Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine Review

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Finding the right sewing machine can be difficult enough with the range of options on the market. Even more difficult is finding an embroidery machine that is easy to use and right for your skill set.

That’s where the Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine comes in. It has 80 different embroidery designs built right in, it’s compact and portable, and it’s even simple to use.

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With that said, not everyone had a good experience with this machine. Some users disliked that it could only be used for embroidery, while others warned that it’s only for beginning embroiderers.

Nevertheless, before you make your final decision, let’s take a closer look at the Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine.

Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine: The Details

The Look

The Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine would be fairly basic-looking if it wasn’t for the LCD touchscreen.

It’s primarily white, with the only exception being the touchscreen panel – which is light grey and has floral and leaf design in blue, green, and yellow sprinkled around it.

There are a few buttons spread across the machine, but overall, it’s clean-cut and about the size of a small microwave oven.


  • Weight: 10.82 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 7.8 x 12 inches.
  • Stitches: 80 built-in designs.
  • Computerized/Mechanic: Computerized.
  • Bobbin: Drop-in bobbin.
  • Warranty: 25-year warranty.


  • Embroidery frameset.
  • Instruction manual.
  • Bobbins.
  • Needles.
  • Scissors.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Embroidery foot.
  • Bobbin clip.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Seam ripper.
  • Spool caps.
  • Dust cover.
  • Thread spool insert.
  • Spool net.

Brother: The Company

Founded in Japan in 1908 by Kanekichi Yasui, Brother is an electronics company that develops far more than just embroidery and sewing machines.

This company makes everything from printers to computers to fax machines. Their stated mission is to “work to anticipate future needs to deliver technological expertise and innovation through superior, technically user-friendly product solutions.”

The Warranty

The warranty for the Brother PE 535 Embroidery Machine Sewing Machine is a 25-year limited warranty.

This means that for one year, the whole machine is covered; for five years, the circuit board is covered; and for 25 years, the chassis unit is covered.

Within these time frames, Brother will fix or replace parts to ensure your embroidery machine works properly again. If your machine needs to be shipped, you are responsible for paying that fee.

The warranty does not cover abuse or misuse on the machine, and it doesn’t cover any of the accessory items.

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80 Designs

While the Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine may not have stitches per se, it does have 80 different embroidery designs for you to choose from.

Some of the designs include different fonts, borders, florals, and holiday designs.

Additionally, Brother provides access to, so you can find nearly any design you want. From your favorite Disney characters to Marvel heroes to specific kinds of lettering, you can select a wide range to fit your needs.

LCD Display

This Brother embroidery machine also has an easy-to-use LCD display, which allows you to see what design you’ve picked.

Since it’s a touchscreen, selecting the options is effortless. You can alter the colors of different parts of the design, change what design the machine should create, or change the function you want to use.

Since the LCD touchscreen is in full color, you can see and edit every detail of your design before you send it to the machine.


Because you have access to iBroidery, as well as the ability to plug a USB drive right into the machine, Brother has also given this device memory to hold all those designs.

So, if you find a pattern online that you want to place on a shirt or a pillowcase, just download it to a USB drive, plug it into your Brother, and save it to the memory.

This means you won’t have to plug in the USB every time you want to use that design!

Needle Threader

An automatic needle threader saves time and hassle. Luckily, this embroidery machine features one.

To use it, simply raise the presser foot via its lever and then raise the needle. Pass the thread through the thread guides until it reaches the needle, and slide the thread behind the needle bar.

Pull the end of the thread to the left and then pass it through the notch of the threader guide. Then, pull the thread from the front and put it into the slit of the threader guide disk.

Now, you can lower the presser foot and the needle, and raise the needle threader lever slowly. Pull the thread through the needle and you’re all set! This requires much less time and effort.

brother pe535 review


While the Brother PE535 may seem difficult to use, especially if you’ve never owned an embroidery machine before, let alone a computerized one, don’t worry!

This machine comes with tutorials build right into it. You can pick the one you need and allow the machine to walk you through the steps. You won’t even have to go to YouTube for handy tips! You’ll be sewing like a pro in no time.

Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine Review

The Positives


While 80 built-in designs do not cover everything you’ll want to create with this Brother embroidery machine, having access to the website means you’re gaining numerous options to choose from. You aren’t stuck with just the 80 designs.

Additionally, you can use this machine on nearly any fabric. Your imagination won’t be too limited with this machine. Sure, you can’t do regular sewing jobs, but you can embroider almost anything, so long as it’s not super thick.

If you’re really looking to grow and expand your skills, designs, and projects in the embroidery world, this is definitely the machine to help you do that!

Easy to Use

Despite how technical this embroidery machine appears, it’s fairly simple to use.

Once you have the machine threaded, you can go ahead and choose the design – from the 80 built-in designs, from the website, or something you found yourself.

Since there is a USB port on this machine, you have complete freedom to enhance your design range, even changing the colors with the touchscreen. After that, the machine takes over – doing all the work for you!

If you’re a beginner embroider, you won’t have to worry about a big learning curve, Brother makes this machine easy to use, so you can quickly become accustomed to it. And if you’re already accustomed to embroidery, switching to this machine won’t be a hassle.

Easy to Set Up

Before you use the machine, you have to set it up – and thankfully, that’s pretty simple too.

The bobbin is threaded like any other machine: by using the thread spools and the motor to spin the thread onto the bobbin.

brother pe535 embroidery machine

Next, you’ll insert the bobbin into its compartment near the needle plate. Then you just have to feed the top thread through the machine and use the automatic needle threader to put it through the eye of the needle.

It doesn’t get much easier than that! There’s not much to fumble with and Brother makes it near effortless to get up and running.


With all the different features on the Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine, what you need is right at your fingertips.

With the automatic needle threader, you don’t have to try and thread the needle yourself. With the thread cutter right on the machine, you don’t have to look for a pair of scissors. And, with the designs and other functions right on the touchscreen, it’s easy to select what you want.

There are almost no extras you need to buy. Brother provided you with exactly what’s necessary to ensure you have a great experience – right out of the box. This saves you both time and money making the overall invest a pretty solid deal!


Users also loved that this machine was so compact and portable. At a little over 10 pounds, it’s not very heavy and is small enough to carry with you to class, another room, or even to neatly store it away.

It’s a compact machine, so you won’t have to worry about it taking up all the space on a table or in a workroom if you plan on adding this machine to your crafting tools.

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The Negatives

Embroidery Only

While it’s labelled as an embroidery machine, some users were upset about its limited nature. It is purely for embroidery.

If you are looking for something that can also help you stitch up a hem or sew a quilt, this is not the machine for you. If you just want to embroider though, or you already have a sewing machine, this could be the perfect option.

Not for an Advanced Sewers

Many testers noted this machine isn’t suited for those with advanced skills or needs. The embroidering area is rather small and can’t be expanded.

While you can make a range of designs, if you’re tackling those larger than a 4 x 4 square, this machine is not suitable.

The PE535 is made for beginner and intermediate sewers who are looking to get into embroidery without too much hassle. This device makes it easy to learn, but if you’ve been embroidering for years, you’ll find it limiting.

Here’s a video showing what the Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine looks like out of the box and in action.

Overall Verdict

After looking over all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine.

It comes with many designs and gives you the resources to find more. It’s also portable, as well as easy to set up and use. What more could you want?

While a few people had issues, the positives far outweigh the negatives in this case. As long as you aren’t an advanced embroiderer, this machine will be perfect for you.

Where to Buy the Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine

Brother is a brand that’s well-known across the sewing world, being one of the top names in the market for decades.

This brand is known around the globe, with items including the Brother PE535 available both in-store and online.

While it’s usually best to check sewing, crafting and specialty stores, you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find this embroidery machine on Amazon.

BrotherPE535 review

That’s the end of this Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine review. Tempted to give it a try?

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Brother PE535 Embroidery Machine Review
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  • Ease of Use
  • Craft Sewing Specs
  • Price

SFH Verdict

If you’re looking for a machine specifically for embroidery, the Brother PE535 won’t let you down. It’s easy to use and versatile, perfect for beginner to advanced sewers.

With just a couple cons to consider, there’s a high chance this machine will serve embroiderers well.

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