Janome 2030QDC-B Sewing Machine Review

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Shopping for the right sewing machine can be a hassle. There are so many designs on the market, each promising the moon – and usually demanding a hefty price. Without testing each yourself, how can you tell which is ideal?

To help your search, today, we’re evaluating the Janome 2030QDC-B Sewing Machine (available on both Sewing Machines Plus and Amazon). It’s easy to set up, comes with several features, and even has a computerized design with an LCD display, so you’re saved the trouble of dials and knobs.

With that said, no product is without flaw. You may encounter a few jams or malfunctions, but is that enough to outweigh its positive features? Before you decide, let’s take a closer look at the Janome 2030QDC-B Sewing Machine. It may surprise you!

Janome 2030QDC-B Sewing Machine: The Details

The Look

The Janome 2030QDC-B Sewing Machine offers a basic aesthetic. It has a completely white exterior with a teal frame around the LCD display. The needle plate and inner workings are all metal, while the exterior casing is strong plastic. In terms of size, the sewing machine is no bigger than an average microwave.

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  • Weight: 12.3 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 18.8 x 11.5 x 14.8 inches.
  • Stitches: 30 built-in stitches and three buttonholes.
  • Speed: 600 spm.
    • Computerized/Mechanic: Computerized.
  • Bobbin: Drop-in bobbin.
  • Warranty: 25-year warranty.


  • Bobbins.
  • Spool pin felt.
  • Needle set.
  • Additional spool pin.
  • Satin stitch foot.
  • Zipper foot.
  • Automatic buttonhole foot.
  • Overedge foot.
  • Blind hem foot.
  • Seam ripper (Buttonhole opener)
  • Screwdriver key.
  • Lint brush.
  • Small spool holder.
  • Large spool holder.
  • Spool stand.
  • Softcover.
  • Instruction Manual.
  • Power cord.
  • Foot control.

Janome: The Company

Janome was founded in 1921 by Yosaku Osem. First named the Pine Sewing Machine Factory, the company didn’t evolve into the Janome Sewing Co. until 1954. Today, Janome has divisions in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Australia. Their stated mission is to provide sewing machines and sergers that are easy to use, reliable, and made of quality materials. They want to ensure their users are able “to make the most of their creativity.”

The Warranty

The Janome 2030QDC-B Sewing Machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

This protects any issues with the “materials or workmanship with the exception of electrical/electronic equipment, which is warranted for a period of two years from the date of original purchase.”

For the first year of ownership, you can have defective parts replaced and the necessary labor is free of charge. After the initial year, any defective parts can be replaced for free, but you must pay for the labor.

The warranty does not cover anything that happens due to poor maintenance or repairs by you, nor does it cover damage resulting from “normal wear and tear.” Additionally, the warranty only applies to machines that are bought through an Authorized Janome Retailer.



This Janome sewing machine comes with thirty different stitches built-in. These include basic straight, zigzag, utility, and decorative stitches. Whether you’re simply hemming a pair of pants, making a new outfit, or sewing up a quilt, this machine has the necessary skills for the job. In addition, it features a reverse stitch function, so you can reinforce your work easily.

Stitch selection is also incredibly easy on this machine. Just scroll through the menu options on the display and make your choice. The details of the stitching choices are actually printed on the body of the machine, near the display, so you don’t have to reference a booklet or memorize the stitches.

For example, if you need a regular straight stitch, you can just glance over at the graphic printed directly on the machine and find the exact one you need, then simply select that number on the display.

Janome 2030QDC-B Computerized Quilting and Sewing Machine

LCD Display

As a computerized machine, this Janome features an LCD display. Here, you can choose the kind of stitch, the stitch width or length, and other specialized settings. Instead of twisting dials or knobs, you need only press the buttons to navigate the menu, selecting your choices.

Drop-In Bobbin

This Janome has a drop-in bobbin. Instead of being located underneath the needle plate in a hidden compartment, it’s right next to the needle plate, where it can be easily accessed. Once the bobbin is threaded, you need only slip it into the compartment. From there, you can see through the clear door to detect if anything needs rethreading or goes wrong.

Because this machine will also wind the bobbin for you, it couldn’t be easier to keep the bobbins wound and operating correctly. Just keep checking through the clear plastic door and when the bobbin gets low, simply use the winding feature to put thread back on it and carry on with your project.

Built-In Needle Threader

This Janome includes an automatic needle threader. To use it, first lower the presser foot and then raise the needle to its highest position. Pull down the needle threader knob and watch a hook emerge through the needle’s eye.

Draw the thread through the thread guide and under the hook, and then slide it between the guide and the thread holder plate. Raise the needle threader knob and then pull the thread through. You’re done!

If you’ve ever tried to manually thread a needle, sometimes it can be frustrating, especially for those with any hand or finger dexterity problems. This machine takes care of what can be a difficult task for many.

Janome 2030QDC-B review

Start/Stop Button

If you’re working on a project that has longer seams, like curtains, having a start/stop button is invaluable. It’s essentially a “cruise control” mode for the sewing machine, and doesn’t require you to maintain constant pressure on the foot pedal.

Simply press and hold the button until the machine reaches your desired sewing speed, then press and hold it toward the end of your seam to slow down and stop. This feature can save a bit of effort in your sewing, since it’ll run at a consistent speed without any input from you until you tell it to stop.


At twelve pounds, the Janome is a fairly lightweight sewing machine. The size and weight of this machine make it easy to move, which is great if you travel frequently or if you want to go sew with others.

It does come with a hard cover, which helps make it even more portable. If you want to attend quilting or sewing events with your machine, this one can be a great choice.


This machine comes with a quilting kit and an extension table. If you’re looking to improve your quilting or just to get started, this Janome sewing machine could be the right choice for you. The extension table will help you manage the quilt as you add pieces and it grows in size.

And as we mentioned before, this is a fairly portable and lightweight machine, so taking it to quilting events or quilting classes won’t be a big hassle.

Janome 2030QDC-B Sewing Machine Review

The Positives

Easy to Set Up

Whether you’re new to the craft or well versed, this Janome sewing machine is easy to set up.

Once the machine is plugged in, thread the bobbin by placing a spool of thread on one of the spool pins. Then, wrap some thread around the bobbin and place it on the other spool pin. Pull out the hand wheel and then press down on the foot pedal until enough thread is on the bobbin. After that, just place the bobbin in its compartment.

Next, pull the thread from the spool through the levers of the machine, until you reach the needle. Use the automatic needle threader. From there, turn the hand wheel to allow the top thread to pull the bottom through the needle plate. When that’s done, you’re ready to begin sewing!

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Easy to Use

Threading the machine is arguably the hardest part. Operating it from there is a breeze!

To begin, simply choose the stitch, stitch length and width, tension, and any other settings you want from the LCD display. It’s easy to check the reference guide printed directly on the machine to choose your stitch type.

After that, raise the presser foot, place your fabric underneath, lower the presser foot, and press the foot pedal to begin stitching. You’re ready to go!


With thirty built-in stitches, three different buttonholes, a tension dial, adjustable stitch width and length, an automatic needle threader, and a reverse-stitch function, there’s hardly a limitation in this machine. As a plus, the many accessories ensure you can jump between projects easily.

Whether you’re sewing up a hem or working on an elaborate project, you can tackle it with this Janome.


Thanks to its computerized design, this sewing machine is accessible, intuitive, and convenient. With the automatic needle threader right on the machine, all your options available through the LCD display, several accessories included, and a drop-in bobbin, there’s no frustration to be had. Everything is right at your fingertips.

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The Negatives

Occasionally Jams

A drop-in bobbin makes it easier to see problems in advance, which is convenient. However, this design also lends itself to more jams, due to its positioning. You may encounter a few tangled threads or seized-up bobbins.

Overall, this may be due to the more basic nature of the machine, since it’s designed for at-home use over a professional setting. However, you can always catch these problems early with a clear view of the compartment, and make adjustments.

Tension Issues

A few defects have escaped the manufacturing process, so you may encounter tension issues with your model. If you find the machine skipping stitches, breaking threads, or jamming up too often, then you’ve received one of these bad eggs. Luckily, Janome offers their warranty to make these errors right, and you can receive repairs to get your machine in perfect working order.

Overall Verdict

After looking over all the positives and negatives, we recommend the Janome 2030QDC-B Sewing Machine. It has a number of different features, it’s easy to set up, features an automatic needle threader, and has a user-friendly LCD display. Altogether, it’s a quality machine that’ll suit most at-home projects.

While you’ll have to maintain a close eye on the drop-in bobbin, and watch for tension issues, these are minor in comparison to its positive traits. This Janome machine is certainly worth checking out.

Where to Buy the Janome 2030QDC-B

The Janome sewing machine is available from a few online retailers.

For the best prices, we recommend checking Sewing Machines Plus or Amazon.

Stocks may vary on a monthly basis.

That’s it for our review of the Janome 2030QDC-B. Are you going to add it to your craft room?

Not sure if this is the model for you? Browse through the rest of our sewing machine reviews.

Janome 2030QDC-B Sewing Machine Review
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SFH Verdict

We like the Janome 2030QDC-B Sewing Machine for easy and versatile use, automatic needle threader, and variety of stitch settings.

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