Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Machine Review

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The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Sewing and Quilting Machine was made for sewers of any level, playing into the demands that this art requires from a quilting machine.

One of its greater aspects is that it makes an excellent teaching machine, whether you’re working on your own or introducing a friend to the craft.

With 98 stitches and seven buttonholes – one of which can be set to ‘endless’, letting you choose for how long it has to be – there are a lot of options to choose from. With some careful preparation, even multiple layers can be handled with ease.

singer 7469q review

The Singer 7469Q sewing and quilting machine can be used by both sewers and quilters, although only those who also quilt will be able to draw out its fullest potential.

While it can still be used easily by sewers, there are just too many stitches that work well with quilting that it would be a shame not to use them.

But just what are these features that make it so well suited to quilting?

Singer 7469Q Machine: The Details

The Look

With its looks and weight, the Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter falls squarely in the middle of available machines when it comes to mobility.

It’s not too light to feel fragile and not too heavy to be considered a towering colossus, while still being reasonable to bring with you to a class or a friend’s home.

The exterior features have an easy to read chart, helping you to quickly maneuver the possible options this sewing machine offers.

With its professional exterior, this sewing machine truly gives confidence to its users.


  • Weight: 22.9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 17 x 8 x 12.5 inches
  • Stitches: 98 stitches and seven built-in one step buttonholes
  • Computerized/Mechanic: Computerized
  • Bobbin: Drop-in bobbin system
  • Warranty: 25 year limited warranty


Sitting down and quilting can’t be done without the necessary accessories. Because Singer knows this, they’ve added a good range of accessories to make sure that you can get the most out of their Confidence Quilter.

singer 7469q confidence quilter

Added to these are a few necessities for the beginners among us who can always use some extra guidance.

The included accessories are:

  • All-Purpose Foot
  • Zipper Foot
  • Buttonhole Foot
  • Blind Hem Foot
  • Satin Stitch foot
  • Pack of Needles
  • Bobbins (Class 15J)
  • Thread Spool Caps
  • Auxiliary Spool Pin
  • Spool Pin Felt
  • Screwdriver
  • Seam Ripper/Lint Brush
  • Soft-Sided Dust Cover
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Machine Intro DVD
  • Instruction Manual
  • Power Cord
  • Foot Pedal

As a bonus, these quilting accessories have been added.

  • Darning & Embroidery Foot
  • 1/4 Inch Foot
  • Open-Toe Foot
  • Even Feed Foot
  • Quilter’s Extension Table

Singer: The Company

Singer Corporation was started in 1851 and, since then, has never stopped improving on their specialties.

One of their initial victories was winning first prize at the Paris World’s Fair, which was soon followed by a demonstration of the first workable electric sewing machine in 1910.

These early victories obviously whetted an appetite for more. Singer Corporation never gave up on sewing machines and soon branched out to make a variety of Singer sewing-related products, including needles, bobbins, and sewing cases.

Their most recent milestone was the 160th anniversary of Isaac Singer’s first patented practical sewing machine, which heralded the start of a long and dedicated history.

The Warranty

The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter falls under Singer’s standard 25 year limited warranty. This warranty is the standard for most sewing machines and a voucher of confidence in their products.

The limited warranty ensures that the machine and all parts will arrive in working order. Once you’ve started to use it, it’s important to know that different parts are covered for a different period by the warranty.

The chassis itself is covered for the full 25 years, while some electronic components are only covered for two years. For the first year after your purchase, Singer will repair or replace any broken parts.

Remember that your warranty depends on your receipt date, so be sure not to discard this. If you’ve purchased through a different supplier than Amazon, be sure to check their warranty guidelines as well.


98 Stitches

With 98 different stitches, many of them decorative, you’ll have a hard time choosing which stitch you want to try out first.

Paired with the great selection of one step buttonholes, you can make pretty much any quilt your heart desires.

If you’re not satisfied with the existing options, this machine does quite well in free-form.

Drop & Sew Bobbin System

One of the best things about sewing machines is they get you started faster.

The drop and sew bobbin system works as fast as it sounds, and thanks to the clear casing, you can easily check how much thread you have left.

Going to start on a big project? One look on your bobbin and you’ll be able to tell if it will last or if you need to switch out.

singer 7469q review

Automatic Needle Threader

Another convenient feature is the automatic needle threader.

Now there’s no more need to squint at a tiny needle and hope that maybe this time you’ll get it threaded; just let your machine do the work for you and focus on the fun parts of quilting.

13 Needle Positions

Quilting can be a delicate process, especially if you want to be sure this project is going to be perfect.

With 13 different needle positions, and the option to use two needles at one, you’ll find that there’s no design that’s impossible.

This video shows how to attach the darning, embroidery, and quilting foot to the Singer 7469Q.

Multiple Layers

Of course you need to be able to stitch together multiple layers of fabric if you want to make a truly good quilt.

The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Sewing and Quilting Machine is good with all types of fabric and can even handle some of the thicker ones. The only types you won’t be able to work with are leather and fur. (See our top rated leather sewing machines here.)

Extension Table 

Both sewers and quilters will benefit from the option of having an extended sewing table. This table is a must (and lifesaver) when tackling larger sewing projects, or quilting.

Having a larger working space allows for sewers and quilters to skip the hassle and confusion that comes with working on bigger projects, making your dream quilt much more easily achievable.

Singer 7469Q Sewing and Quilting Machine Review

The Positives


We love quiet machines; they make it possible to listen to the radio and not feel like we’re tearing down the house when making a cute quilt.

It can be deterring if every time you want to sew, you also need a pair of earplugs for some peace.

With this machine, you can easily have a conversation while you’re working, and you won’t have to worry about waking up your family or flatmates if you decide on a midnight quilting spree.

singer 7469q review

Secure Quilting

A little-mentioned feature of this quilting machine is that it stitches the first few stitches, and then goes back over them to make sure they’ll be sturdy and secure for the rest of the project.

This will help save time and possible repairs later down the road.

Added Stitch Chart

This quilting machine comes with an added stitch chart, helping you to quickly find your favorite stitches and discover new ones if you’re in the mood for some experimenting.

Since it’s lightweight, it won’t be a pain to move if you need some extra space on your crafting table. On the other hand, if you work in a smaller space, it will be easy to tuck away until you need it.


Just because it’s made to be lightweight, doesn’t mean that it’s flimsy.

Inside its sleek and compact body is a heavy duty metal frame providing a sturdy support for your machine and your projects.

This metal frame helps to keep the machine from skipping or jumping so you don’t have to worry about fixing any errors a jumpy machine might’ve caused.

singer 7469q review

The Negatives

Could Be Brighter

The LED light isn’t placed optimally, resulting in a dimmer-than-desired work area.

While working later in the day or at night, make sure to keep your room well lit. This will keep any headaches from forming, and mistakes from happening.

For US and Canada Only 

If you’re planning on taking your Singer 7469Q abroad, you won’t have much luck. Most Singer machines, including this one, bought in the US are only compatible with US and Canadian voltage.

The voltage in Europe, Africa, and Asia is usually higher than in the US and Canada, making this machine incompatible in many other countries.

Not only that, but by using this machine overseas, you will void your warranty – better safe than sorry!

Overall Verdict

Like most Singer sewing machines, the Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Sewing and Quilting Machine is an excellent companion for beginners.

On top of that, it hasn’t fallen in the trap where more advanced users would risk getting bored with only limited stitches or a lack of accessories.

Because of this, it’s also a perfect machine to help other people take their first steps in quilting, without feeling bored yourself at having to look back at the basics.

At the end of this Singer 7469Q review, it’s only fair to conclude that this quilting machine is a perfect match for just about any quilter who wants more without shelling out too much.

People who are more interested in only sewing would be better off looking for a machine more specialized in sewing, although for a beginner, this Singer would also work miracles.

Where to Buy the Singer 7469Q Machine

Singer sewing machines aren’t hard to find. This brand has become a staple in many sewer’s homes, and on shelves of department stores and specialty shops.

The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Computerized Sewing and Quilting machine is definitely something of quality. Backed by a trusted brand, this quilting machine won’t be too hard to find both in-store and online.

Check out the following online retailers to start.

And of course, it’s also available on Amazon.

singer 7469 q review

That’s it for our review on the Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter. Tempted to give it a sew?

For more of our reviews, head over to our latest machine guides.

Singer 7469Q Review
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  • Sewing Specs
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  • Craft Sewing Specs
  • Price

SFH Verdict

The Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter Sewing and Quilting Machine is a solid choice for the quilter on a budget.

Backed by a long warranty, this machine is easy to use for beginner sewers, while more advanced sewers will find it easy to adapt to.

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