Baby Lock Sewing Machine Reviews – 8 Best Features That We Love

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While brands like Singer and Brother dominate the market because of their longevity, Baby Lock sewing reviews indicate that this is a rising star. When comparing performance and quality, the Baby Lock machine often exceeds expectations. They are known to be extremely reliable and increasingly sought-after despite being a newer sewing machine brand.

Created in Japan in 1968, Baby Lock produced the first home serger. Created by a group of engineers, they wanted to create a product that had the design of the industrial serger machines of that time and looked for ways to make it more compact for home use.

They did create a more compact version that became known as the baby overlocker. From there, Baby Lock was born. Baby Lock sewing machines have risen in popularity ever since.

Originally, their design was met with scepticism until an American based company decided to incorporate this little-known company into their line. They were able to flatten the learning curve for home serger machines, and in the 1990 they created sergers that were easy to thread, making it more appealing to the masses.

A decade later, they created a sewing machine that mimicked hand sewing.

Presently, they have evolved to a full line of machines including computerized sewing machines, quilting machines and embroidery machine models. Additionally, they have multiple software and accessories available for use.

While many people wonder if this company is related to Brother, it is not. The models are indeed very similar in appearance, but Brother doesn’t own the brand. Baby Lock does, however, outsource their manufacturing process to Brother who creates their machines.

Baby Lock created superior quality products and is known for its excellent standards. They are reliable, and easily rank as one of the best sewing machine brands on the market.

6 Best Baby Lock Features That We Love

  1. Stitches At 1,500 Stitches/Minute. If you are looking for a machine suitable for a home business or for professional use, this machine will get the job done in record time. The speed makes things very efficient, and you will have no problems meeting deadlines. It can be used for both sewing and quilting projects.
baby lock sewing machine stitches at 1,500 stitches per minute
  1. Knee Lift is Hands-Free. Fabric can be easily moved by using a detachable knee lift. It operates easily by using the tap of your knee allowing you to have your hands free to keep sewing. Users don’t have to pause just to reposition. It keeps you efficient by allowing you to keep going until completion.
baby lock sewing machine hands free knee lift feature
  1. Rotary Hook Bobbin. Changing bobbins can be a hassle- especially if you are sewing. Changing them is now made easy with this feature. Access your bobbin easier with this feature, and it also has a built-in thread cutter.
close up of baby lock rotary hook bobbin feature
  1. Extension Table. Not enough space? Quilts and larger items can easily be sewn with this extension table giving users an additional 23” of space for larger projects.
baby lock sewing machine extension table
  1. Telescoping Thread Stand is Built In. Users can place their largest spools on this telescoping thread stand and sew. It will deliver consistent thread for projects both large and small.
women using baby lock sewing machine telescoping stand feature
  1. Pin Feed System. This precision system allows sewing on different densities of fabric a seamless process. It will quickly and effortlessly sew through any type of fabric with ease, making sewing a joy.
baby lock sewing machine pin feed system feature
  1. Quick Threading System. By using a few, basic motions, the needle is quickly threaded, and you can begin sewing. It removes the guesswork and frustration of manual threading. It also makes projects more efficient and effortless because the machine threads itself for you.
baby lock quick threading system feature
  1. Multifunction Foot Control. This allows the machine to be stopped and started with the main foot control. It also does two functions with the side pedal and heel tap features. Users can select from thread cutting, single stitch, reverse, and needle down/up.

These are just a few of the features available. Yet, there are more that truly take this sewing machine to the next level in terms of features and technology.

What Makes This Product Stand Out

Baby Lock makes a machine called Chorus. This one is designed for quilting and is created to make each sewing project perfect. While most manufacturers make this claim by having several different built-in embroidery patterns, lettering, buttonholes, etc., this machine added some bonus features to make it more attractive over their competitors.

Aside from the automatic needle threader being a “never miss,” it has a multifunction foot control, large workspace (11.24”), and 771 stitches available. It also has a sensor pen used for sewing as well as a guide beam.


  • Sensor Pen. Tell the machine the exact positioning of the needle and stitches. Users can set placement, stopping point, and stitch width.
  • Guide Beam. Creates a path using a beam of light. This allows you to stitch in a straight line because you can see it visually.
  • Dual Feed System. Combined with the large throat space, this allows you added clearance for bulkier items or sewing multiple layers. Fabric always feeds evenly through the machine with great consistency.
  • LCD Color Touch Screen. Every stitch is clearly seen in detail and shows 260,000 colors. You will be able to see machine settings, stitches, and more. Display is very vivid and bold.

Do these machines with their features appear to be a bit daunting for a notice? No worries as the Joy will make sewing a hem or patch effortless. It isn’t feature heavy, as it only comes with 19 built-in stitches. Over other products, it makes sewing a breeze with its built-in needle threader, thread cutter, and adjustable stitch width and length.

Need something with a smaller footprint to do a variety of jobs? The Verve is small and has 95 built-in designs for embroidery, and 191 stitches available. Its stitch speed is 850 stitches per minute. It both sews and does embroidery.

It comes with a USB drive to store your designs and to upload them to the machine.

The Baby Lock brand of sewing machine kept in mind the challenges that sewers were facing throughout the decades and incorporated them into a solution making it appealing to the masses. People were tired of trying to manually thread a needle, so they found a solution. They also used a drop in bobbin to make sewing easier and more productive.

Baby Lock made it easier and more precise to sew with pens and guides that allow users to create a straight line. Their devices are kept hands-free with specially designed foot control and knee pedal.

The beauty of Baby Lock is that users don’t have to stop what they are doing while sewing. By the simple press of your foot or knee you can accomplish virtually anything right from a stop/start, to reverse to cutting your thread. People’s hands are free to guide the fabric and focus on the project at hand.

This is what makes Baby Lock such an efficient machine to use. Not only does it have an incredibly fast stitch per minute, but it offers efficiency in its features. Projects can be completed in a fraction of the time because everything operates so flawlessly with this machine.

Further, unlike their competition, there is a wider space available for bulkier fabrics or thicker projects. Users can sew with confidence knowing that they have enough clearance for their projects. This is a machine without limits when it comes to sewing, doing embroidery, and quilting.

The only thing that it may lack over the competition can sometimes be the amount of embroidery and built-in stitches that it provides. However, it does have USB capabilities that will allow you to upload a design of your choice which does compensate somewhat.

The screens make it easy to edit and visually see the stitches in bright detail. No other screen will really give you this depth of information. It allows you to create a perfect design each time.

While the machines sound so advanced that it would appear to be daunting to the beginner, they created a basic model that is a scaled back version but has the same durability as the more detailed models.

What most people appreciate about Baby Lock is that they are a good, high-quality, durable machine that is budget friendly. Many individuals would assume that with such a variety of features, the machine would be expensive. Yet, Baby Lock has multiple machines at various price points.

The Baby Lock Sewing Machine reviews are outstanding. It is difficult to compete with a product who took the challenges that sewing customers faced and provided an easy solution. They considered every angle and created something that everyone would enjoy.

Their product is feature rich, fast, and efficient. If you were looking for something for a home business, this would top your list of products to consider. Projects would be done in an optimal manner and sewing daily would be a joy. Not only are these machines easy to use but sewing is a seamless process.

These machines are also built to last, so they could easily handle daily use.

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