Janome Memory Craft 9900 Review

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If you’ve been in the market for a sewing machine, you know how difficult it can be to discern which models are great and which are sub-par. But that’s why we’re here.

Let’s look at the Janome Memory Craft 9900 Sewing Machine and see if it’s just what you’ve been seeking. It boasts of an incredible number of built-in stitches, it’s easy to set up, and it’s quiet.

janome memory craft 9900 review

Unfortunately, though, not everyone speaks of a good experience. Some users found that it was much too expensive for them, and they disliked its inability to work on all fabric types. It may also be very overwhelming to a beginner sewer.

Nonetheless, before you make your final decision, let’s take a more in-depth look at the Janome Memory Craft 9900 Sewing Machine.

Janome Memory Craft 9900: The Details

The Look

The Memory Craft 9900 Sewing Machine is far more techy-looking than your average model.

The front arm of the machine is white and the back end is a darker teal color. The teal section also contains the touchscreen where you’ll pick the stitches and the options you desire for whatever project you’re working on.

There is also a black base to complete the sturdy-looking, well-built machine.


  • Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 7 x 8.8 x 12.4 inches.
  • Stitches: 200 built-in stitches.
  • Speed: 400-800 spm.
  • Computerized/Mechanic: Computeri
  • Bobbin: Drop-in bobbin.
  • Warranty: 25-year warranty.
Janome Memory Craft 9900 review


  • 1/4 Inch Seam Foot.
  • O Blind Hem Foot.
  • G Button Sewing Foot.
  • Darning Foot.
  • Embroidery Hoop RE20a (170mm x 200mm).
  • Embroidery Hoop SQ14a (140mm x 140mm).
  • Extra Large Foot Controller.
  • Overedge Foot.
  • M Rolled Hem Foot.
  • Satin Stitch Foot.
  • Zig-Zag Foot.
  • Zipper Foot.

Janome: The Company

Janome was founded in 1921, first as The Pine Sewing Machine Factory by Yosaku Osem and then renamed Janome Sewing Co. in 1954. Janome now has divisions in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and many more countries.

Janome’s stated mission is to provide sewing machines and sergers that are easy to use, reliable, and made of quality materials.

They want to make sure the user is able “to make the most of their creativity.”

The Warranty

The Janome 3128 comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

This protects any issues with the “materials or workmanship with the exception of electrical/electronic equipment, which is warranted for a period of two years from the date of original purchase.”


200 Built-In Stitches

The Janome Memory Craft 9900 comes with 200 built-in stitches! There are few sewing machines on the market that offer that many stitches already installed into the machine.

They range from utility to decorative stitches, giving you the chance to experiment with a variety of stitches.

Drop-In Bobbin

This Janome also has a drop-in bobbin. As a result, this machine far easier to set up than if it had a front-loading bobbin.

Janome 9900 review

A drop-in bobbin means that instead of opening a door at the front of the machine, you simply have to open the little compartment next to the needle plate, drop the threaded bobbin in, pull the thread through, and slide the door to the compartment back on.

This drastically improves the speed and ease of threading your machine.

Automatic Threader

One of the most convenient features of the Memory Craft 9900 is the automatic threader.

You don’t have to worry about trying to see if the thread has gone through the eye of the needle; this machine will do the work for you.

Speed Control Slider

The Memory Craft 990 comes with a slider that controls how fast or slow the machine goes.

When you are first getting used to the machine, you may want to start off slow, but as you become more fluent in the process, you can raise the speed as you feel comfortable.

Built-In Timer

This sewing machine also comes with a built-in timer. You may be wondering why on Earth a timer would be needed on a sewing machine, but it’s actually a very helpful tool, especially if you’re doing embroidery.

The timer will make it clear how long an embroidery project will take so that you can accurately break up your time.

Full-Color LCD Touchscreen

Since this is a computerized sewing machine, it comes with an LCD screen. However – you get far more than just a screen with the Memory Craft 9900.

Janome 9900 review

It’s also a full-color touchscreen, making it easy to see and save your options. If you want to save stitches or a pattern, the machine also has a 3MB memory to store all your choices for later.

175 Built-In Embroidery Designs

This sewing machine also has 175 built-in embroidery designs. So, if you’re new to embroidery and don’t know where to start, these included designs will give you an idea of what to make, as well as guide you through the process.

Free Arm

The free arm on this sewing machine enhances freestyle sewing and can make it incredibly easy to sew a shirt cuff or a hem.

No need to worry about sewing a sleeve closed (it’s happened to the best of us). This free arm is also great for quilting and embroidery when creating a more free-form shape.


There are a total of five white, LED lamps included on this machine, and they are spread out to be in three different locations.

There are lights near the needle and back toward the touchscreen, making it simple to work at all hours.

Janome Memory Craft 9900 Review

The Positives


There is not much you can’t do on the Memory Craft 9900 Sewing Machine. With 200 built-in stitches (and the ability to add thousands more) and 175 built-in embroidery designs, you can start making your next creation right out of the box.

Whether you just need to sew up a hem, are making a quilt, or working on an even bigger project, this sewing machine has you covered.

This is great for varying levels of sewers from intermediate to advanced sewers since you’ll be able to attempt a variety of projects and practice a wide range of skills with just one machine.

Easy to Set Up

Don’t let the computerized features intimidate you. This sewing machine is fairly simple to set up. Once you have it plugged in, you thread the bobbin, drop the bobbin into its compartment, thread the machine using the automatic needle threader.

From there, the LCD screen will help you choose the settings or designs you want. It really is that easy. The Memory Craft 9900 also comes with a very good manual, so if you need help, it’s there for you.

A machine that’s easy to set up means you’ll be sewing in no-time, and it also makes it easy to maintain in the long run. If you’re lacking in the patience department, this machine won’t be the one to test you.


Multiple users noted how quiet this machine is. If you are sewing late at night or early in the morning, you don’t have to worry about waking anyone up with your projects.

best sewing machine for embroidery

Nobody wants to work right next to a machine that is overly loud, but with the Memory Craft 9900, you’ll barely hear a peep.

If you’re one with sensitive ears, the Janome 9900 won’t be an annoyance, and you can easily set up a radio, or work to your television without being interrupted.

Small With a Lighter Weight

While this is by no means a lightweight machine that would be great for consistent travel, but it is lighter machine when you factor in all the technology and the different settings.

This sewing machine is only 30 pounds, so you could definitely move it from room to room easily. If you don’t have a specific spot to place your machine, it won’t be hard to move it around when you have to relocate your project.

If you need to put this away when you’re not using it, it won’t be a hassle to find a spot for it in a cupboard or closet thanks to its weight, and size.

This is not the machine to take up a ton of room no matter where you place it, leaving you more space for your sewing tools and materials.

The Negatives


Computerized sewing machines are always more expensive than their basic counterparts, and the Memory Craft 9900 is no different.

It is over two-thousand dollars on Amazon. If you can afford it, this is a great sewing machine and one that you will never get bored with.

But if the price makes you think twice, don’t worry; there are plenty of other less expensive options on the market.

Not for Beginners

This is not a beginner’s machine. With so many options and features, a beginner would be overwhelmed.

There are plenty of amazing, basic machines that would be great for newbies to the craft, but this is far more suited to the advanced sewer.

If you already know the basics and are looking to grow your skills though, then this versatile machine will be a great fit.

Doesn’t Work on All Fabrics

While the Memory Craft 9900 can accomplish a great deal, it cannot handle all kinds of fabric. The materials it does not work with are leather, suede, fur, reptile skin, canvas, twill, plastic, rubber, and any other very thick fabrics.

This machine may also struggle if you are sewing multiple layers of thick fabric.

If you are sewing a hem, making a quilt, doing embroidery, or creating any other basic project, you should be fine, but stay away from these tougher materials.

Here’s a video showing what the Janome Master Craft 9900 looks like out of the box.

Overall Verdict

After looking through all the positives and negatives, we are recommending the Janome Memory Craft 9900 Sewing Machine.

It has a multitude of stitches and designs built into it, it’s quiet, and it’s great for the more advanced sewer who may get bored with other machines.

If you can swing the price, this Janome sewing machine seems to be an almost perfect product.

Where to Buy the Janome Memory Craft 9900

Janome needs no introduction to most sewers, being a brand that has been around for decades. This machine is just one example of their high-quality machines that show off their attention and dedication to the sewing craft.

With products available around the globe, Janome continues to stay on top of the market thanks to their success and popularity.

Given the brand, it won’t be hard to find items like the Janome Memory Craft 9900 in-store and online. It’s usually best to check sewing, craft, or specialty stores, but you can kick-start your search with the following online retailers.

And of course, you can also find this sewing machine on Amazon.

Janome 9900 review

That’s all for our Janome Memory Craft 9900 review. Tempted to give this a ‘sew’?

Not sure if this is the model for you? Browse through the rest of our sewing machine reviews.

Janome Memory Craft 9900 Review
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  • Sewing Specs
  • Ease of Use
  • Craft Sewing Specs
  • Price

SFH Verdict

The Janome Memory Craft 9900 is the perfect sewing machine for those looking to really hone their sewing skills.

With a ton of features included, you’ll be able to grow in your craft without frustration, thanks to this easy-to-use machine.

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