Singer Stitch Sew Quick 01663 Review

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If you want a sewing machine that is versatile, convenient, and good in an emergency, then consider a handheld sewing machine. Not all sewing emergencies or needs occur at home. They can occur anywhere- and embarrassingly, many of them do. If you need something portable and that is good in a pinch, consider Singer Stitch Sew Quick for your on the go needs.

Depending on the type of machine selected, users can obtain something that is a great alternative to a regular sewing machine that can be easily transported and repairs many types of materials.

Why Invest in a Portable Sewing Machine?

The biggest asset to a portable sewing machine is that it is… portable. These machines are so small and compact that they can often be easily transported in a purse for emergency uses. Since they are so compact, it makes them more convenient.

Most people carry travel sewing kits as an emergency backup for wardrobe mishaps. While they do fit into a purse or even a back pocket easily, they require the user to do hand stitches. While not a problem if you have experience, many people don’t.

People tend to hand sew sparingly. It is only done when really necessary, and a sewing machine is often preferable because it is less time-consuming. The challenge with hand sewing, other than the time commitment, is also that it is easy to do an uneven stitch. Portable sewing machine eliminates this factor.

While it isn’t a replacement for a regular sewing machine, it will provide a transportable machine to make mending easier. For example, items like drapes would require you to take them down for a repair. Yet a handheld sewing machine makes fixing it easier.

Additionally, some people use these machines to teach themselves how to sew. They are perfect for crafts without investing in an expensive machine and are affordable.

singer 01663 battery area cover isolated on white background

Pros of Using a Handheld sewing machine:

  • Inexpensive
  • Portable and small
  • Easily repairs clothes without having to remove them
  • Great for emergencies or for small, easy jobs

What They Are Not Designed For

Portable sewing machines are not meant to replace an actual sewing machine. They are just great for quick fixes or small jobs. Even the best machine will not perform the same stitching quality or have the same versatility of a top rated sewing machine.

The greatest drawback of these machines is comprehending how to operate them. Some people may learn through determination while others view instructional videos on YouTube. Demonstrations tend to make a difference in enjoying a new machine.

Cons of Using a Handheld Device:

  • Difficult to operate
  • Not always the most durable
  • Doesn’t stitch heavier fabrics like leather or denim
  • Sometimes stitches don’t hold as well as a regular sewing machine

Singer Stitch Sew Quick Review

The Singer Stitch Sew Quick is handy for quick repairs and states that it is durable enough for heavier materials like leather or denim. While this may work for some, other users have indicated that it doesn’t always work as well on denser fabrics.

The device comes with everything necessary to get started. It has different machine needles to use with the needle threader, bobbins, and starter threads. It is battery powered making it easy to sew in tight or awkward spaces wherein you may need to sew on an angle.

using singer 01663 quick portable mending machine

You are not tethered to a cord making sewing awkward or cumbersome. Making general stitches is quite easy.

While you may associate portable machines with being lightweight, this is not always the case. Poorer quality machines can be clunky, awkward, and heavy. With the Singer, these machines are very lightweight. So, while they may feel solid and well-crafted, they are easy to maneuver and hold.

This device is so small that it fits easily in the hand. It also slides easily into a suitcase for travel or in a drawer when not in use. It is so versatile that it can be transported everywhere.

Singer Stitch Sew Quick utilizes a single thread feed producing durable, high-quality stitches. They won’t come apart like most brands or offer just a temporary fix. There was limited skip in the stitches, and they are strong.

The instructions for this machine are conveniently located on a QR Code on the package and can be easily scanned. People tend to have an improved experience with the Singer handheld since the instructions are easy to comprehend.


  • Included instructions on QR code
  • Four bobbins that are pre-threaded
  • Thread spindle
  • Power adapter sold separately
  • Comes with three needles and a needle threader


  • Great for small crafts
  • Works on a variety of materials
  • Measurements are 9” x 7 ½” x 2”


  • Pressure plate difficult to lift
  • No reverse, so users must tie off stitch to get it to hold

Overall, the reviews for the Singer Stitch Sew Quick are mixed. People love it for its portability, because it is lightweight, and unobtrusive. It isn’t difficult to learn, which nullifies the main objective of buying a handheld machine in the first place.

Singer is known for making quality products; however, the main objective appears to reside in the lack of a reverse stitch to make the stitches hold. Most users do not know that they need to tie off the stitch which results in most negative reviews.

The second issue was that it was placing the fabric under the pressure foot. Users found the space too small, and they needed extra help in accomplishing this task.

Are the negative reviews a fair assessment of this product or based on the expectations because of the Singer brand name? When looked at objectively, the product does what it was designed to do. The added benefit is that users can sew denser fabrics.

One of the negative comments was easily fixed, and overall, Singer has made an excellent sewing machine. While it was never designed to replace an actual sewing machine, this device is great for emergency uses. The stitches are strong, and the machine is built to last.

The Singer Stitch Sew Quick removes the guesswork involved in learning how to operate the machine by providing easy to use operating instructions. Singer has completely removed the most common reason not to use a portable sewing machine by making it user friendly.

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