them at a higher price compared to a new shop that just opened up.

If you have some unique ideas or patterns you would like to create, print, and sell on your accessories, you might need to purchase a fabric printer or get someone to help you with this.

Unique patterns can increase the value of your products exponentially and make your business and goods a lot more desirable if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

Make Home Decor

It doesn’t matter what you make; home décor is a great business opportunity if you have the skill to make good quality products.

Home décor items you can make include throw pillow covers, couch covers, throw blankets or pillows, and many other things like curtains.

If you are good at designing patterns, this can also become a desirable style in the future.

To make and sell home décor items, you will need some skill and know-how in the design and sewing fields. You will also need equipment like a sewing machine and the other basics, and a fabric printer can also be beneficial if you are looking to make a name from your patterns.

Platforms like Etsy are a fantastic place to get started with huge in-built customer reach.

Naturally, you will also need quite a lot of material to move in to this space since very project is likely to have unique demands.

If you choose to make a home décor business using your design and sewing skills, you might have to start with a lower profit margin, like 10 to 20%.

However, as you gain more traction and get a good client base, you can increase the asking price for your goods and increase the profit margin to upwards of 50% per item.

Other Ways To Make Money With Sewing

If you are not interested in making and selling products for a living, there are also some other options you can look at exploring.

Some of the alternatives will appeal more to some than others, and not everyone will be able to follow these routes.

Teach Sewing Classes

There is a decent market for sewing classes if that is a direction you are willing to explore. Everyone can learn new skills online or in person in the digital age, and there is no reason why sewing can’t get taught this way.

The most accessible market is online, for which you will need the essential equipment mentioned above and a webcam.

You do not need a webcam and computer if you want to teach in person.

Sewing classes can range between 15 and 100 US dollars per class, lasting as long as 2 hours. The nice thing about doing this via the internet is that you only need to record it once. It’s possible to keep on earning via pre-recorded material that your students can access at any time.

A great way to earn while you sleep!

Sewing Machine Repairs

If you have the sewing skill and the technical know-how, you might also look into sewing machine repairs.

All you need to do this job is the technical know-how, and you can charge an hourly rate or per job. You can charge as much as 100 US dollars for a basic repair project, though the price can range dramatically.

Unfortunately this job is limited to your physical location, and while it can produce a nice side hustle income, it doesn’t have the same scaling potential as selling your own products – via a shop or marketplace, for instance.

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