Singer Professional 9100 Review

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The Singer company hardly needs an introduction in the sewing world. One of the most well-known sewing companies around, they have established their reputation for over 150 years.

This experience has resulted in the presentation of their Singer Professional 9100, a machine that can be mastered by beginners, while masters can use it to hone their craft even further.

singer 9100 review

With over 400 built-in stitches, a large extension table, and support from a large brand, the Singer 9100 is suitable for any sewing project.

Hobbyist quilters will find the large working area very agreeable. The multiple needle positions are appreciated, and while the machine makes a peculiar sound when changing positions, this is only a minor inconvenience.

With all these positives and the occasional room for improvement noted down, there’s nothing left but to get the details!

Let’s find out if the Singer 9100 is the machine for you.

Singer Stylist 9100: The Details

The Look

The Singer Professional Sewing Machine 9100 is, put shortly, a professional and no-nonsense looking machine. Singer is an established brand and sees no need for gimmicks or flashy machines to make their point.

The white surface looks clean and easily fits into any hobby room, while the colorful pink accent is enough for Singer to show that class hides in the details. The LCD panel is big enough to read easily without distracting from your work.

As a light and relatively compact machine, you’ll have no problem either moving or storing the Singer 9100.

Once you’ve installed the extension table, you have ample working space for even the largest quilting projects.

All in all, this is a machine that looks professional and would be a great addition to any hobby room.


  • Weight: 18.95 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 18.3 x 14.3 x 10.8 inches.
  • Stitches: 404 built-in stitches, including nine automatic buttonholes and two alpha-numeric fonts.
  • Speed: 750 stitches per minute.
  • Computerized/Mechanic: Computerized.
  • Bobbin: Top drop-in bobbin.
  • Warranty: 25-year limited warranty.


Aimed at the more experienced user, the Singer 9100 comes with a good selection of accessories. These include both the basics for the ambitious beginner, as well as a few more advanced items.

Since Singer is a well-known brand, you should be able to find extra accessories at most stores.

singer professional 9100 computerized sewing machine

Included accessories are:

  • All-Purpose Foot
  • Zipper Foot
  • Buttonhole Foot
  • Blind Hem Foot
  • Satin Stitch Foot
  • Overcasting Foot
  • Daring and Embroidery Foot
  • Gathering Foot
  • Rolled Hem Foot
  • Button Sewing Foot
  • Edge/Quilting Guide
  • Pack of Needles
  • Bobbins
  • Thread Spool Caps
  • Auxiliary Spool Pin
  • Spool Pin Felt
  • Screwdrivers
  • Brush/Seam Ripper
  • Soft-Sided Dust Cover
  • Extension Table

Singer: The Company

The Singer company might have switched names a few times, but they have always kept the same ideology.

At over 150 years old, this is a company that has always had great love for their American customers, and they’ve proven that in Tennessee with the founding of one of their main production areas.

While Singer has entered quite a few markets – they also make flight simulators – sewing machines have always remained their passion.

With a large range of both computerized and mechanical machines, they make sure to appeal to all crafters, and every new sewing machine is a constant improvement on the previous generation.

Their Singer 9100 is one of their best sewing machines yet, combining the advice and criticism of both their own knowledge as well as that of their customers.

Beginner friendly and still capable of fascinating a veteran, the Singer 9100 is the best sewing machine Singer has presented to date.

The Warranty

The included 25-year limited warranty is standard for most sewing machines and shows how much confidence Singer has in their new Singer 9100.

This warranty ensures that the machine and all parts will arrive in working order. It is important to remember that not all parts enjoy the same warranty.

While the chassis itself is covered for the full 25 years, this is not the case for some smaller parts. For the first year after your purchase, Singer will repair or replace any broken elements.

Remember that your warranty depends on your receipt date, so be sure not to discard this. If your retailer is not Amazon, we encourage you to check for differences in the previously mentioned warranty.


Automatic Needle Threader

Threading a needle is one of the staples for any sewer, but that doesn’t mean it gets easier over time.

With an automatic needle threader, you can skip the tedious work and get to the fun part faster.

Top Drop-In Bobbin

The top drop-in bobbin has been a classic in the Singer series for a long time, and for good reason.

It’s easy and reliable to use, making it easier to get started with your projects.

singer professional 9100 review

Programmable Needle

You can program the needle to move to the highest possible position when you stop sewing, making it easier to remove or replace your current fabric.

If you program it to stop in a downward position, you’ll find that quilting and the like become more manageable.

Built-in Lettering

The Singer Professional 9100 gives you the chance to get personal with your projects.

It comes built with two alphabets programmed into the machine so you can customize projects with names or personal messages. Monogrammed items always make for great gifts!

LCD Touchscreen

The touchscreen makes this machine super easy to use. It acts as your command centre where you can select your stitch, adjust the length and width and see Singer’s recommendations for presser feet.

It’s backlit, and the machine’s additional LED lighting will make it easy to sew whenever you want, wherever you are – like at 3 a.m. in the attic.

Extension Table

The Singer 9100 makes it easy to upgrade your sewing skills and tackle bigger projects like quilts or gowns with the addition of the extension table.

Instead of fumbling around with your fabric and risking major mistakes that take forever to mend, you can simply add the extension table when you need it and carry on smoothly.

Singer 9100 Review

The Positives

Can Work With All Materials

One of the best things that can be mentioned in a Singer 9100 review – or any review – is how well it plays with different types of fabrics.

Our testers have found that lighter fabrics are a breeze, while even denim doesn’t pose any resistance at all.

With proper handling of your machine, you’ll find that the most heavy-duty fabrics are a joy to work with. Don’t be afraid to take on bigger, heavier projects with this machine – it will rise to the occasion.

best singer sewing machine

Low Learning Curve

For a machine that comes with a ton of options, the learning curve is remarkably low. Most beginners get the hang of threading their machine within their first try, and after that, it’s simply a matter of getting started.

If you’re a nervous first-time user, invite a more experienced friend over for a quick introduction. You’ll only need help once, after that, you can quickly continue on your own.

Additionally, Singer has an abundance of information available online including their manuals and support information on their website.

Durable and Long Lasting

Like most Singer sewing machines, the Singer Professional 9100 is built with a sturdy, heavy-duty metal frame which allows the machine to take on heavier material without backing down.

This also helps to keep your machine stable. A strong frame helps reduce skipping and jumping in your machine which helps minimize the number of mistakes you have to correct.

Overall, know you’ll have a machine to last you for years to come.

Manageable in Size

This is not a machine you’ll have to clear a lot of room for. Its compact size makes it easy to store on desks, and it won’t be a pain to make a space for it in your crafting room. This is great for those with limited space.

It weighs in at under 20 pounds so it won’t be a pain to store in a cupboard or cabinet until you need it. And in the chance that you want to take this machine with you to class, it won’t be a struggle.

The Negatives

Can Be Finicky

While this sewing machine performs well overall, some users have mentioned that cotton buildup in nooks and crannies hinders performance.

Others have mentioned a strange noise when moving their needle position. Proper machine maintenance can go a long way in solving this, but users might prefer a machine that gets by with less upkeep.

Not Made for Travel

While the Singer Professional 9100 can be used as a portable machine, we don’t recommend taking it overseas.

There seems to be an issue with the different voltage and Singer recommends that you don’t try plugging this in while abroad – and if you do, it will void your warranty.

This machine is made to last you for years, but not if you decide to move abroad. Though those who have no plans on travelling with their machine won’t be bothered.

best singer sewing machine

Overall Verdict

We can’t help giving a positive verdict on the Singer Professional 9100.

This sewing machine is a wonderful first-time experience for beginners, while still giving advanced users enough options to unleash all of their creative dreams.

The programmable needle is a very nice touch that adds ease-of-use, in the same way that the top drop-in bobbin system and the automatic threader have.

With its subtle appearance, you’ll find that just having the Singer 9100 in your hobby room already adds a touch of professionalism. Its capacity to handle most fabrics makes it more appealing to first time sewers who aren’t yet sure about where their interests lie.

In short, the Singer 9100 is unlikely to disappoint anyone with its jack-of-all-trades build. Only those who are more interested in quilting or embroidery will find this machine to be lacking in certain areas.

Where to Buy the Singer Professional 9100

Singer is a world-renowned brand that really needs no introduction or explanation.

Chances are, you know someone whether friend or relative who has owned a Singer since they’re readily available at a variety of stores around the globe.

While it’s always best to check your local sewing or specialty stores, you can find great deals on Amazon where the machine is regularly discounted.

Singer Professional 9100 Computerized Sewing Machine

That’s all for our review on the Singer Professional 9100 Computerized Sewing Machine. Tempted to give it a ‘sew’?

Still not convinced? Check out our latest reviews for more ideas on which machine to buy.

Singer Professional 9100 Review
  • User Experience
  • Sewing Specs
  • Ease of Use
  • Craft Sewing Specs
  • Price

SHJ Verdict

Those looking for an easy to use machine ready to take on projects both big and small should definitely give the Singer Professional 9100 a consideration.

It comes with an array of automatic features, an extendable table to take on bigger projects, and is both compact and durable to last you projects to come.

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  1. I have the 9100 since 2014 and I love it. And it is not my first Singer. I was raised on this brand. But I have a problem. When I turned it on today I had a buzzer go off and I couldn’t get it to stop. I looked on page 68 in my book and followed the instructions and it didn’t help. Can you help me?


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