Sunbeam Mini Portable Sewing Machine Review

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When you’re new to the craft, it’s difficult to nail down what you need in a sewing machine. All of them promise the best quality for extreme prices – but what if you’re after a straightforward and no-nonsense design?

In that case, the Sunbeam Mini Portable Sewing Machine may be your ideal fit. It comes with one stitch, is compact and portable, and is very easy to use.

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With that said, not everyone is after the same thing. Some sewers might need more variety when it comes to fabrics, while other sewers might be too advanced for this machine.

But the real question is if this sewing machine is right for you. Let’s take a closer look at the Sunbeam Mini Portable Sewing Machine and find out.

Sunbeam Mini Portable Sewing Machine: The Details


  • Weight: 1.4 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 9 inches.
  • Stitches: One stitch.
  • Speed: Low and high speed.
  • Computerized/Mechanic: Mechanic.
  • Bobbin: Drop-in bobbin.
  • Warranty: One-year warranty.


  • Foot pedal.
  • AC adapter.
  • 16 top bobbins.
  • 20 bottom bobbins.
  • Scissors.
  • Tape measure.
  • Two needle threaders.
  • Spare needle.
  • Instructions.

Sunbeam: The Company

Founded in 1897 as Sunbeam Products, this brand started off making irons before, in 1928, the company unveiled the first “Mixmaster,” a flagship product it would become known for in later years.

Sunbeam quickly became a big name and acquired the John Oster Manufacturing Company in 1960.

After quite a few struggles in the 2000s, Sunbeam has managed to stay a popular name in the market. Sunbeam now makes sewing machines, batteries, mixers, humidifiers, and blankets.

sunbeam mini portable sewing machine review

The Warranty

The one-year warranty on the Sunbeam Mini Portable Sewing Machine starts the day of purchase. It ensures that the product will be free of any defects in the materials or the labor put into it.

If it’s not, Jarden Consumer Solutions, Sunbeam’s customer service, will help to repair or replace the product or any of its parts that are found to be defective.

The warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear or anything caused by misusing the sewing machine.



The Sunbeam Mini Portable Sewing Machine comes with only one stitch (the straight stitch). Since that’s what you’ll use for most projects, it’s not as limiting as you might imagine.

The stitches are also double-threaded, meaning there are two strands of thread in each stitch. This ensures whatever you’re sewing together is strong and won’t fall apart immediately.

Top-Loading Bobbin

This Sunbeam sewing machine also includes a top-loading bobbin. As such, the bobbin compartment is near the needle plate, making it easily accessible and far simpler to load.

If there’s a problem, you can reach the bobbin much quicker than if it was stored under the needle plate, as is the norm for front-loading designs.


This mini portable sewing machine comes with two different speeds: low and high. This allows you to choose whatever speed you’re most comfortable with.

If you’re a beginner, you can go at a gradual pace to build up your confidence, and as things progress, you can ramp up the speed. 


This Sunbeam sewing machine comes already pre-threaded. As such, you can dive right into a project without delay. Once you run out of thread, the machine includes two needle threaders that make it effortless to re-thread the needle.

Once you move the thread through the pulleys and tension rods, slide the thread through the threader and then push the threader through the needle. Hold the thread in place and pull the threader out. It’s that easy!


As a highly unique feature of this Sunbeam sewing machine, it’s run on batteries. You aren’t stuck to an outlet.

Just put in the four AA batteries and you’re ready to begin sewing. This makes it especially easy to travel with.

sunbeam mini sewing machine review

Sunbeam Mini Portable Sewing Machine Review

The Positives

Super Easy to Set Up

The Sunbeam Mini Portable Sewing Machine could not be easier to set up. Since it arrives pre-threaded, you’re spared even that simple task when beginning.

You need only put in the batteries, adjust the tension, and dive in. After the thread runs out, just thread the bobbin and place it within its compartment. Then, run the top thread through the tension rods and pulleys until you reach the needle.

Use one of the threaders to pull it through and then turn the handwheel to bring the bobbin thread up through the needle plate. Pull it slightly with the top thread to create some slack. From there, place your fabric under the needle, press the foot lever, and it’s time to sew!

Incredibly Easy to Use

After your machine is turned on, its settings are just as effortless to customize. You can press the speed button to change it from low to high, or adjust the tension using the tension dial.

There is also an “on” and “off” button, should you need to stop the machine immediately. Even complete beginners will manage it without hassle.

Complicated machines can be frustrating, especially when you’re just starting out. The learning curve on this sewing machine is a small one, meaning you can get to crafting and upping your skills without any fuss.

A machine that’s easy to use also means it will be easy to teach with too! This Sunbeam mini sewing machine is also great for inspiring others to sew, including young crafters.

sunbeam mini sewing machine review

Amazingly Compact and Portable

This Sunbeam model weighs just over a pound and is no larger than a small book. When it comes to portability and a compact design, it doesn’t get better than this.

You can take it just about anywhere. It might even be able to fit in your purse if it’s large enough. As such, when you’re attending classes or traveling to a friend’s house, this is an easy, no-fuss option.

Its lightweight design means it won’t be weighing down your sewing bag, backpack, or even your arms when moving this about. And, if you’re short on space, this is the perfect solution to sewing without sacrificing all your room.

Thanks to its super compact size, it will be easy to find a place to tuck this away when you’re not using it too. This is definitely not the machine to get in the way.

Very Convenient

We loved the ease and convenience of this model. You no longer need a big machine just to hem a pair of pants, fix a button, or do a small project. You can simply grab this from the shelf, set it up anywhere, and start sewing.

If you live in compact home or like to travel, there’s no need to have a special crafting area; it’ll fit in the tiniest places. And, since it also operates on batteries, you won’t even have to find a place to plug it in!

The foot pedal adds that bit of extra convenience that makes projects all the easier too. If you’re looking for a convenient machine with all the right features, you’ll find it with the Sunbeam mini.

Insanely Affordable

Whether you’re a beginner, occasional sewer, or are simply on a budget, you’ll love the price that this sewing machine is advertised at. While sewing machines with similar features will cost you hundreds of dollars, that is far from the case here.

The Sunbeam Mini Portable Sewing Machine is priced at under $30 on Amazon, making this quite the steal! Given the accessories and features included, Sunbeam has definitely made this machine a competitive product on the market.

Along with the 1-year warranty, Sunbeam also provides a 6-month guarantee taking any worries away from their customers. Should you not be satisfied with your machine, just contact Sunbeam and they promise to refund your item.

This is great news if you’re looking for a machine as a backup as well. You won’t have to empty your wallet to get your projects done.

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The Negatives

Not for Advanced Sewers

Since the Sunbeam Mini Portable Sewing Machine only comes with one stitch, it’s really not for advanced sewers.

They’ll get bored quickly, as this machine wasn’t designed for complicated or intricate sewing projects.

If you’re a beginner, this is an excellent quick-fix machine or a learning tool. However, if you’re more experienced and have lofty crafting goals, you’ll find it disappointing.

Stick to Thin Fabrics

You should definitely stick to thinner fabrics. This Sunbeam was not made to sew through thicker materials, such as wool, tweed, velvet, or denim.

These will cause the machine to jam and may break it irreparably. If you stick to cotton, light linen, or any other lightweight fabrics, you should be fine.

Not Professional Quality

This is not the machine to buy if you’re looking to start a professional career in sewing or want to start crafting commercially.

It’s a basic setup, and a number of advanced users were disappointed with the overall quality. When attacking larger projects, it can be expected to jam or slow down.

Some users were also concerned with the overall longevity of this machine. It may not have a super long lifespan which is why we do not recommend it for frequent sewers.

Overall Verdict

After going over all the positives and negatives, we cautiously recommend the Sunbeam Mini Portable Sewing Machine.

It has a lot of great features going for it, and it’s super easy to use with an affordable price tag.

Unfortunately, this sewing machine might appeal better to beginner and younger sewers since it is not designed to tackle heavy fabrics and large quantities. With jamming issues, it could be a frustrating machine for some hobbyists.

This machine is great if you’re just starting out, but it might be disappointing otherwise. That said, for the price, it could be worth it.

Where to Buy Sunbeam Mini Portable Sewing Machine

Sunbeam is a common brand, known for their affordable and accessible products around the globe. They have a large lineup of items, with decades in the market, growing their popularity worldwide.

Thanks to their success, it won’t be too hard to find their products, including the Sunbeam Mini Portable Sewing Machine available both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check craft and sewing stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find this portable sewing machine on Amazon.

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That’s the end of our Sunbeam Mini Sewing Machine review. Curious to give it a try?

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Sunbeam Mini Portable Sewing Machine Review
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SFH Verdict

While this sewing machine may not appeal to all sewers it still has many great features going for it, especially its price.

The Sunbeam Mini Portable Sewing Machine is easy to use, convenient, and super portable with an incredibly easy price to commit to.

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