Singer One Vintage-Style Computerized Machine Review

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If you are new to sewing and looking for something to help kickstart your stitching journey, the Singer One Vintage Style Sewing Machine may just be what you need.

The machine is economical and has a range of notable functions to help you discover your sewing potential.

But with all products there are some downfalls that need to be considered, and this machine is no exception.

singer one review

To help you decide whether this machine is right for you, we have completed a detailed review, taking a closer look at all the pros and cons of the machine.

Singer One Vintage-Style Sewing Machine: The Details

The Look

The Singer One Vintage Style Machine is elegant and possibly one of the most attractive machines on the market.

The style of the machine is very similar to the older models, giving it a chic and antique feel. The detail on the body is a great touch and would look attractive in any studio or sewing room.

The machine is lightweight, making it portable and travel-friendly – a great companion for future sewing classes!


  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 23 x 10 x 13 inches
  • Stitches: 24 Built-In Stitches including 2 one-step buttonholes
  • Speed: 750 spm
  • Computerized/Mechanic: Computerized
  • Bobbin: Drop & Sew Bobbin System – automatic bobbin thread pick up for quicker threading
  • Warranty: 25-year limited warranty


Usually with lower priced machines, you don’t expect to find many accessories included with the product.

However, the Singer One machine ensures you have all the useful fixtures you need for your sewing projects, making it even more value for money.

The machine includes:

  • All-Purpose Foot
  • Blind Hem Foot
  • Satin Stitch Foot
  • One-Step Buttonhole Foot
  • Zipper Foot
  • Needles
  • Bobbins
  • Spool Pin Felt
  • Auxiliary Spool Pin
  • Thread Spool Caps
  • Needle Plate Screwdriver
  • Lint Brush/ Seam Ripper
  • Soft-Sided Cover

These accessories are great for new sewers and will be very helpful for getting started.

Singer: The Company

It’s safe to say that Singer is a trusted and established company. Having been around for over 160 years, they are mostly popular for their reliable and long lasting sewing and embroidery machines.

Along with quality, the company also offers a range of personable services for customers, including social media support and helpful tutorials and videos on a range of topics.

These additional perks are really helpful, as you can get some great tips and tricks and connect with sewers all over the world.

Singer dates back to 1851 and the Singer Vintage looks like its paying homage to many years of top quality machines in its design.

The Warranty

The Singer One Computerized Sewing Machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty. This is a great feature, especially for someone new to sewing.

The warranty covers 25 years for the machine head, five years for the motors, light assembly, wiring, switches, speed control, and electronic components, and one year for adjustments, belts, rings, bulbs, and attachments.

Specific details of the warranty can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

In addition to the warranty, help is also offered by calling the Singer customer service line where they usually provide thorough assistance and answers to your burning technical or sewing questions.

Even if you have to go through the usual customer service waiting time, you will be rewarded with friendly and helpful service.


The Singer One has a number of useful and intuitive features, all designed to make sewing easy and straightforward, and enhance your overall sewing experience.

One-Touch Stitch Selection

The one-touch stitch selection makes it easy for you to personalize and select your stitching choices.

This is also a great time-saving feature, as the quick view stitch setting can help you choose and apply your stitch choice with minimum hassle and delay.

24 Built-In Stitches 

Singer has included 24 stitches built right into the sewing machine to help get you started.

These include 6 essential stitches, 4 stretch stitches and 12 decorative stitches allowing you to tackle common sewing projects with a little room for creativity.

The machine also includes 2 totally automatic 1-step buttonholes to help you out even further.

Extra Large Sewing Space

The extra-large sewing space is extremely helpful and accommodates all sewing projects.

The spacious work area provides you with enough room to work with larger and thicker materials; great for quilts and home décor.

Little extras like making the arm just a little smaller and having a slanted table really adds up in giving you that additional space.

Swift-Smart Threading with Automatic Needle Threader

This is definitely one of the best features on the machine. The automatic threader is so easy to use.

Simply guide the thread from the spool to the needle area through a single groove and thread the needle by pressing the leaver.

This is a very useful feature for both inexperienced and experienced sewers as it saves so much time and helps make sewing quick and easy.

singer one vintage review

Drop and Sew Bobbin System

The bobbin system couldn’t be more straight forward. All you need to do to get started is to drop the bobbin in and sew.

best sewing machine

It really is that simple. It has an automatic thread pickup function which means you don’t have the hassle of raising the bobbin thread.

Three Staybright LED Lights

You have the luxury of not just one but three lamps illuminating the sewing surface at just the right level.

The long-lasting bulbs stay cool regardless of how long the machine is being operated, so you don’t have to worry about them burning out or overheating.

This feature is useful for late night sewing and optimal viewing. and the well-lit work area is great for precision and detail.

Presser Foot Sensor 

The One Vintage has a handy presser foot sensor which is great for beginners.

This sensor lets you know if the presser foot is in the up position and won’t allow you to start unless it’s switched to the down position.

Singer One Vintage-Style Sewing Machine Review

Now that we’ve established the key features of the machine, we’re going to take a closer look to see if the Singer One Computerized machine is good value for money and the right machine for you.

The Positives

Straightforward and Easy to Use

This sewing machine is very user friendly. The automatic needle threader and drop-in bobbin system makes this machine very useful for inexperienced sewers.

You can guarantee you will easily be able to find your way around the machine and start sewing within minutes of unboxing.

singer one review

Singer even includes an instruction manual as well as a DVD to help get you started but also doesn’t leave you stranded. There are YouTube video guides and an online community to help you too.

Unlike other computerized machines, the singer one is straightforward and simple, so you don’t have to worry about over complicated and complex functions.

The video below shows an example of free motion quilting using the Singer Vintage One:

Sturdy and Reliable

The heavy-duty metal frame ensures precise sewing and durability.

The rigid support ensures that all the mechanisms are in perfect alignment and minimizes vibrations whilst sewing, also allowing the machine to run quietly and smoothly.

Although it has a heavy-duty frame, the machine is still lightweight and portable allowing users to get the best of both worlds with this machine.

Stops You From Messing Up

Along with the presser foot sensor mentioned above that stops you from working when the presser foot isn’t in the down position, the Singer One Vintage Sewing Machine will also give you error signals when improperly attempting other tasks.

Sometimes its hard to notice you’ve made a mistake before you’re way ahead, making it harder to go back and fix the issue.

This is avoided when using the Singer One as it senses when something is wrong and warns you by error message or by ‘locking up’.

Vintage Inspired Design

Although appearance isn’t everything, there is no denying that this machine is very aesthetically pleasing.

The nostalgic filigree and signature machine curves look beautiful and really makes this machine stand out from the crowd.

The vintage design makes the machine look very elegant and stylish, like one of the classic vintage Singer models, and certainly not something you would expect at its price and is designed to last.

singer one review

The Negatives

Limited Stitch-Choice

You surely won’t be spoilt for choice when it comes to stitches. The machine has very limited styles of stitching and you may find yourself using the same stitches repeatedly.

A total of 24 stitches is sufficient for most projects; but if you were hoping to be more adventurous with your sewing, you will be limited with your choice of stitches.

This could be problematic for some sewers and is definitely something to consider before buying.

Can’t Take Heavy Materials

With most parts of the machine being made of plastic, it can be difficult to sew very thick and dense fabrics. This can limit your sewing projects and can cause some problems for sewers.

It should be a fine machine for most clothes-making, but keep this in mind.

Although the large work space does accommodate for heavier and larger materials, the plastic components of the machine does cause some difficulties when sewing.

LCD Panel

If you struggle with your eye-sight then the LCD panel could be problematic for you, as the screen has a low resolution and can often be difficult to read.

This may not be a huge issue but is worth noting if you struggle with your vision.

Overall Verdict

Overall, the Singer One Vintage Style Sewing Machine is a great choice for beginners.

Advanced users may find it a little too simple, but there is no denying it’s great value for the money and lovely for anyone.

The design of the machine is not only trendy and stylish but practical packed with a ton of features to help you on your sewing adventures.

The straight-forward nature of the machine will provide you with the confidence you need to get started, and since it’s super user-friendly, you’re promised an easy and enjoyable sewing experience.

Where To Buy The Singer One Vintage Style Sewing Machine

Most singer branded machines are easy to find at craft and department stores.

For starters, the Singer One Vintage can be found online at the following retailers:

And of course, it’s also available on Amazon.

singer one vintage review

That’s it for our Singer One Vintage Style Computerized Sewing Machine review. Tempted to give it a try?

For more reviews, head over to our list of machine reviews.

Singer One Vintage Style Review
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  • Sewing Specs
  • Ease of Use
  • Craft Sewing Specs
  • Price

SFH Verdict

The Singer One Vintage Style Computerized Sewing Machine is a great starter machine for beginners while also satisfying advanced users on basic projects.

It’s simple and straightforward, not to mention stylish, while also being durable enough to last.

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