How to Hem Pants with a Sewing Machine

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Blind hems are perfect for quickly and neatly altering your pants from home.

The standard cross-stitch method, done by manufacturers, is susceptible to snags and eventual folds coming undone. Blind hems use the simple method of folding, pinning, and stitching to create a nearly invisible stitch.

Even if a stitch were to snag, the zig-zag pattern of the blind hem stitch makes it less susceptible to wear and tear, as the stitches alternate from the front to the inside of the fabric.

how to hem pants with a sewing machine blind stitch

You are going to learn how to hem pants with a sewing machine from home so that you never have to go through the hassle of finding and paying for a tailor or alteration specialist again.

Tools Needed for Hemming Pants

To blind hem pants with a sewing machine, you will need:

  • Scissors
  • A ruler
  • Pins
  • A blind hem presser foot
  • An iron
  • A marking pen or piece of chalk.


If you are hemming pants for someone else, you first want to measure the pant length.

Measure the new hem while the wearer is on a stepping stool so that you have ample room to fold and get a feel for the desired length.

After the new hem line is confirmed, fold the new hem outward rather than inward to avoid the pants from coming undone as the wearer removes them.

If you are measuring the pants for yourself, try on the pants while you are standing up. Experiment with the fold.

Make sure you are standing completely straight to ensure that the fold is exactly where you need it to be. Once you decide on the new hemline, make an outward fold and remove the pants.

Marking and Cutting

Now it is time to use your marking pen or chalk. Unfold the pants and use your ruler to mark a straight line where you want your hem to fall.

Next, mark one line above and one line below the hemline. Depending on how deep or shallow, these two lines will be of equal distance to the original hemline.

For instance, if you are going for a one inch hem, draw a line one inch above and another line one inch below the hem.

Finally, grab your scissors and trim the pants so that only one inch remains under the third line.


Fold the pants to match the new fold line, then use your iron to press it nice and flat. Before going to your sewing machine, it is important to secure your hemline by pinning the fold.

Have your pants hanging down. Pick up your fold and flip it back once as if to cuff it. Flip it back once more until you see a small lip of fabric extended at the fold of the side seam. Pin horizontally, capturing the lip of fabric.

Repeat this on the opposite side seam of the same pant leg. Repeat the pinning process with another pin at the mid point and continue on, pinning around the cuff in a fold-back position.

Securing the fold in this way will make it easier to perfect your sewing job at the machine rather than having to undo and redo stitching if you should find any errors.

Loading and Setting Your Machine

Pick the thread of your choice then load the bobbin. Make sure the thread blends in with your fabric to make a seamless finish.

Next, place your blind hem foot on the blind hem stitch. Then set your machine for straight stitching a small or medium straight thread, depending on how wide you desire your stitching to be.

The average stitch is usually between a two and a three.

how to hem pants with a sewing machine

How To Hem Pants With a Sewing Machine

Position your pant leg onto your machine so that the heads of the pins are to the right side.

Make sure your pant leg is the wrong side up before lowering the presser foot to the hem. You want to bring your presser foot right against the fold.

Slowly allow the leg to glide through as your machine stitches. It will work bit by bit until it stitches a straight line around the circumference of the leg. Repeat this process on the remaining leg.

To avoid any irregularities, ensure a neat stitch all the way through by sewing methodically and slowly.

The machine will stitch along the inside of the fabric that is not visible and then switch to the right side, alternating back and forth from the wrong side to the right side.

Essentially, only a little bit of the stitching will be seen on your pant legs.

Here’s a video showing more details on how to hem pants with a sewing machine.

Pressing the Hem

Spritz a tiny spray of water and give your hem a hard press with your iron. The water will help to decrease the appearance of a crease.

If you are still bothered by the crease, try washing and drying your pants. The crease will disappear eventually.

And there you have it: a hassle free method to create the perfect hem.

Now that you have a step by step guide on how to hem pants with a sewing machine, you can start practicing today.

Do you have any tips on how to hem pants with a sewing machine?

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