Juki DDL-5550 Review

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Made in Japan, the Juki DDL-5550 (available to buy on Sewing Machines Plus or Amazon) is the machine for professional level sewing.

But don’t be fooled — it’s incredibly easy to use too. Setting up is as easy as attaching the included thread holder, adding oil from the bottle also included, and plugging in the machine to make it ready to go.

juki ddl-5550 review

In no time, any professional in the business of sewing or hobbyist needing to sew their own projects will be ready to get started using a machine as streamlined as this one.

Considering the exceptional quality of the Juki DDL-550, we think it offers excellent value for money — but there’s no denying that this is an expensive machine that may be out of reach for many casual sewers.

Let’s see what’s what with this industrial sewing machine, and work out whether it’s the right choice for you.

Juki DDL-5550
  • Max. Sewing Speed: 5500 stitches/minute
  • Max. Stitch Length: 5mm
  • Unit dimensions (LxWxH): 48 inches by 20 inches by 48 inches
  • Needle: DB X 1, sizes 9-18
  • 110V with industrial clutch motor

Introducing the Juki DDL-5550

This is a machine built best for light to medium weight fabrics and can be used at any skill level.

With the servo motor, the speed can be adjusted from a high of 5500 stitches a minute, to barely moving so even the most inexperienced can get the hang of the machine and functionality right from the start.


  • Dimensions (in inches): 48 x 36 x 48
  • Stitches: It’s designed only for single straight stitch (lockstitch) sewing
  • Speed: Max of 5500 stitches per minute (adjustable)
  • Computerized/Mechanic: Mechanic with the quiet servo motor
  • Bobbin: The machine comes with a bobbin and it’s built with a bobbin winder to work while you sew.
  • Warranty: Limited 5 year warranty. Warranties on industrial machines often include the function of different parts so if something isn’t working, it’s best to contact Juki for details.

What Does The Machine Look Like?

First things first, the Juki DDL-5550 is an industrial machine. And it looks like it.

Bright white, large and sturdy. Juki have even added the disclaimer that any scratches or blemishes on the equipment don’t indicate any defect or deficiency. It’s simply industrial.

This isn’t necessarily a sewing machine you’re going to be showing off in a cabinet.

The most difficult thing about getting it set up from delivery to its permanent space in your home or work station is the weight — it’s very heavy.

Since it comes completely assembled, with the machine itself, work table, stand, servo motor, sewing light, drawer, and everything else it needs, it can be a hefty job to get it placed where it needs to be.

But once in the right spot, the hard work is done and it look professional and unobtrusive enough to look right in any room.

What Accessories Are Included?

All put together right from delivery, the machine comes with everything you need to start sewing immediately. In the table and stand, attached to the machine, is a drawer where you can easily keep all your necessary accessories.

Along with the machine itself, the Juki DDL-5550 industrial straight stitch sewing machine comes with a packet of extra needles, one bobbin (any extras would need to be bought separately), a bobbin case, two screwdrivers to fit the machine’s screws, and a bottle of oil for the lubrication the machine needs to work.

As long as there’s oil in the reservoir, it does what it needs to with it on its own.

Here’s a good video on how to attach feet to the machine if you do want to experiment with different materials, like leather for instance:

The Company Behind The Machine

Ranked as one of the best industrial machine making companies in the world and the number one company in sewing machine manufacturing, Juki has been making sewing easier on professional and casual levels since 1938.

They’re in households all around the world, and with their experience in making industrial sewing machines, home sewing machines, quilting machines, and sergers, Juki knows the sewing process from beginning to end.

Their products get the kind of reviews you want to see when in the market to buy, and their customer service and ability to answer questions make any potential problems easier to deal with.

Juki is a Japanese company and they’re a proud ambassador to the efficiency and attention to detail that we expect from Japanese manufacturing. They produce serious machines for serious sewists — and the DDL-5550 is no exception.

What Warranty Is Included?

Juki offer a limited 5-year warranty on the DDL-5550. You can read the ins, outs and conditions of the agreement on the warranty here: juki-ddl-5550-warranty.

Key Features of the Juki DDL-500

Servo Motor

The most important feature of the Juki DDL-500 is undoubtedly the incredibly powerful servo motor.

It’s so designed to effortlessly reach top speeds of 5,500 stitches per minute — as well as any rate beneath that — and does so whisper quietly.

The sturdiness of the machine also lends a hand in keeping noise and vibrations from this powerful motor to a minimum.

The latest iteration of the DDL-500 has a new model control box for the motor, which helps to reduce power consumption during standby and benefits from the latest in energy saving technology.

Responsive Mechanism

As you’d expect with an industrial sewing machine at this price point, the Juki DDL-500 has phenomenally smooth and even stitching — even when chopping up at top speeds.

This is thanks to the incredible responsiveness of the thread take-up and feed mechanisms, as well as the thread paths and hook. They’ve been designed to immediately respond to the minutest changes in material to ensure stitch consistency.

Sure Thread Trimming

A thread trimming mechanism has been installed on the Juki DDL-500 Straight Stitch Sewing Machine that trims evenly and accurately even when it’s stitching at the highest speeds.

High Presser Foot Lift

This industrial lockstitch sewing machine is the real bee’s knees when it comes to multiple layers, and this is fully demonstrated with the extra high presser foot lift.

It allows you to easily maneuver materials and sew overlapping pieces when you’re dealing with layers.

juki ddl-500 review

Juki DDL-5550 Review

The Positives

Professional Sewing Quality

As you might expect from a machine with ‘industrial’ in the name, the Juki DDL-5550 is truly a professional machine.

It’s 100% reliable on delivery consistent quality stitching, extremely efficient and just generally a pleasure to use.

This gets the job done, no questions asked.

You might not be doing any crafty experimentation with this beast, but it’s certainly the best on the market for anything require lock stitching.

Easy To Use

Yes, it’s a machine that would be a worthy part of any professional sewist’s armoury, but it’s also incredibly easy to use.

Anyone with just a little sewing experience and coordination will benefit from the DDL-5550 if they’re looking for superior quality lockstitching.

If you’re a little less confident, simply start with the speed down low and increase as and when you need to.

Great on Multiple Layers

We tried it with 12 layers and it was just as consistently excellent as it is with a single one.

This should hammer home that this is really an industrial machine — although it will also be well suited to a busy home environment as well.

Take a look at it taking down some heavy duty material in this video:

Everything Right in the Box

The quality of the machine versus the price of the unit is good enough even if it were just the machine.

But with the Juki DDL-5550, you’re getting the whole system all in one box – from the table and stand it needs to support it, to the basic accessories needed to get started right away.

Of course you need to provide your own fabric and extra bobbins and spools of thread, but as far as the machine goes, you’re getting all the basics in one great big package.


Unlike other machines, this one not only comes with everything you need to start using it at once, but it’s all put together for you.

Other machines and sellers ship to you with assembly required – and even for the handiest people, that can get a little tough and frustrating.

The Juki DDL-5550 comes to you entirely put together, so you only need to add thread, the included oil, and plug it in before you can get to work. No assembly required.

Speedy and Efficient

The speed on the machine is incredible and can be adjusted for any skill level, whether you’re just starting out sewing or have been doing it on industrial or home machines for years.

The stitch you get is tight and strong, and exactly the kind of thing you need for most projects.

The Negatives

Heavy and Not Portable

It’s magnificent that the Juki DDL-5550 industrial sewing machine comes totally put together, because it means very little setup. However, it does come with a lot of weight.

Since it’s a whole big piece with a table and stand included, it can be a little tricky moving it to the place you need.

You might even want to hire some extra help for that. And once it’s in place, you’ll want to keep it there. It’s definitely not a portable machine and needs a solid space in a steady workroom.

Fancy a good sewing machine to carry round with you at festivals and craft shows? It’s not going to be the Juki DDL-5550.

This baby is industrial.

Straight Stitch Only

This is hardly a con, since it’s what the machine is designed to do and straight stitches suit just about any sewing need, but it should be understood that this is a straight-stitching-only machine.

No zigzags or fancy back-and-forths. If you’re looking for that, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

But for a basic straight stitch that will fit most of your needs and requirements, this machine is pretty hard to beat.

Overall Verdict

The Juki DDL-5550 straight stitch sewing machine is undoubtedly the best industrial sewing machine we’ve had the pleasure of using.

Like most Juki products, it comes highly recommended alongside a great legacy in the industry.

The price point might be a bit steep for someone who hardly sews or a beginner looking to hone their skills.

But for anyone, professional or hobbyist, who sews a lot and plans to get a lot of projects done, the quality and the time saved on such a quick and precise machine pays for itself in no time.

Where to Buy the Juki DDL-5550

Due to its high price and assumed specialist audience, the Juki DDL-550 isn’t available in many places online — and you might need to visit a specific Juki dealership if you want to find it in person.

However, there are two popular sites that carry the machine. You can check their latest prices below:

Juki DDL-5550
  • Max. Sewing Speed: 5500 stitches/minute
  • Max. Stitch Length: 5mm
  • Unit dimensions (LxWxH): 48 inches by 20 inches by 48 inches
  • Needle: DB X 1, sizes 9-18
  • 110V with industrial clutch motor

Have you tried the Juki DDL-5550?

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Juki DDL-5550 Review
  • User Experience
  • Sewing Specs
  • Ease of Use
  • Industrial Sewing Specs
  • Price

SFH Verdict

The Juki DDL-5550 Industrial Straight Stitch Sewing Machine does exactly what it says on the tin — industrial levels of sewing with one, straight stitch.

It has a servo motor for guaranteed consistent stitching even at speeds of 5,500 stitches per minute. It’s also exceptionally well made.

Of course, it’s expensive, and no good for people looking for a dinky machine to hone their sewing skills on, but there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best industrial sewing machines on the market right now.

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    Do you know if there’s a way to lock the needle/shaft so that it doesn’t go up & down unnecessarily when winding the bobbin?

    Many thanks!


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